ConneXions 2021 Proved Even the Smallest Broadband Provider Can Now Execute World-Class Marketing

Matt Collins

Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations and Chief Marketing Officer, Calix


Last month I was proud to be part of an amazing ConneXions 2021. To all who joined, thank you. The energy and engagement were unbelievable. The event showed we are at a turning point for our industry. Now more than ever, marketing is the key driver of your business growth.  

What made this shift possible? Calix has spent 11 years and invested more than $1 billion to develop our powerful end-to-end platforms. In particular, the Revenue EDGE—and the powerful capabilities inherent in Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud)—makes it easy for even the smallest broadband marketing teams to operate on a world-class level and crush the trillion-dollar consumer giants.  

Marketing Excellence is Easy When You Use Calix Out-of-the-Box Solutions 

Our marketing portfolio enables you to function as though you employed an army of premiere data scientists, content creators, and marketing experts. At ConneXions, we made these exciting announcements about the continued evolution of our offerings for broadband marketers.  

  • New Calix Marketing Cloud Professional Edition gives you an out-of-the-box way to drive subscriber acquisition. When you marry demographic data with the real-time behavioral analytics about the subscriber, you get a powerful marketing engine. That is the power of Calix Marketing Cloud Professional Edition. Now you can easily create upsell and cross-sell opportunities and generate breakthrough revenue growth. 
  • Simplify your omnichannel campaign execution with our new HubSpot integration. You can now automate and deploy tailored campaigns to enriched audience segments based on specific events and behaviors. You’ll effortlessly excite subscribers, increase revenue, and track detailed performance metrics pulled from HubSpot. This latest integration comes on the heels of our recent integrations with Facebook and Mailchimp. Together, they further amplify the value of Marketing Cloud.  
  • New Broadband Marketing Academy will upskill your team and accelerate go-to-market. We are so invested in your success as marketers that we’ve created an entire academy to upskill your team. Now your teams can learn from the very best in the industry so you can accelerate marketing success. 

Incredible New Market Activation Content To Grow Your Brand 

To attract, engage, and excite subscribers, you need compelling content. That’s why one of my favorite announcements to come out of ConneXions was the new and compelling market activation content in Revenue EDGE Enablement. In partnership with comedian and television star Gerry Dee (check out his show, Mr. D), we created a number of videos you can personalize with your brand. With the highest production and entertainment value, you can now easily and launch expensive-looking marketing campaigns—at no additional cost. Here’s an example.


These Customers Are Embracing World-Class Marketing and Seeing Excellent Results

I’m excited that many of our customers are already executing world-class marketing. Again, these success stories are not coming from businesses with big budgets and countless staff. Yet they’re getting phenomenal traction.

  • CentraCom is launching multi-channel marketing campaigns to promote the performance of its GigaSpire® BLAST Wi-Fi 6 systems and the ease of its personalized CommandIQ® mobile app. As a result, they’ve more than doubled subscribers of their managed Wi-Fi service in just six months. The value of their brand has also skyrocketed—their net promoter score (NPS) has increased by 50 points to a stunning +75.
  • Cumberland Connect is giving subscribers the popular services they love in EDGE Suites—and they’re promoting those services using turnkey marketing integrations with Marketing Cloud. This approach has helped them achieve email engagement rates of 70 percent and grow their subscribers to over 10,000.
  • CVEC Fiber is pairing the incomparable speed and performance of the GigaSpire BLAST u6.2 with EDGE Suites so they can deliver the popular services subscribers are clamoring for. That combination is why they’ve seen a 750 percent spike in their subscriber base.

When you partner with Calix, we make it easy for you to execute world-class marketing so you can grow your brand and your value. I welcome discussions about how we can help you meet and exceed your marketing goals. Email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn. I invite you to watch the replays of our Calix ConneXions main stage presentations and register to join our virtual ConneXions Learning Experience November 16-19. 


Hear what winning service providers are up to


Join us for the “how-to” at the virtual Learning Experience


Hear what winning service providers are up to


Join us for the “how-to” at the virtual Learning Experience


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At last month’s ConneXions, I had the opportunity to talk with many broadband service provider (BSP) marketers. A central theme in our conversations was how Calix is making it easier than ever for them to be world-class marketers. It was great to hear this from our customers. Quarter after quarter, we continue to add new capabilities, forge new partnerships, and deliver new resources to help BSPs simplify their marketing, excite their subscribers, and grow their business. The new solutions, enhancements, and initiatives we announced in Las Vegas further underscore our commitment to marketing excellence and uniquely position our BSP customers to capitalize on the enormous market opportunity and growth potential ahead.  

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