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Build the Best Broadband Marketing Team in the World

Matt Collins

Chief Marketing Officer, Calix


The first time I met many of you was at ConneXions in 2017. At the end of the opening general session, I announced a new number-one priority for Calix marketing. That priority was (and remains) helping each of you build great marketing teams that can drive your company’s growth and success. The newest edition of the Beacon—the Marketing Success Beacon—is the latest manifestation of how we plan to take another small but meaningful step in delivering on that promise. 

Over the last four years we have built a powerful community together. At that fateful ConneXions in 2017 we were joined by a small yet mighty group of marketers who shared our commitment to building data-driven marketing teams. Over the last four years we have launched partnerships with a half-dozen marketing firms, completed marketing consults with over 400 service providers, delivered over 500 high-value campaign assets, and seen our marketing general session attendance grow to over 600 participants. The quarterly Marketing Success Beacon newsletter is simply intended to accelerate this partnership throughout our community.   

What Do We Intend To Deliver Each Quarter?   

The Marketing Success Beacon will deliver success stories and learnings from pioneering service providers just like you. These stories will also explore industry best practices and the latest tools from Calix and our partners that will help you delight subscribers and grow your businesses by:  

  • Segmenting and targeting subscribers through data-driven campaigns.  
  • Reducing subscriber churn .
  • Increasing campaign take rates and average subscriber revenue by launching new services. 
  • Growing the strength of your brand.   
  • Gaining your subscribers’ loyalty for life.  

It’s About Your Brand—and Only Your Brand  

For our first issue of the Marketing Success Beacon, we are focusing on the growing adoption of mobile applications in our industry. In his contribution to this issue, marketing luminary Terry O’Reilly highlights the power of mobile experiences. As he points out, the mobile experience that you deliver every day will become central to your overall value proposition. I am constantly amazed by what our customers are doing with CommandIQ® to meet this need. 

Our most successful customers are building a  one-on-one relationship with subscribers that is deep and continuous, and enabling the seamless delivery of new services. They also understand that this engagement with their subscribers is a powerful tool for growing the strength of their brands. That is why they have rejected an experience that is branded as “brought by” or “powered by” technology vendors. These phrases demonstrate that those vendors want to get between you and your subscribers. But your teams power your customers’ experience every day; and your brand is the only one that subscribers should encounter during that experience.  

To support this objective, we’ve made it easier than ever to personalize and brand the CommandIQ mobile app with our latest quarterly cadence release of CommandIQ. In fact, that personalization and branding takes only minutes thanks to out-of-the-box capabilities. We’ve also executed a top-to-bottom UX/UI redesign of CommandIQ so that your brand will be front and center in a stunning mobile experience that combines the best of consumer design and carrier-class reliability. At its heart, CommandIQ enables you to deploy managed services that will set you apart from your competition.   

Demonstrate Your Value Through a Dedicated Communications Channel  

Your subscribers are receiving a growing flood of messages every day and it is getting harder to cut through that noise. With the CommandIQ app, you are not only delivering a great, branded mobile app experience, but you are also establishing a dedicated, one-on-one communication channel with your subscribers. Our most innovative customers, like STRATA Networks, are extending the power of this channel through the tight integration between CommandIQ and Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC). Because of the powerful machine learning capabilities in CMC, you can automatically identify high-value segments, like gamers and work-from-home professionals, to target with automated mobile communications. This new model is both powerful and efficient.  

The Payoff: GVTC Achieves an Amazing Net Promoter Score of +44   

Happy subscribers are loyal subscribers; and loyal subscribers are profitable subscribers. Calix customers like GVTC are already leveraging CommandIQ and the full Revenue EDGE solution with great results. GVTC has branded the CommandIQ mobile app as “GVTC Wi-Fi" and made it a core component of their premium managed Wi-Fi offering. With CommandIQ activated in each home, GVTC is now easily delivering value-added services like home network security to create new revenue streams. The result of these efforts? GVTC has achieved an incredible overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +28, and a score of +44 for subscribers using GVTC’s premium managed Wi-Fi service. To put this in context, many giants in the communications industry have Net Promoter Scores in the single digits or below. A Net Promoter Score of +44 is the ultimate payoff for delivering a great subscriber experience supported by a great mobile app. 

Calix and our entire community are here to help you become the best broadband marketer in the world. If you have questions about how we can help you meet and exceed your marketing goals, email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn.  


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