The Beacon

August 2020

The Beacon

August 2020

From the Bullpen

Bright Spots: Q3 Release Highlights and ConneXions Excitement


Matt Collins

Chief Marketing Officer, Calix

How do we get through times of great change and uncertainty? How can we keep our teams motivated and stay focused on our shared goal of connecting everyone and everything with the best, most sophisticated broadband and subscriber services on the market?

We look for the bright spots.

My summer didn’t look the way it has in years past, and I’m guessing yours didn’t, either. Personally, I’ve gotten a lift from focusing on all the incredible work the Calix team is doing to deliver the best platforms, solutions, and services so you can stay competitive in your market. In this issue of The Beacon, you can catch up on all the 20.3 updates we released that will help you in a variety of ways:

During uncertain times, it’s also important to take every opportunity to celebrate success. We’ll do that at an amazingly dynamic and immersive virtual ConneXions in October. For the first time, we’ll be featuring stories from your subscribers at the event. (And we’ll reveal speakers and more information very soon.) For now, here’s what you need to know:

  • ConneXions registration opens on Thursday, September 9. 
  • Award submissions for our annual “Innovations in Revenue EDGE” and “Innovations in Intelligent Access EDGE” are now open. (See details below.) We’ll announce the winners at ConneXions.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of the Beacon. We welcome your feedback, stories, and ideas. 


Customer Awards

Submissions are Open for Our 2020 “Innovations” Awards!


Awards submission deadline: October 1, 2020

Innovations in Revenue EDGE

Are you a data-driven marketer? Are you using Calix Marketing Cloud to uncover new and creative ways to reach subscribers with the Revenue EDGE? We want to hear your story. Record a brief video (fewer than three minutes) and submit it by October 1 via WeTransfer (enter the email address to send). Your video should outline three elements:

  1. A brief overview of your company and the objectives of your marketing campaign.
  2. A description of how you’re using data from Calix Marketing Cloud to drive creative marketing campaigns to deploy the Revenue EDGE
  3. Your marketing campaign results (including any compelling metrics)

The winning video will be showcased during ConneXions, and the team will receive a complimentary marketing workshop with Decision Counsel (the producers of “The Millers” and “InyComm” videos). Good luck! If you have questions, please email

Innovations in Intelligent Access EDGE

Are you actively innovating and optimizing your network operations? Are you embracing software-defined architecture with the Intelligent Access EDGE and AXOS? We want to hear your story. Record a brief video (fewer than three minutes) and submit it by October 1 via WeTransfer (enter the email address to send). Your video should outline three elements:

  1. A brief overview of your company and the latest innovations of your network
  2. Description of how the Intelligent Access EDGE is enabling these innovations
  3. Specific examples of business value (improved remote diagnostics, reduced integration times, faster service deployments, reduced truck rolls, etc.)
  4. Fun shots (think “MTV Cribs”) of your teams, office, and facility that convey the personality of your team

The winning video will be showcased during ConneXions, and up to five members of the winning team will be awarded new Apple iPads. Good luck! If you have questions, please email


Network Operation Actions

Turn up Services at Lightning Speed With SMx

Kevin Kuo

Director, AXOS Product Marketing, Calix

As the telecom industry transitions from 4G to 5G networks, the evolution of technology will enable communications service providers (CSPs) to support a host of new services with extremely varying characteristics of low latency, high bandwidth, and multiple endpoints. 

However, all this innovation will make networks and associated operations more complex. 

Why you need automation. 

Amid these changes, one thing will be key to maintain visibility and control of your network operations: automation. 

The benefits of network automation extend to three specific areas—each is vital to the success of a network operations team:  

  1. Ability to maximize OPEX cost reductions 
  2. Increased speed of operations
  3. Expanded service agility (the ability to accelerate service rollouts and a faster time-to-market for new, value-added service offerings)

Network automation decreases operational costs over time—despite a rise in customer expectations for fast, reliable service and increased complexification of operations. 

Everything starts with the subscriber.

With automation, successful CSPs will be prepared to seamlessly provision, activate, and deploy new services on the fly. You can dramatically improve your subscribers’ experience by creating a flexible operational environment. You can automate service introductions, create services rapidly, and more easily scale your operations. With that in mind, we focused our efforts within 20.3 on simplifying everything that relates to provisioning services and delivering a high-quality subscriber experience.

