August 2022


August 2022

Our Plan of Action

Stop Relying on Speed, Because Subscribers Don't Understand It—Focus on Experience


Michael Weening

President and Chief Operating Officer, Calix

Do you think the average subscriber understands the difference between COAX and fiber? Do you think that they can understand what 1GB, 2GB, 10GB PON means? The difference between DSL and any other technology is so stark that they cannot help but understand the difference. Beyond that? They don’t get it.

But what they do understand is their experience. They understand when their child cannot do their homework, when their Zoom call breaks up, when their work is disrupted because the network is out, or when they are trying to get to their Arlo Secure connected camera video—and it is too slow. They understand when their broadband service provider (BSP) ensures that they can get fast Wi-Fi by the pool, or reaches out to offer them a new service to protect their children from cyberbullying.

They understand experience. In fact, that’s exactly what the Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures—the percentage of customers that will promote your service. According to, Comcast has an NPS of -3 while Spectrum has an NPS of 5. That means that only five in 100 surveyed will promote Spectrum. Now compare that to ALLO Communications (ALLO), which has an NPS of 68, and you will understand why Spectrum’s aggressive pricing attacks in regions that ALLO serves have been so unsuccessful. Experience matters.

And the experience stakes are getting a lot higher with work-from-home. I have a colleague who left 1GB cable to go back to DSL because he experienced four to five multi-hour outages a month. His view was that slow internet was better than no internet.

Jade Communications proved how powerful experience can be, achieving an NPS of 100 while doubling average revenue per subscriber for their new Arlo Secure connected camera service. Their customers are ecstatic about the managed service and are clearly telling all their neighbors—which will lead to additional growth.

The Future of Broadband Is All About Managed Services That Deliver Reliable and Satisfying Experiences at Home, for Businesses, and in the Community

In the past, managed services and automation were the exclusive domain of big companies which would cobble together technology to create experiences or to service change technology to improve operations. That has changed as the power of the cloud has made technology accessible to all.

Our one-billion dollar investment in our platforms and the cloud has made it so that even the smallest BSP has access to the best managed services, as each service launches with analytics from Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud), a full support capability from Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud) and integration into operations with the new expanding Calix Operations Cloud (Operations Cloud) crossing Intelligent Access EDGE™ and Revenue EDGE™.

This quarter saw another long list of innovations to help BSPs of all sizes win in their markets:

  • The launch of the 6th and 7th managed services. Bark social media monitoring and Servify Care™ comprehensive device protection are the latest additions to Revenue EDGE, providing households with relevant, practical tools to support connected lifestyles. Two more ways you’ll deliver an amazing experience and win subscribers for life.
  • Unmatched outdoor Wi-Fi 6E lets you address all-new use cases with dramatically faster deployment times. We launched the GigaPro™ u6he, a temperature-hardened outdoor Wi-Fi 6E system so you can deliver blazing-fast connectivity in homes, businesses, and throughout communities (think farms, festivals, and more). Beyond leading-edge performance, you have the foundation to deliver an endless array of value-added, managed services. Your subscribers will continue to look to get the latest innovations from YOU, not the big box store and a SmartTown Wi-Fi™ mesh network opens up new opportunities to serve businesses and community organizations—something your competitors can’t do.
  • New managed service insights mean you can deliver new services with confidence. Dedicated Tier 1 troubleshooting tools and insights in Support Cloud help you seamlessly plan, launch, and support new managed services. Enhanced visibility into the subscriber experience, combined with guidance from the award-winning Calix Customer Success Services team, enables broadband support teams to proactively contribute to business growth.
  • Proactive intelligence and workflow automation lowers OPEX by 60 percent. The latest capabilities in Operations Cloud support Active Ethernet Intelligent Access EDGE systems, giving unprecedented visibility into the complete subscriber experience. Operations teams can proactively respond to and resolve issues faster—removing obstacles for smooth service delivery, boosting efficiency, and reducing OPEX.

