How Can You Trim Provisioning Times and Streamline Operations? Embrace Automation

Shane Eleniak

Executive Vice President, Products, Calix


Technology and digitization continue to transform huge swathes of the global economy—and how we operate broadband networks is no exception. A prime example of this impact is automation. That’s the ability to harness technologies such as cloud microservices, artificial intelligence/machine learning and workflow engines to automate previously manual tasks. By taking over repetitive tasks that previously required human operation, analytics-driven automation has the potential to boost productivity and drive economic growth. Research from McKinsey estimates that automation could raise productivity growth globally by 0.8 percentage points to 1.4 percent annually. Their study further indicates that around half of today’s work activities could be automated by 2055.

But what does this mean for broadband operations teams? Embracing automation does not mean the network will run on autopilot. Human oversight and expertise will always be required. But automation can be used to replace many of the repetitive functions that keep operations teams busy today. It will make teams work smarter and faster. It will ease pressure on stressed workforces, limit instances of human error, and free up personnel to focus on more strategic tasks. Getting it right can deliver a dynamic and highly efficient workforce—and drive significant reductions in OPEX. 

The latest broadband technologies allow teams to automate network functions in various ways, enabling:

  • Service provisioning. Relieve the burden of manually activating subscribers and turning up services. This includes being able to automatically provision exciting new managed services.
  • Intelligent reporting and notifications. Spending time manually compiling and emailing reports could soon become a thing of the past. Instead, network events can be automatically grouped and prioritized using customized alarm notifications.
  • Automated network health and traffic monitoring. Leverage rich real-time data and insights that can automatically feed workflows, ensuring workforces are focused on what’s important.
  • Dynamic maintenance. Unlock ways to maintain and upgrade the network that limit network disruptions and service interruptions.

Broadband service providers (BSPs) deploying Calix platforms and cloud tools today are already taking advantage of these breakthrough innovations—and their operations teams are reaping the benefits. They are no longer required to react to every network problem and “swivel chair” between different screens and systems. Instead, the Calix solution allows teams to focus on meeting the operational targets that matter: fewer truck rolls, improved service uptime, and lower costs. Sterling LAMB, winner of the 2022 Calix “Giant of Operations” award, showcases the power of automation—they’ve been able to slash service provisioning time by more than two-thirds.

But running lean and agile operations is only the start. By embracing automation, operations teams have an opportunity to impact the subscriber experience directly and positively. It will make network behavior more predictable and service interruptions less likely—and subscribers will benefit as a result. 

In this latest issue of the Broadband Operations Beacon, we will look at some of the ways automation can transform the way you run and maintain your network. This includes how innovative BSPs are transforming their operations using cloud-based tools and how to automate regulatory speed testing.

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