Automated, dynamic, and simple.

The 20.3 update to the Intelligent Access EDGE Solution introduces Automated Network Service Provisioning, a dynamic feature delivered by SMx that delivers massive improvements in network operations efficiency. This new feature enables you to automatically pre-provision subscriber services without the OLT, thereby simplifying your ONT activation process and dramatically reducing the time required to install and turn up new services. It also allows you to improve your service consistency and reliability by reducing error rates and integrating related tasks into repeatable processes.

The AXOS SMx solution results in a decreased time to market for new services, a dramatic reduction in service delivery intervals, and a better subscriber experience.


Your Recommended Action Plan


Customer Support Actions

Expert Guidance To Help All Your Teams Use Revenue EDGE Successfully

Tom Schroer

Senior Director, Services Marketing, Calix

With everything your teams need to do to deliver the ultimate subscriber experience, wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted partner helping you every step of the way? Wouldn’t it be extra nice if that expert support led to more upsell opportunities for you?

For example, how would you like to work with a dedicated team that can offer you:

  • Exceptional market insights
  • Go-to-market guidance driven by data
  • Cross-functional playbooks for better launch of services
  • Training to accelerate team readiness

With Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services, a new premier service offering, Revenue EDGE customers can get all of that.

SCTelcom is already working with its Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services manager to gain more traction with Revenue EDGE. Carla Shearer, general manager for SCTelcom, said, “Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services are critical for our organization, and it meant everything to me in my role. The data-driven approach takes all the subjectivity out of the execution.”

Persona-based training for your team gets results.

When Wendy Crenner, marketing manager for SCTelcom, collaborated with the Customer Success team, she appreciated the persona-based approach to training. “The training was a big benefit to the organization,” she said. “The customer service representative had one learning path designed for them, versus the field and network operations technicians, who had a different curriculum that fit the technical depth they needed.”

Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services benefits your marketing, customer support, and field installation teams. It’s exclusively offered (at no additional charge) to Revenue EDGE ramp customers that have currently invested in both premier level Marketing Cloud and Support Cloud Customer Success Services.


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The Revenue EDGE Beacon

Supporting the Needs of Marketing and Business Leaders

The Revenue EDGE Beacon dives deeper into best practices and reveal insights from our customers who are effectively engaging their communities and understanding the data to build great experiences that can retain, grow, and attract new subscribers.

Subscribe today!


Customer Support Actions

Create Happier Subscribers With These Four New Customer Support Updates

Martha Galley

VP, Customer Engagement, Calix

Our recent Revenue EDGE 20.3 release is packed with new features and capabilities that will help you deliver world-class subscriber experiences, ensure you keep subscribers secure, and reduce your support operations costs. Here’s a summary. 

Dashboards make new EDGE Insights actionable for your support team. 

The interactive reports with advanced data visualization and dynamic filtering now available on Calix Support Cloud (CSC) are designed to provide visibility into macro trends regarding troubles, resolutions, systems performance, operations, and more (across the entire subscriber base). Additionally, the ability to drill into relevant details for deeper analysis allows customer care leaders to easily uncover problem areas and opportunities to improve subscriber experience and support operations.

EDGE Systems automatically improves subscriber experience. 

Built-in features like Dynamic channel selection (DCS) and Dynamic frequency selection (DFS) continuously monitor and automatically fix common issues such as interference and channel congestion before they degrade Wi-Fi performance and impact subscriber experience. As a result, they not only reduce inbound trouble calls, but also allow customer care reps to run SmartChecks in seconds by eliminating the need for site scans to gauge Wi-Fi health.

Secure onboarding for GigaSpire BLAST systems.

When you enable the optional secondary validation using CSC, systems onboarded via CommandIQ™ will require additional authentication. This feature helps you implement security best practices and ensure BLAST systems are assigned to the correct subscribers.

Simplified troubleshooting and day-to-day operations

New APIs add up to making daily network support and operations easier—they include improvements for managing EDGE Suites subscriptions, providing additional visibility for Wi-Fi and client troubleshooting, making admin enhancements, and updating broadband performance testing that will help you stay compliant with FCC regulations for CAF-related tests. 