Our platforms and clouds allow us to move faster and faster, to help you rise above the price-only competitor. When you partner with Calix, you can provide services so good that the subscriber/member will not care about price—they will just be asking for more. Every quarter, we will deliver more to you so that you stay ahead.

Please join us at ConneXions 2022 (October 15-18 in Las Vegas) and hear firsthand how we can supercharge your success. Plus, wait till you see the new Gerry Dee videos for your business!


Wishing you continued success,



As always, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please reach out to me at and connect with me on LinkedIn.


ConneXions 2022

We Make It Easy for You To Be a Market Leader—Find Out How at ConneXions

Matt Collins

Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations and Chief Marketing Officer, Calix

We cannot wait to bring the broadband industry together again for Calix ConneXions 2022 in Las Vegas, which is quickly shaping up to be our biggest ever. As Michael Weening highlighted in his introduction, it’s a very exciting time for broadband service providers (BSPs). You have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform your businesses and grow incredible value for your communities for decades to come.  

Every BSP, large and small, can create subscriber experiences that are second to none. You can go beyond speed to deliver a growing array of managed services that will fundamentally change subscribers’ lives for the better. You can build a “customer first” culture that unites every employee in your organization. You can strengthen your communities—injecting digital vitality that will spur economic growth. This isn’t theoretical—this is happening now. Calix has hundreds of customers that are leading in their markets, crushing even the biggest competitors.  

Even the Smallest BSPs Can Lead in Their Markets With Managed Services 

At ConneXions, you’ll hear how companies like Midwest Energy & Communications (MEC) and Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies (OTTC) are winning by creating subscriber relationships that will last for generations. They’ve made services like ProtectIQ® home network security and ExperienceIQ® parental controls part of their standard managed Wi-Fi offering, available to all subscribers. They’re adding on other services, like Arlo Secure, to deliver even greater value to subscribers. And they’re winning: growing revenue, increasing subscriber satisfaction, and building loyalty.  

It’s going to be these managed services (not just speed) that set you apart. Your subscribers will love how you’ve put their needs first—and you’ll love how easy they are to implement. 

Beyond the amazing customer success stories, here are five more reasons ConneXions is the must-attend event for BSPs:  

  1. Inspirational keynote speakers. You’ll hear from industry visionaries like New York Times bestselling author Daniel Pink, who will share his insights on business, work, creativity, and human behavior. 
  2. Immersive experiences tailored to key BSP functions. Whether you’re in general management, network engineering, broadband operations, customer support, or marketing, ConneXions provides two days of in-depth programming to help you succeed in your roles.  
  3. Networking and sharing with industry peers. Meet with other Calix customers to discuss solution adoption, share best practices, and exchange user tips. Learn how innovative BSPs are not only driving amazing growth, but also raising subscriber satisfaction with NPS of 70, 80, and 90.  
  4. Industry-leading technologies and services. Don’t miss the Innovation Showcase and Expo for transformative technology platforms, solutions, and services, including the growing ecosystem of Calix Revenue EDGE™ Suites
  5. World-class entertainment. Comedy legends Tom Papa and Gerry Dee will keep the laughs coming as the main stage entertainment on Monday, October 17. 

Space is filling up fast! The preferred pricing window closes on September 9. Join us at the Wynn Las Vegas on October 15-18—register today


October 15-18 2022 | Wynn Las Vegas

We know that a simplified business model with excited subscribers enables

even the smallest provider to take on the consumer giants and win.

Are you ready?


October 15-18 2022 | Wynn Las Vegas

We know that a simplified business model with excited subscribers enables

even the smallest provider to take on the consumer giants and win.

Are you ready?


Customer Success Spotlight

How Did We Keep an NPS of 76 With Subscribers Out of Town Half the Year?


Ashley Gustafson

Director of Marketing & Community Engagement, Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies

In our New York communities, subscribers aren’t around all year. Many take off to second homes during harsh winters. As a result, we had cancellations. Having a fast network isn’t enough to keep these subscribers locked in.  

To really deliver something unique, we partnered with Calix to expand beyond basic broadband. We designed our solution specifically to target our community and what it needs.  

