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October 2020

The Beacon

October 2020

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From the Bullpen

The Time is NOW to Leverage Data and Win


Matt Collins

Chief Marketing Officer, Calix

In Las Vegas, fortunes are won or lost in minutes on the casino floor. The reality is, the same thing can happen with subscribers. If you create the right subscriber experience, you can instantly win subscribers for life. But without proper planning, you can lose subscribers in the blink of an eye. 

The future of your broadband business depends on data.

That’s why now is the time for you to think about how you’ll leverage data to win. Data will help you delight your customers. Data will help you deliver innovation at the speed customers want. Data will help you compete with Google, Amazon and the other home invaders.

Hear amazing perspectives from people like Ajit Pai, Carl Russo, Michael Weening, and more.

Join us at ConneXions and you’ll learn exactly how to leverage data strategically so you can drive great marketing and segmentation, build advocacy, eliminate customer churn, and tap new revenue opportunities. We’ve assembled a truly outstanding roster of speakers this year to bright these concepts to life. I’ll highlight just a few:

  • Ajit Pai, chairman of the FCC, will share how he sees the role of regional services providers evolving over time as we work collectively to bridge the digital divide.
  • Lyle Ungar, professor of computer and information science at The University of Pennsylvania, will explain how you can think beyond capex and speed, to opex and data.
  • Joe Pine, author and strategic advisor, will spotlight which competitors should be on your radar as you build a future-proof broadband business.
  • Randy Klindt and Jonathan Chambers, partners at Conexon, will discuss how to quickly deploy a world-class fiber optic network in rural communities, at a lower cost.

In addition to learning the best ways to build your broadband business, our events team has worked tirelessly to create experiences just as fun and entertaining as a trip to Vegas. A very special musical guest will join us (click the banner ad below this article to find out who), plus comedian Tom Papa.

Our Agenda Builder will help you make the most of your time at ConneXions. You can filter sessions—including general sessions, on-demand sessions, digital lounges, community events, and success circles—all based on persona (marketer, network operations, network engineer, customer experience, and general manager). We’ve also crafted opportunities for you to learn and network virtually. Don’t miss our Community Events on Monday, where you can learn best practices from great partners.

This special edition of The Beacon offers a preview of all the inspiring and groundbreaking ideas you’ll hear about at ConneXions next week. Enjoy reading, and I look forward to seeing you virtually next week.


Marketing Day

How Will Your Marketing Team Leverage Data to Create the Ultimate Subscriber Experience?


Scott Neuman

VP Corporate Marketing, Calix

As Matt pointed out in his article, your competition is coming in the form of new fiber builders and home invaders—like Google and Amazon. To succeed, you must develop a data-driven marketing team. Your competition is already thinking this way.

As marketers, we must own this challenge, and constantly explore new tools, insights and expertise to help us get better and better at our craft.

This is why we created Marketing Day at ConneXions 2020.

The secret to solving this challenge lies in the data. The kind of data that helps you understand the customer so well that marketing campaigns don’t feel like just another sales pitch, but rather as a service that creates value in their lives.

With this in mind, we have created a lineup of marketing experts. Though a compelling combination of keynotes, live breakouts, Circles of Success and on-demand sessions we will dive into challenges, together. I know you won’t be disappointed.

To kick things off on October 28, the open session will feature:

  • Seth Godin, Author, Entrepreneur and Teacher
  • Matt Collins, Chief Marketing Officer at Calix
  • Jordan Wehe, Director of Marketing at Jade Communications
  • Chad Mix, Marketing Director at Norvado
  • Wendy Crenner, Marketing Manager at SCTelcom

You’ll be inspired by these innovators as they share their own stories of leveraging data to offer the ultimate subscriber experience. In the end, that’s why we do what we do. It’s all about delighting the subscriber with an experience they’ll share with their friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on Wednesday, October 28.


Your Recommended Action Plan

  • Register: Marketing Day at ConneXions
  • Review: ConneXions Agenda Builder (sign up for your desired sessions in the Marketing track)

Network Operations Day

Unleash the Data in Your Network

Teresa McGaughey

AVP, Intelligent Access EDGE Marketing, Calix

Have you thought about what it would be like to have a network that runs itself? Or how a network that proactively identifies issues and suggests how to solve them might give you greater peace of mind?

It’s possible—and it all begins with insights based on data. During Network Operations day at Calix Connexions 2020, you’ll learn how the insights achieved with data can help predict network and subscriber-related issues, and ultimately automate resolution for both. 

Along with automation of the network, we’ve heard loud and clear during 2020 we must partner to enable your teams to achieve more with less. On Network Operations day, we’ll discuss new and upcoming programs and capabilities to help your teams be successful.

The Network Operations persona faces some of the biggest challenges at your company. To solve them, you must understand everything about the network from end-to-end. That’s why we’ve created a day filled with amazing content, as well as announcements of new capabilities that will help you successfully run your network and the subscriber services that run over it.

To kick things off on October 29 Network Operations Day, the opening session will feature:

  • Lyle Ungar, Professor of Computer and Information Science at The University of Pennsylvania
  • Teresa McGaughey, AVP, Access and Field Marketing at Calix
  • Ryan Johnson, Chief Operating Officer at Chariton Valley
  • Pritam Kerkar, Chief Technology Office at Peak Internet

In addition, don’t miss the on-demand sessions, digital lounges, and Circles of Success we’ve created especially with Network Operations in mind.  