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Innovations Spotlight

How Early Revenue EDGE Innovators Deliver Exceptional Subscriber Experiences

Bridget Watkins

Regional VP, Customer Success, Calix

More and more service providers are recognizing the value of deploying the full end-to-end Revenue EDGE solution—and ramping up fast to maximize ROI.

Calix customers are reporting a variety of benefits after adopting Revenue EDGE, including improved operational efficiency, new revenue growth, and greater subscriber satisfaction. Here are two great examples.

  • WCTel grew ARPU by 31 percent by getting subscribers into right-sized service tiers, driving member satisfaction improvement. The data and insights available at their fingertips enable them to make data-driven decisions and quickly adapt to changing subscriber needs.
  • Jade Communications cut system integration time to a single day by implementing the new GigaSpire BLAST u6. The flexibility of EDGE systems, all powered by EXOS, enable them to quickly and easily incorporate new systems into their ultimate Wi-Fi experience arsenal.

By leveraging the full power of the Revenue EDGE solution, service providers can reinforce their brand and transition away from “speeds and feeds” to deliver peace of mind, convenience, entertainment, and experiences that adapt to meet individual subscriber’s changing needs.

The results speak for themselves.


Your Recommended Action Plan



Your time is valuable.

This resource page is to help you serve your subscribers and your communities.


Your time is valuable.

This resource page is to help you serve your subscribers and your communities.

Business Transformation Profile

GVTC: Driving Higher Subscriber Loyalty and Satisfaction in the Texas Hill Country

Acquiring subscribers is one thing. Keeping them is another.

GVTC Communications (GVTC) has cracked the code on both, delivering the top-tier wire speeds (the kind necessary for the most advanced applications) and increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction by 25 and 18 percent, respectively.

Netflix and no chill.

GVTC was not satisfied with being listed among the top communications service providers for streamers, so it raised the stakes, delivering the flashy wire speeds that Netflix named the fastest in the country. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, broadband subscribers are working, learning, and staying entertained at home more than ever before. GVTC has ensured they remain unimpeded by delivering services across industry-best Wi-Fi 6 connectivity with the GigaSpire BLAST.

A next-level experience.

The regional communications cooperative has not stopped at blistering speeds, though. Retaining and delighting subscribers requires continued investment in the in-home experience, so GVTC is continually adding customization to its premium managed Wi-Fi offering. By delivering the best network security and parental controls, GVTC ensures that its subscribers—of all ages—remain safe, and it can interact with them instantly through its own mobile application.

Thanks to GVTC, the communities in Texas Hill Country are also among the best-connected.


Your Recommended Action Plan

Calix Academy

New Courses for 20.3 From Calix Academy

Ensure your technicians have the skills to be successful out in the field. Calix Academy continues to offer courses from installation to provisioning to troubleshooting. This quarter we expanded our learning paths to include installation courses for AXOS and network troubleshooting. Our new courses include the following.

  • E3-2 AXOS Installation: This interactive online eLearning course covers the essential skills and procedures to install an E3-2.
  • E7-2 AXOS Installation: This interactive online eLearning course covers the essential skills and procedures to install an E7-2.
  • Troubleshooting Common Network Issues: This eLearning course shows how customer support teams can use Calix Support Cloud to able to identify and resolve common home network issues.

 Updated Courses for 20.3

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Calix Summer Interns

A Virtual Internship Program Like No Other

Cheryl Rodness

Senior Director of Sales Enablement, Calix

Ten weeks ago, Calix welcomed 17 college interns to virtually join our teams across our marketing, customer support, operations, and analytics teams. Our foremost consideration was helping them stay connected with Calix employees so they’d have the best opportunities possible to learn and grow.

