Make Marketing the Champion for Transformational Change in Your Broadband Business

Matt Collins

Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations and Chief Marketing Officer, Calix


Over the past few years, your subscribers’ lives have changed for good. As a result, your job is no longer to provide straightforward broadband services. Instead, you must meet the complex and diverse needs of different types of subscribers. You now serve gamers who want incredible bandwidth. You’ve got remote workers demanding seamless Zoom calls. You’ve got parents needing to monitor their kids online. You’ve got entrepreneurs starting businesses from home… and the list goes on. And all of them are relying on you to help them manage this complexity.   

Your Knowledge About Subscribers Is Your Superpower 

It’s therefore time to move beyond speeds and feeds and embrace new, managed services that anticipate subscribers’ desires—and exceed their expectations. As a marketing guy, I firmly believe that it’s you, the marketers, who are uniquely positioned to oversee this change. Why? You are deeply knowledgeable about your subscribers. This makes you the expert advisor on which services are best for them. Thanks to Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud), you know which connected devices they use and the applications they run. You also understand their lifestyle patterns and behaviors. Your knowledge is power. You’re now in a powerful position to motivate your general manager to transform your value proposition and meet the changing needs of your subscribers. 

At the same time, change is hard. It brings disruption and risk. But if you are willing to challenge the status quo, you can tap incredible opportunity for growth. Are you ready to drive transformational change across your business and champion new types of services—such as Arlo Secure or ProtectIQ ® home network security—with confidence?   

Here’s how Calix customers are putting marketing at the center of their strategies to transform their business: 

  • Home Telecom ran a multi-channel campaign to drive upgrades to their 1 Gbps service—specifically targeting the work-from-home demographic. The results were outstanding: upgrades were up 314 percent, and marketing acquisition costs fell from $80 to $17. Best of all, the CEO became a believer in the power of Marketing Cloud, radically transforming the way Home Telecom approaches marketing. 
  • Norvado transformed their value proposition by moving to a fully managed Wi-Fi service to generate higher average revenue per user (ARPU) and reduce operational costs (OPEX). Just 12 months after launching Apex Managed WIFI, they grew subscribers by 80 percent while increasing margins by 400 percent. This transformation required alignment across the entire company—and the Norvado marketing team led the change. 
  • The first annual Calix Marketing Summit invited over 50 marketing professionals from around the country to come together and share their marketing success stories, brainstorm strategies and best practices, and collaborate on defining the ideal subscriber experience. The summit is just another example of how marketers are the pulse of their organization—and ideally situated to be agents of change for their business. As I said during my presentation at the event, change is risky. The status quo is easy. And everyone here has the opportunity not only to be a great marketer, but a great leader. Nobody in your organization has access to what you have—which is incredible insights and information about the behaviors, desires, and needs of your subscribers. That’s an incredibly powerful lever for you to drive change. For those of you unable to attend the summit, below are a couple of highlights from the event (password: L8g$kw), including my presentation and Seth Godin’s keynote. 

Calix Marketing Summit


Marketers Are the New Change Agents Within BSPs 

As I’ve said before, great marketing enables you to differentiate your offerings, grow revenue, and attract and keep subscribers. Here are three ways that Calix helps you create a new value proposition for your organization. 

  • You get an amazing insights engine to help you better understand what your subscribers need. Marketing Cloud is the only out-of-the-box marketing solution that uses contextual, behavioral data specific to the broadband industry. It’s like employing your own army of data scientists so even the smallest teams can execute world-class marketing.  
  • You get powerful integrations with world-class marketing platforms. Through integrations with tools like Facebook and Mailchimp, omni-channel marketing campaigns can be executed at the push of a button. Now every BSP marketing team can easily get incredible ROI on marketing campaigns.  
  • You get sticky turnkey services to sell so you can grow your brand and your business. Partnering with Calix, you’ve got great services to sell. We’ve got ProtectIQ for network security, Arlo Secure for managed home and small business security, ExperienceIQ for parental controls, the Revenue EDGE Small Business Solution—and the list just keeps growing.  

The question is, will you choose to be the change agent? 

As a marketer, you are the pulse of your organization. You are in a unique position to meet subscribers where they are. For example, with cybercrime on the rise, you know home security is an opportunity to bring subscribers peace of mind with offerings like virus protection with ProtectIQ, and parental controls with ExperienceIQ. I am also extremely excited about our new partnership with Bark. With this latest integration, we’re helping you take your security capabilities to the next level. As a market leader in online safety, Bark enables you to directly address your subscribers’ fears about cyberbullying and the dangers their children experience online. Even better, with Bark, you can offer this same value proposition to your subscribers inside and outside the home. This is transformational—and yet another way you can demonstrate how much you care about your subscribers and their families. 

ProtectIQ, ExperienceIQ, Arlo Secure, and Bark are a core part of what we’re doing when it comes to home network security. Read on to see how big trends like cybercrime and cyberbullying are driving demand and how, as a BSP marketer, you have an opportunity to meet those needs. 

Let us know how Calix can help you become the champion of transformational change for your business. Email me anytime at or connect with me on  LinkedIn.


October 15-18 2022 | Wynn Las Vegas

Registration is now open!

Are you ready? Join us and grow.


October 15-18 2022 | Wynn Las Vegas

Registration is now open!

Are you ready? Join us and grow.


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