Our Top Priority—Delivering a World-Class Subscriber Experience 

What helps us stand out in a crowded market, even prompting Spectrum to buy a billboard that advertised against us? We made the experience incredible, unlike anything they’ve seen. Here’s what we’ve done to help our community: 

  • Simplify by bundling. Subscribers want a worry-free experience, so we keep things simple. We give them everything they need—a GigaSpire® BLAST Wi-Fi 6 system and our easy-to-use OTTC Smart Home App (based on CommandIQ®) for self-service, plus ProtectIQ® home network security and ExperienceIQ® advanced parental controls—in every package. They select from three tiers of bandwidth (and pricing). We install and manage every single thing. It’s a one-stop-shop for them and a win-win for us.   
  • Delight with unique services. Home network security is a great example. With Calix, we blocked over 5,000 threats for our subscribers in just one month. We’ll be adding Arlo Secure connected cameras soon—giving subscribers year-round peace of mind, including seasonal residents that previously might disconnect service in the off-season. And we’re thrilled about the recent announcements on Bark online social-media monitoring and Servify Care™ device protection. These services are more than add-ons. They’re baked into our offering, easy to implement, and designed to solve top-of-mind problems for subscribers.   
  • Train, train, train. Our top priority has always been to deliver a world-class experience. Company-wide training ensures that every employee knows exactly what we do—and can describe it in the same way. This alignment helps us give subscribers a consistent, helpful experience. They can depend on us, and they show it through our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76, along with a five percent reduction in churn.

As a family-run business for five generations, we’ve always evolved for our subscribers. And we’ll keep doing so. With our exceptional subscriber experience—based on managed services—we’re perfectly placed to lead in our markets for the next 100 years and beyond.  


Watch the webinar “Want To Stand Out in New Markets? You Need Your Whole Team” to learn how OTTC is putting managed services at the center of subscriber experience. 


Marketing Insights

Calix Launches 6th and 7th Managed Services—Bark and Servify Care—So You Can Deliver Experiences Subscribers Love

Naylor Gray

AVP, Product Marketing, Revenue EDGE – Marketing Cloud and Revenue Solutions, Calix

Speed is no longer a differentiator for broadband service providers (BSPs). To win, BSPs need to deliver an exceptional subscriber experience—and managed services sit at the heart of that experience.  

That’s why we are building an ecosystem of Revenue EDGE™ managed services. We’re enabling hundreds of BSPs to increase subscriber satisfaction with fully managed Wi-Fi and services like home network security (ProtectIQ®), parental controls (ExperienceIQ®), and connected camera security (Arlo Secure). With every additional service, they’re creating a stickiness that’s difficult to displace.  

We’re helping BSPs further strengthen their value proposition with Bark social media monitoring and Servify Care™ device protection. These latest services help BSPs grow their value in communities by protecting families from online threats, and by making the connected home experience simpler and more affordable.  

If you need proof that managed services are a winner, look no further than Jade Communications. Managed services are a big reason Jade enjoys an NPS of 55, compared to industry averages between 15 and 30 (some studies point to a telecoms industry NPS of –5, lower than health insurance). What’s even more astounding—100 percent of survey respondents with Jade Security (Arlo Secure) as a managed service are NPS “Promoters.” NPS Promoters (nine or 10 rankings) are loyal subscribers who are extremely likely to recommend Jade to their friends. In Jade’s ultra-competitive Colorado market, services are a major differentiator.

Giving BSP Marketers Everything They Need To Fast Track Time to Revenue

In addition to delivering a growing ecosystem of leading managed services, Calix makes it easy for BSP marketers to get to market quickly and drive uptake of their new offerings.  

  • Identify the subscribers that would benefit most from specific services. Calix Marketing Cloud gives marketers rich data and analytics to assess subscriber demand for offerings. Families with young children would be interested in online monitoring, while households with many connected devices might be looking for device protection plans. You can focus marketing efforts on subscribers most likely to purchase—maximizing limited resources and budgets.  
  • Accelerate service launches with proven go-to-market expertise. The Customer Success Services team provides guidance and proven best practices to help BSPs get to market quickly with new managed services. It’s even easier with the new Smart Start for Managed Services, a step-by-step blueprint that helps you fast track your time-to-revenue.   
  • Communicate the value of new managed services to subscribers. With turnkey, customizable marketing materials in the Calix Market Activation program, Calix makes it easy for BSPs to create omnichannel campaigns that reinforce the value of managed services.  

