Why Great Marketing Is Not Marketing: How to Monetize the Network You’ve Invested Millions To Build

Matt Collins

Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations and Chief Marketing Officer, Calix


I’m a marketing guy, so I’m always curious about how broadband businesses are succeeding with their go-to-market campaigns. However, when I ask general managers about their marketing goals, I see their eyes glaze over. On the other hand, when I ask specific questions about their business (“Tell me how your team plans to acquire new subscribers,” or, “What new services are you launching to drive higher average revenue per user (ARPU)?”), they react with excitement and enthusiasm.  

It’s easy to see why. Their top concern is not “marketing”—it’s how to monetize the network they’ve invested millions to build.

Here’s the thing. Great marketing is critical to monetizing your broadband network. That’s why our mission at Calix is to make it seamless for broadband businesses to create and launch great marketing campaigns.

Increase ARPU by 30 Percent and Boost NPS to +90—Thanks to Great Marketing 

Marketing is not just about making it unbelievably easy and cost-effective for broadband service providers (BSPs) to run world-class omnichannel marketing campaigns. Great marketing enables you to deliver the platforms and services you need to differentiate your offerings, grow revenue, and attract and keep subscribers. In fact, many Calix customers are leveraging the turnkey marketing solutions in Revenue EDGE to compete and win against the trillion-dollar consumer giants.

Right now, those giants are trying to get their devices into your subscribers’ homes so they can capture valuable data and turn you into a dumb pipe. But Calix makes it possible for you to continuously excite subscribers with the popular services subscribers want and need. That way, you maintain ownership of that valuable relationship. Using our offerings, you can leverage the rich data and insights to identify and win new, high-value subscribers. You can also target existing subscribers for upsell opportunities and higher ARPU.

Here are two examples of how Calix customers are using our solutions to compete and win on marketing.

  • In just four months, Cumberland Connect doubled the adoption of their “Peace of Mind” premium package featuring ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ. The “premium package” is a clear example of a value-added offering. These value-adds generate new revenue streams, grow ARPU, and dramatically increase member satisfaction. The result? Registering a staggering net promoter score (NPS) of +90 compared with industry benchmarks in the single digits.
  • West Carolina Tel used Calix Marketing Cloud to examine subscriber data to see who was hitting service limits. They undertook an omnichannel marketing campaign for this segment. Their strategy included offering to upgrade service tiers and sending a gift card for streaming services. The results? They increased ARPU by 30 percent and reduced service limit hits by 92 percent.

Calix also makes it easy for you to promote your competitive services and solutions by providing amazing creative assets that rival those produced by Madison Avenue ad firms. Our new, customizable videos featuring comedian Gerry Dee are a great example. As Forbes author Mark Vena wrote in his blog post, “Calix and the Art of Great Marketing,” Gerry Dee is the “perfect personality to provide understated commentary on the challenges that families confront every day in their connected homes.” Calix Revenue EDGE customers can access these videos today at no additional cost. With these videos, you can launch a marketing campaign that only looks like it cost a million bucks. Calix customer Tularosa branded these videos and converted 31 percent of social engagements to upgrades in just two weeks.

Marketing Is Now the Number-One Driver of Network Monetization

In this issue of the Marketing Beacon, we spotlight innovative BSPs taking advantage of Calix solutions to monetize their networks. And the results are extraordinary. Improved subscriber satisfaction. Increased lifetime value. Reduced operational costs. In particular, check out how Jade Communications doubled their ARPU by launching Jade Security thanks to EDGE Suites.

I love having conversations about how to build a world-class marketing engine that drives critical business goals. Email me anytime at or connect with me on LinkedIn.



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