AXOS Activate

Activate for AXOS systems: Taking management to new dimensions

Ready, set...

AXOS Activate

AXOS Activate is the next generation management system for AXOS systems, providing a comprehensive set of FCAPS capabilities while managing the complete deployment and operations lifecycle of the AXOS access network. AXOS Activate functions include:

  • Element and network state visibility
  • Workflow based configuration and policies
  • Command Center point-and-click GUI
  • Dashboards, network topology views
  • Software image management

AXOS Activate and SDN

The AXOS Activate software platform utilizes an OpenDaylight (ODL) SDN platform to provide a robust development and service normalization environment, extensible to new applications and enabling quick integration into other open platforms. AXOS Activate natively supports service oriented northbound REST/JSON APIs, normalizing all network element and consumer device data models into a common management framework. Activate incorporates native NETCONG/YANG southbound APIs to connect to AXOS systems.