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Our Mission

Our mission at Calix is to enable you, our customer, to simplify your operations, innovate for your subscribers, and grow value for you and your community. 


Our Vision


An Opportunity to Take Giant Steps

Speed Alone (10G+) Is Not a Winning Strategy—Innovative Experiences and Simplicity Are


Our Customers

At Calix, we live to empower Broadband Service Providers of all sizes to become giants in their communities for decades to come.

Below are some of their success stories of delivering world-class experiences to residential, small businesses subscriber and even entire communities. 


Giant of Residential

Darren Farnan
GM & COO, United Fiber


Giant of Towns

Brad Moline
President and CEO
Allo Communications


Giant of MDUs

Brian Stading
CEO, Lumos


Giant of Business

Michael Wynschenk
CEO, Hunter Communications


Giant of Community

Scott Hendrix
Tombigbee Electric Power Association & Tombigbee Fiber


Giant Steps Higher

Tom Williams
CEO, Schurz Communications Joint Venture


Calix is Cloud first, data driven, solution oriented, and success focused. Recognition of this continues to grow across the industry.


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Our Solutions


We innovate at DevOps speed so service providers can gain a competitive edge. If you are looking to innovate and embrace change, Calix has solutions built for you.