Watch the webinar “Get Ahead of the Competition With Services Subscribers Crave” and discover how you can differentiate your subscriber experience.


Customer Support Insights

Launching New Managed Services Has Never Been Easier for Your Support Team

Martha Galley

Executive Vice President, Customer Engagement and Services, Calix

Managed services enable broadband service providers (BSPs) to provide real value to the communities they serve. They are helping subscribers secure their networks (ProtectIQ®), set parental controls (ExperienceIQ®), manage connected security cameras (Arlo Secure), keep teenagers safe online (Bark), and insure their devices (Servify Care™). These services all form part of the growing ecosystem of managed services on the Revenue EDGE™ platform.    

Your support teams play a key role in shaping how new services are launched and experienced by subscribers. But how can you deploy new services without increasing support costs and workloads?   

You can do it with Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud), the purpose-built solution that helps BSPs provide world-class subscriber support across this expanding portfolio of managed service offerings. Support Cloud, combined with Calix Premier Customer Success Services (Customer Success) and Calix Support, provides a complete solution that makes it frictionless for your teams to support new services from onboarding to deployment and continuous support.  

Go to Market With New Services in Weeks—Not Months 

Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies (OTTC) achieved 25 percent annual revenue growth after launching new Revenue EDGE services last year. Its support team worked with Calix Services to successfully launch ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ in just a few weeks. Using Support Cloud their service launch went smoothly—and it continues to benefit them by contributing to a 34 percent reduction in Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) rates.   

“The invaluable guidance from Calix Premier Customer Success together with the visibility in Support Cloud was instrumental in scaling OTTC’s rapid business transformation and annual revenue growth,” says OTTC’s Paul Griswold.   

Other BSPs successfully delivering valuable Revenue EDGE services include: Anthem Broadband, which is launching Bark as a commitment to helping subscribers improve online child safety; and Chariton Valley, which is responding to subscriber security needs by including ProtectIQ in their managed Wi-Fi offer at no additional charge.   

The World’s Leading Subscriber Management Platform Just Got Better

As more BSPs consider bringing new managed services to market, support teams using Support Cloud are playing a pivotal role in ensuring an exceptional subscriber experience. Calix is delivering new features on Support Cloud to support that work. For example, support teams can now get real-time visibility on activation status and subscription details for Tier 1 troubleshooting of managed services. To help BSP support teams optimize their use of Calix Support Cloud, the Calix Services organization has expanded our service offers too.  

The latest Support Cloud updates help you quickly launch new managed services to your subscribers while enhancing your reputation for excellent customer support. What does customer satisfaction look like? Well, BSPs using Support Cloud are seeing Net Promoter Scores (NPS) as high as 90. So go ahead and grow your business with confidence. 


Watch the webinar “Bring Agility to Subscriber Complexity: Lessons from Forked Deer Connect” to learn how service providers are driving customer support success with Support Cloud.


Deployment Insights

Get 60 Percent Lower OPEX By Deploying Active Ethernet With Calix Operations Cloud

Teresa McGaughey

Area Vice President Access and Field Marketing , Calix

As broadband service providers (BSPs) deploy more and more PON systems, they’ve turned to the award-winning Calix Operations Cloud (Operations Cloud) to give them comprehensive, real-time network health and proactive intelligence. But for the hundreds of BSPs that deploy Active Ethernet—either alone or along with PON—that same invaluable end-to-end visibility has been just out of reach. 

Until now.  