Your Recommended Action Plan

  • Register: Connexions
  • Review: ConneXions Agenda Builder (sign up for your desired sessions in the Network Operations track)




Network Engineering Day

Build a Future-Proof, Data-Driven Network

Michel Langlois

Chief Development Officer, Intelligent Access Edge Products, Calix

We live in a connected world. According to a recent study by Deloitte, U.S. households now own an average of 11 connected devices, including seven with screens (think smartphones or TVs) to view content online. And these trends have staying power. As technology evolves, we’ll see an even greater need for higher bandwidth to support all the devices and applications we use on a daily basis.

As a communication service provider, you want to deliver the most reliable network experience possible—no matter where your subscribers live and work. But can you deliver that experience given the need for increased bandwidth demands?

Three ways a data-driven network can help you win.

To win with subscribers and rise above your competition, you’ll need three key things. One, you need consistent service models and workflows that simplify your operational tasks. Two, you’ll need to build end-to-end orchestration and management capabilities to streamline operational processes and accelerate your time to market . Three, you’ll need to automate your workflows to further reduce your operating expenses.

Therefore, it’s imperative you build a flexible, future-proof platform-based network that will deliver a data-driven subscriber experience. This kind of network will help you eliminate churn, increase your revenue-generating opportunities, and secure a competitive foothold in your markets.

Join us at ConneXions to hear more about how the Intelligent Access EDGE solution, powered by the AXOS platform, delivers a radically simplified, automated framework that enables you to future proof your fiber networks and deploy the right technology, at the right time, to optimize your capital investments.

In support of this discussion, we’ve assembled a truly outstanding roster of speakers this year which will be highlighted by our exciting general session scheduled for Thursday, October 29, featuring:

  • Carl Russo, President and CEO at Calix
  • Michel Langlois, Chief Development Officer, Intelligent Access Edge Products at Calix
  • Jeff DeGraff, Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and Founder of the Innovatrium
  • Stefan Willi, Chief Technology Officer at WWZ Energie AG
  • Ethan Webinger, Chief Technology Officer at AcenTek

Register today and join us for this very compelling and informative session, designed specifically for network engineers. I look forward to seeing and collaborating with each of you virtually next week.


Your Recommended Action Plan

  • Register: Network Engineering Day at ConneXions
  • Review: ConneXions Agenda Builder (sign up for your desired sessions in the Network Engineering track)

The Revenue EDGE Beacon

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The Revenue EDGE Beacon reveals today's best practices and insights for marketers. Subscribe today and learn how to leverage data to build great campaigns so you can retain, grow, and attract new subscribers.


Customer Experience Day

Differentiate With a Data-Driven Experience

Martha Galley

VP, Customer Engagement, Calix

For much of this year, your subscribers have worked, learned, and entertained themselves at home. That means it has never been more important—or challenging—for broadband service providers to consistently deliver a differentiated customer experience.

To differentiate your service from your competitors and sustain or expand your subscriber base, you need to easily anticipate issues, personalize interactions, and exceed expectations. With the right data insights, your customer care organization can make this a reality. Data can help you answer a number of key questions so you can take proactive steps to keep subscribers happy. For example, insights from the Systems Performance dashboard on Calix Support Cloud help analyze device reboots, which are typically indicative of bigger problems. Service providers can identify procedural compliance issues or proactively improve network processes.

Want to fire up your data usage and learn how to harness data to help your organization deliver unparalleled customer experience?

On Customer Experience day at ConneXions, you can discover how to leverage data as a strategic asset for customer care—no matter where you are on your data journey today. Along with live customer panel discussions and educational sessions, here are a few featured speakers to look forward to.

  • Joe Pine, Author Speaker & Strategic Advisor
  • Jerry Piper, VP of Operations at Cambridge Telecom Company
  • Tim Bowlby, IT/Broadband Supervisor at Valley Telecom Group
  • Shane Eleniak, SVP Revenue Edge Products at Calix
  • Pam Ferguson, VP Product Marketing at Calix

Customize your ConneXions agenda to explore how customer care organizations can capitalize on data insights to get ahead of issues, deliver a differentiated experience, lower operating costs, and uncover new revenue opportunities.


Your Recommended Action Plan

  • Register: Customer Experience Day at ConneXions
  • Review: ConneXions Agenda Builder (sign up for your desired sessions in the Customer Experience track)

Calix Academy

Training and Enablement Opportunities for Your Entire Team

This year at ConneXions we’ll hold more than a dozen training and enablement sessions on November 4 and 5. Each session will be customized based on roles such as marketing, network operations, network engineering, and customer experience. These will be engaging, fun, and interactive learning experiences.

We’re also including training on topics requested by past attendees of ConneXions. Some examples of training sessions this year include the following.

  • AXOS Turn up and Transport
  • AXOS Data and Voice Services
  • Wi-Fi Technical Basics
  • AXOS Troubleshooting Tools

This year we are excited to debut our new E9-2 AXOS specialist exam. All registered attendees will receive a coupon code, valued at $295, to take the new E9-2 AXOS exam at no charge (valid through December 31, 2020).


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