As it turned out, many of our interns didn’t have previous corporate experience—or experience working from a home office. Luckily, we relied on our strong work-from-anywhere (WFA) culture to deploy the right tools, processes, and communications from management to ensure our interns were able to build great working relationships in a virtual work environment. To do so, we enabled interns with the following:

  • Regular check-ins with managers to facilitate greater learning
  • Weekly “Lunch & Learn” team sessions with extended team leaders to build camaraderie
  • An Executive Insights Series to ensure regular communications across teams
  • Cameras and headsets so that they could more easily connect in a virtual setting

Over the course of the summer, the interns worked on critical assignments that helped them build valuable experience and contribute to company goals. Here are some of their thoughts and impressions.

“Our team analyzed over 2,000 Salesforce records to determine which is data was most useful. We enriched that data and used it to discover insights that could help drive decision-making.”—Alex Chung

“I am so honored to have been a part of such an amazing company this summer. Interning at Calix made me realize I have a real interest in technology.” —Devon Vali

“This summer I learned to effectively collaborate and work in a virtual corporate environment.” —Zev Shapero

At the end of the summer our interns delivered a presentation to the Calix management and executive teams outlining how their work impacted the business and the knowledge they gained. As the leader of the intern program, I’m tremendously proud of the interns and how they demonstrated that our extended virtual intern program was viable and valuable to Calix. I can’t wait for 2021!

Want to create your own internship program? I’d also be happy to discuss specifics with you; email me at to set up a call.


Your Recommended Action Plan


Grateful for All Our Summer Interns

Stuti Sanghavi

Role: Demand and Supply Analytics Intern

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

School: Santa Clara University

Educational Focus: Masters in Business Analytics

Favorite Movie: "La La Land"

Favorite Vacation Spot: Miami

Fun Fact : My birthday falls on the same day as my sibling but she is not a twin—she's four years older.

Bella Wang

Role: Supply Chain Management intern

Location: Santa Clara, CA

School: Santa Clara University

Educational Focus: Business Analytics

Favorite Movie: The Harry Potter series

Favorite Vacation Spot: Yellowstone National Park

Fun Fact: I am a ceramics and music enthusiast.

Alex Chung

Role: Analytics Intern

Location: New York, NY

School: Columbia University

Educational Focus: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Favorite Movie: "Edge of Tomorrow"

Favorite Vacation Spot: Hong Kong

Fun Fact: I once walked from upper Manhattan to Brooklyn (it took around 5 hours).


Clara McKinley

Role: Data Science Intern

Location: Corte Madera, CA

School: Washington University in St Louis

Educational Focus: BS in Computer Science and BA in Computational Biology

Favorite Movie: "The Proposal"

Favorite Vacation Spot: Shady Cove, OR

Fun Fact: I love to scuba dive! So far, I have gone diving in Mexico, Hawaii, and Thailand!

Danielle Sparling

Role: Customer Success Specialist

Location: Santa Cruz, CA/Bay Area

School: Georgetown University ‘20

Educational Focus: I have completed BSBA, majoring in Marketing and Operations/Information Management

Favorite Movie: "John Wick" or "The Gentlemen"

Favorite Vacation Spot: High Sierra/ Yosemite

Fun Fact: I can quote 95 percent of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"


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Recent Software Releases

Early Adoption*
  • SMx 20.3.0
  • AXOS 20.3.0 (E7-2)
  • AXOS 20.3.0 (E3-2) 
  • AXOS 20.3.0 (E9-2 CLX/OLT) 
  • AXOS 20.3.0 (E9-2 ASM3001)
Mature Release**
  • AXOS Sandbox: vE9-2 20.3.0 (ASM3001)
  • AXOS Sandbox: vE7-2 & vE3-2 20.3.0
Mature Release**
  • EXOS 20.3.0 (GigaSpire BLAST u6)
  • EXOS 20.3.0 (GigaSpire BLAST u12)
  • EXOS 20.3.0 (GigaMesh)
  • EXOS 20.3.0 (10G PON ONUs: XGS-PON, NG-PON2)
Early Adoption*
  • GigaFamily 12.2.11 (800E/G/GE GigaCenters, 800G v1 GigaHubs & GigaPoints)

**Note:  Mature Release means the software is the latest production version recommended for use.

*Note: This software is at Early Adoption status with select customers conducting field tests and providing feedback. This program requires Calix pre-approval. If you are interesting in joining an Early Adopter group for a specific software release, please go to the Software Center (below), select the software in question, and click the "Request Software" link.

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