Calix has expanded the award-winning Intelligent Access EDGE™ platform and Operations Cloud to include real-time multi-system data and insights for Active Ethernet (AE) and fiber aggregation systems. Active Ethernet on the Intelligent Access EDGE platform now supports streaming telemetry using IPFIX (Internet Protocol Flow Information Export), a standard protocol designed for flexible, efficient collection of a wide range of system-related data. Now BSPs deploying AE can enjoy the same benefits as BSPs deploying PON: machine learning-based insights, proactive intelligence, and workflow automation.  

BSPs with Intelligent Access EDGE AE systems can leverage Operations Cloud to transform their network operations in three big ways: 

  1. Simplify processes, improve efficiency, and lower OPEX up to 60 percent through automation. By automating functions for AE in Operations Cloud, operations teams can eliminate inefficient manual tasks and wasteful workloads. By leveraging automation, BSPs can reduce operations costs by 60 percent.  
  2. Evolve from reactive to proactive solutions for network issues—and lower OPEX 35 percent. Increased performance data and monitoring for AE in Operations Cloud positions operations teams to anticipate when—and where—network issues may occur. Proactively responding to network issues can help reduce OPEX by 35 percent. 
  3. Support customer service teams in quick problem resolution—and build subscriber loyalty. Operations Cloud shares data and insights with Support Cloud to give customer service representatives a single view of multiple systems. This enables CSRs to proactively reduce escalations and resolve subscriber issues more quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re deploying PON or AE—or both. Calix gives BSPs comprehensive end-to-end visibility for each in a single dashboard that enables operations teams to anticipate, respond, and deliver an exceptional subscriber experience while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.  


To learn more about how to simplify your operations, boost productivity, and reduce costs—download the solution brief, “Transform Broadband Operations With Complete Visibility of the Subscriber Experience.” 

Broadband Operations Insights

The World's First Outdoor Managed 6E System From Calix Is Here—Launch It in Days, Not Months or Years

Greg Owens

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Calix

A new technology often means fresh integration headaches for operations teams. It can mean lengthy testing periods to ensure there are no conflicts with existing business/operations support systems (B/OSSs), building new call center processes, and training field technicians. 

Given these concerns, some broadband service providers (BSPs) may be wary of Wi-Fi 6E. However, the new technology comes with several significant improvements that unlock opportunities to further develop broadband services. Our new GigaPro™ u6he—the world’s first carrier-class, managed outdoor Wi-Fi 6E system—presents new opportunities to expand beyond the four walls of subscribers’ homes. It opens up potential new markets for outdoor Wi-Fi coverage, from patios and parks to farms and festivals. 

As exciting as this new technology is, it’s in its early days. Should BSPs be overhauling their Wi-Fi product strategies to satisfy those early adopters in their markets? The answer is YES. And here’s how to do it the easy way.  

Bring Wi-Fi 6E to Market Ahead of the Competition 

The new GigaPro u6he brings the number of Calix Wi-Fi 6E-compatible systems to three—alongside the GigaSpire® BLAST u6me and GigaSpire® BLAST u6e. These systems will enable BSPs to be among the first in their market to launch Wi-Fi 6E services—even ahead of the big consumer brands. 

And, like all existing Calix Revenue EDGE™ systems, the GigaPro u6he can be deployed in minutes thanks to pre-integration with the Revenue EDGE platform. This allows new systems to be turned up in days (not weeks or months) because it just snaps into the platform with no integration headaches. This allows BSPs that choose to move early on Wi-Fi 6E to get to market quickly and easily. The Revenue EDGE platform also enables BSPs to:  

  • Deploy Wi-Fi 6E as a managed service. Managed Wi-Fi is just one of many managed services that BSPs can deliver as part of the Revenue EDGE. And that ecosystem continues to grow; new services recently launched include Bark (for online safety) and Servify Care (for device management). 
  • Build brand value by being first to market with outdoor Wi-Fi 6E technology. Marketing teams love promoting new products and technology—especially when they can offer it before the big consumer brands. The GigaPro u6he delivers outdoor speed and range unrivaled by any consumer-direct retailer.  
  • Deliver a superior managed Wi-Fi experience. A key part of your brand is unparalleled technical support. All GigaSpire BLAST and GigaPro systems are fully managed by Calix Support Cloud, enabling support teams to swiftly diagnose and remedy any Wi-Fi issues your subscribers may encounter. This allows you to stand behind your services with exceptional customer support that further grows subscriber loyalty. 

