Taking Giant Steps Higher and Building Service Excellence in 2024

John Durocher

Chief Customer Officer, Calix


Let me start by thanking each of you for making Calix ConneXions 2023 a riveting success. Whether or not you made it to Las Vegas, you have helped Calix create one of the world’s preeminent broadband conferences. I had the opportunity to meet many of you, share the stage with a few special broadband service providers (BSPs), and present our vision for service excellence in 2024.

The subscriber experience is always top-of-mind for support teams, as it is for Calix. This year, we helped support teams build a proactive model for resolving concerns and engaging with subscribers. We also enhanced Calix Support Cloud to allow customer support representatives (CSRs) to address issues before they arise.

At ConneXions, we rolled out new plans for helping support teams take giant steps higher. We announced that Support Cloud is changing its name to Service Cloud, recognizing how your role has evolved well beyond simple customer service (as BSPs already know). You are now the epicenter of service excellence—responsible for maintaining quality subscriber experiences, supporting new managed services, and growing business. We are well past the days when support teams simply helped retrieve passwords.

As you embark on your journey to service excellence, Calix has resources that guide your way. My team has three categories of guidance that will help support your mission of improving the subscriber journey:

  • Do It Yourself: Calix has DIY resources available 24/7 to help fill knowledge gaps, provide further education for CSRs, or onboard new hires. Use Calix Community to learn more about Service Cloud, engage with thought leadership, and connect with peers.
  • Do It With Me: Sometimes BSPs want hands-on support and guidance. The BSP is ready to do the heavy lifting but also wants to consult with experts. Calix offers premier engagements for an extra layer of support.
  • Do It for Me: If a BSP doesn’t have the time or personnel to do the heavy lifting, Calix can help! Calix Professional Services can plan, deploy, and optimize your success journey.

Competition is heating up in every broadband market. New funding and fiber builds make it harder to sustain and grow your business without a differentiator—a business strategy to stay ahead of new market entrants. Support teams can help blaze a path forward, focusing on service excellence and subscriber experience as the key differentiator.

Please connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at john.durocher@calix.com if you have any questions.


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