How Broadband Operations Can Create Incredible Subscriber Excitement

Shane Eleniak

Executive Vice President, Products, Calix


Not so long ago, broadband service providers (BSPs) had to focus on two primary tasks. The first task was building and operating a network. The second was providing their subscribers with a fast and reliable service over that network (a connection). Delivering these elements is still important, of course. But in today’s world, a reliable connection is the baseline offering—not the end game. In other words, a BSP’s relationship with the subscriber no longer ends with reliable connections in their home or business; it just starts. Nor does the location itself (a home) tell a BSP what type of experiences that subscriber needs. The BSP now needs to understand that subscriber’s unique behaviors,  then deliver experiences that support increasingly connected lifestyles—work from anywhere, tele-education, and telemedicine, to video streaming and connected fitness.


Today, You Must Find New Ways To Deliver an Amazing Subscriber Experience 

These experiences are varied and complex, accessed through a range of different devices and applications. Moreover, a subscriber’s profile is constantly shifting. For example, when I connect with work colleagues on a video call, I demand a business-class service. But when I’m relaxing with the family in the evening watching Netflix, I want a home entertainment service. Connectivity must also support fitness apps, home security, and much more. The BSPs that can adapt and tailor the experience will win.  

Ultimately, your job in this landscape is to create happy, excited subscribers at scale. If you get it right, you’ll see lower churn, higher loyalty, and a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures customer satisfaction on a scale of –100 to 100. A high score not only indicates your subscribers are happy and loyal; it also strongly predicts a company’s future growth. The telecommunications industry has the lowest average NPS (31) among several industries, ranking below even healthcare. Meanwhile, many Calix customers boast NPS in the high double digits—all the way up to the 90s. 


Calix Is Your Partner in Success 

Our new Broadband Operations Beacon newsletter will showcase the latest ways broadband operations teams are: 

  • Becoming predictive and proactive  
  • Embracing automation to simplify operations and free up the time of your valuable resources 
  • Gaining unprecedented efficiencies 
  • Optimizing their networks to adapt and increase subscriber satisfaction  

Broadband operations teams that embrace innovation—like Intelligent Access EDGE, Revenue EDGE, and Calix Cloud—increasingly reduce their operational expenses (OPEX), turn up subscribers faster than ever, easily monitor network health to proactively address subscriber problems, and much more.  

In our first issue of the Broadband Operations Beacon, you’ll learn how Canadian Fiber is winning the hearts of subscribers by focusing on broadband operations improvements. We also reveal how broadband operations teams are supporting an evolved value proposition for BSPs that are now offering valuable managed offerings like home network security and parental controls. Finally, Dr. Lyle Unger, an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence, shares examples of organizations automating operations to enhance customer experience.  

At Calix, we are proud to partner with broadband operations teams and support their business transformation journeys. Please get in touch if you have questions or feedback on how we can help you meet and exceed your objectives. Email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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October 15-18 2022 | Wynn Las Vegas

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Are you ready? Join us and grow.


We’re Serving Subscribers Our Competitors Can’t Reach—Thanks to Calix Operations Cloud

By Rajdeep Singh, Network Technician, Canadian Fiber Optics

As a network technician, I see first-hand how our network operates at scale, which means visibility is critical. Calix Operations Cloud (Operations Cloud) gives us unprecedented insight into our network, with more transparency in the access layer and a view of our operations in aggregation instead of per subscriber. The result? We save time and resources by strategically and proactively deploying our operations team while also gaining a competitive edge in our market. 

Deliver Amazing Wi-Fi That Goes Anywhere (Without Pulling Your Hair Out)

Frank Ploumen, Vice President, PLL Revenue EDGE, Calix

Broadband operations teams play a key role in delivering a superior Wi-Fi experience within the home. But what happens when your subscriber ventures outside? Many subscribers want a seamless Wi-Fi experience that extends beyond the four walls of their home. They want important services, like parental controls, to move with their family members from the living room to the school library. Imagine if they could roam freely to coffee shops without interruptions in network connectivity or added services. Your subscribers absolutely deserve this freedom and experience.

Even the Smallest Broadband Operations Team Can Reduce OPEX by 60 Percent—And Delight Subscribers

By Dean DeLitta, Senior Customer Success Manager, Calix

Broadband operations teams of all sizes face increasing workloads and complexity. Unexpected outages and too many network alarms can drain resources. At the same time, teams must constantly “swivel chair” between different systems to get a full picture of what’s happening in the network. In this scenario, inefficiencies creep in and operational performance suffers—and so does your network.

Why It’s Time To Start Thinking “Modular” With Your Broadband Operations

By Lyle Ungar, Professor of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania

Modularity is key to the efficient design and operation of any system.  

Everything complex is made up of modules. Just think: Your body has organs. Your organization has teams. Even your legacy car, the one that runs on gas, is modular. The engine, muffler, and brakes are all separate subsystems made by different vendors so that they can be easily swapped out.

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