Service providers are already looking ahead to the possibilities. For example, Nemont Telephone Cooperative, which serves Montana and North Dakota, is adding the GigaPro u6he to its existing line-up of systems from Calix, to unlock new value-added services. 

Say goodbye to the days of integration nightmares that consume time, resources, and money. Look forward to deploying new managed services with ease.   


What will the new Wi-Fi standard mean for your operations team? Watch the webinar, “Are You Ready To Unlock Wi-Fi 6E’s Operational Advantages?” to find out. 


Network Engineering Insights

Be the Greenest Network: Reduce Energy Consumption by 85 Percent With Calix Intelligent Access EDGE

Candice Mayberry Storsveen

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Calix

Protecting the environment is one of our generation’s most pressing challenges. People care about this topic. Companies across all industries are being impelled to step up and take responsibility for their environmental impacts—and that includes broadband service providers (BSPs). In fact, investors, regulators, and even your subscribers are demanding that you show leadership in this area.

As a BSP, you have an amazing opportunity to deploy a broadband network that will not only excite subscribers today but will also have a positive impact on our environment for multiple generations to come. This can only be achieved by rethinking how networks are built across the entire subscriber facing network, the part that touches every single subscriber. With platforms like Intelligent Access EDGE™, BSPs eliminate the need to deploy many large systems at the handoff to the core network to manage their subscribers. BSPs can now deploy right sized systems closer to the subscribers simplifying the operation of the network by consolidating many functions into a single system and also ensure a more sustainable network by reducing power requirements across the entire network.

An example of a forward thinking BSP is AcenTek, which serves rural communities across southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa and Michigan. To support their transition to a next generation network and deliver on their green broadband strategy across their entire end-to-end network, they chose the Intelligent Access EDGE and Revenue EDGE platforms.

As a result, AcenTek has now:

  • Reduced energy consumption in the access network edge by 73 percent. AcenTek used the Intelligent Access EDGE Platform to consolidate functions and to reduce their legacy Broadband Network Gateways (BNG) routers and DHCP servers. This greatly simplifies the operation of the network and AcenTek predicts energy consumption will plummet by as much as 73 percent.
  • Reduced energy consumption 85 percent by eliminating high-power remote cabinets and outdated DSL systems. By choosing the Intelligent Access EDGE platform for this part of the upgrade as well they ensured a simplified common operational model across the entire subscriber facing network. AcenTek also vastly reduced energy consumption and eliminated non-environmentally friendly copper by removing 113 remote cabinets and DSL systems and replacing them with as few as 10 central office-based Intelligent Access EDGE E7-2 systems. Ultimately, this upgrade reduced operational expenses and network energy consumption an additional 85 percent.
  • Enabled 50 percent energy savings on the subscriber’s home systems using GigaSpire BLAST in Revenue EDGE. AcenTek has launched the Calix GigaSpire BLAST system, part of the Revenue EDGE platform, to deliver managed Wi-Fi services to subscribers. This also delivers energy benefits. A single GigaSpire BLAST provides complete, whole-home Wi-Fi coverage in more than 90 percent of AcenTek subscriber homes that have it. This eliminates the need for additional energy-consuming hardware such as mesh units or pods and reduces home system energy consumption by more than 50 percent.

By rethinking the architecture of the network and looking across the entire subscriber facing network, BSPs can realize a range of operational and environmental benefits. The benefits include simplified and common workflows to provision, monitor and manage subscriber services, reducing operational expense by as much as 80 percent as well as the environment benefits of reduced physical space, power consumption, and cooling resources required to run networks.

Calix is committed to helping you deploy the most operationally efficient networks possible. Now is the time to show your communities that you are leading the green broadband transformation.


By partnering with Calix, Pierce Pepin is building its greenest network yet—watch the webinar, “How Pierce Pepin Is Going Green With Intelligent Access EDGE,” to learn how.


Calix Services

New Managed Services From Calix Can Boost Your Annual Revenue by 25 Percent—We Can Help You Make It Happen

Tom Schroer

Senior Director, Services Marketing, Calix

More than a quarter of revenue and profit comes from new product launches, studies suggest. At the same time, more than half of new product launches fail to meet their objectives. So there’s a lot at stake for broadband service providers (BSPs) launching new managed services, particularly in highly competitive markets.  

But doing it right delivers real results. New York-based OTTC partnered with the Calix Customer Success team to launch ProtectIQ® (home network security) and ExperienceIQ® (parental controls) in 2021. Through this collaboration, the BSP was able to differentiate itself in a competitive marketplace and drive 25 percent annual growth

These new value-added services are driving customer acquisition and retention—and increasing ARPU. However, it may be a daunting prospect to deploy new managed services in areas where you have little experience or expertise. How do you launch them into your communities? And how do you support and scale? 

Your Guide to Managed Services Success

To address these concerns, the Calix Services team has unveiled two new solutions to help BSPs get to market quickly and launch new managed services with confidence:

  • A roadmap for success with Smart Start for Managed Services. The award-winning Calix Customer Success Services has developed a program to help BSPs bring new managed services to market faster and with better results. The step-by-step engagement, guidance, and deliverables ensures alignment and collaboration between relevant teams, such as marketing, customer support, and field technicians. It also includes data-driven go-to-market planning—helping you to understand the competitive landscape and how to win in your market.
  • Exceptional customer service via Calix Support for Managed Services. By linking the Calix Cloud with the partner’s managed services cloud, services are monitored—and issues resolved behind the scenes so you can support your subscribers seamlessly and with confidence with the help of Support Cloud

At Calix, we continue to expand our ecosystem of managed services that enable BSPs to differentiate their offerings and grow their revenue. Increasingly, these new services come from third-party companies that are leaders in their field: Bark for social-media monitoring, Servify for device management, and Arlo Secure for connected security cameras. Our partnerships with these companies ensure your subscribers get the best products and services in the market. And Calix Services can provide you with the roadmap to success. 


Watch the webinar, “How To Get Superior Results With Your Next Service Launch,” to discover how to successfully launch managed services in your market.


Calix Community News

Featured Blogs and Resources


Featured Resources

Customer Resources To Help Keep You on Track


  • Best Practices using Marketing Automation in Constant Contact
    Thursday, September 1
    10:00 AM ET | 7:00 AM PT

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Release Webinars

  • 22.4 Release—Calix Marketing Cloud
    Monday, November 7
    12:00 PM ET | 9:00 AM PT
  • 22.4 Release—Intelligent Access EDGE
    Monday, November 7
    2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

  • 22.4 Release—Calix Support Cloud
    Tuesday, November 8
    12:00 PM ET | 9:00 AM PT
  • 22.4 Release—Revenue EDGE
    Tuesday, November 8
    2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

  • 22.4 Release—CommandIQ
    Wednesday, November 9
    12:00 PM ET | 9:00 AM PT

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Recent Software Releases

New product software released in the last month:


  • EXOS (GigaSpire BLAST u6, u6e, u6x, u4, u12) *
  • EXOS (BLAST mesh satellites: u6me, u4m, GigaMesh) *
  • EXOS (GigaPro u6he, GPR8802x) **
  • EXOS 22.3.0 (PON ONUs)


  • SMx 22.3.0 *
  • AXOS 22.3.0 (E7-2) *
  • AXOS 22.3.0 (E3-2) *
  • AXOS 22.3.0 (E9-2 OLT) *
  • DPx 22.3.0 **
  • AXOS Sandbox: vE7-2/vE3-2/vE9-2 OLTs 22.3.0 *


  • CMS 15.1.645 *

**Early Adoption


* Mature status means the release is the latest production version recommended for use.

** Early Adoption status means the release is with select customers for field evaluation to provide feedback. This program requires Calix pre-approval. If interested in joining an Early Adopter group, please go to the Software Center (link below), browse to the desired software, and click the "Request Software" link to submit a request.