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Turn the subscriber edge into your Revenue EDGE

The Revenue EDGE Beacon

Turn the subscriber edge into your Revenue EDGE

Perspectives from the EDGE


Michael Weening

Executive Vice President
Field Operations, Calix

The Company with the Best Data WINS. That Company can be YOU.

When we speak to CEOs, general managers, and marketing leaders, we discuss the same point over and over: The company with the best data and insights wins. 

There is a reason why Google and Amazon have $1 Trillion-dollar market caps – because they understand that the data and insights they derive from the consumer are invaluable. It is the engine that powers their company. This week Salesforce validated this thinking when they announced that they will leverage Amazon AI instead of building their own. Salesforce knows, the value is not in an AI engine but In the insights their data delivers to their customers. That is why they invested in Tableau, a reporting and insights engine, not AI. Billy Beane shared his story of using data to win at ConneXions 2016, and this year, we continued to emphasize that data is at the core of everything Calix does for our communications service provider (CSP) partners like ALLO.

I had the good fortune to meet Lyle Ungar last week at The Wharton School and he explained the power of data in a different way as he was analyzing Amazon. He shared with me that all of his smart PHD students want to go off and build an AI company. He tells each one the same thing – it is a bad idea. He said Artificial Intelligence is a commodity – Microsoft, Google, and Amazon give it away for free. The value is in the data. Android and Alexa; they are all about collecting the data and building a connection to the customer. If you can figure out how to connect to the customer and their data – you will build a valuable company.

I was left thinking one thing; that Mr. Ungar was validating what Calix believes. That you, the Service Provider, are best positioned to connect and understand the needs of the customer as your services connect them to the world. We saw this opportunity three years ago when we started on this journey with Calix Marketing Cloud. Mr. Ungar went on to say that every company must watch for competitors that are attempting to get between them and their customer. These days, it seems like everyone is trying  to get into your subscriber’s home. We firmly believe that it is the greatest risk facing Service Providers today as Google and Amazon push to own the subscriber. A risk that we first called out in December of 2017.

At ConneXions 2019 we reaffirmed that Calix is confident that the company with the greatest ability to turn data into insights is YOU. We launched the Revenue EDGE as a comprehensive end-to-end platform that allows our teams to partner with CSPs of all sizes – from a rural co-op with 2,000 members to Verizon serving millions – to deliver amazing experiences quickly, while leveraging end-to-end insights to manage and delight the subscriber. 

We also know that for you to be successful, we must be a REAL partner, investing in your success. That is why we have made significant investments in Customer Success Services and our marketing and education resources to partner with you to understand the data, build great campaigns and share best practices.

This Revenue EDGE Edition of The Beacon is another step in our investing in your success. Built for business teams as we work together toward the goals that we all share; understand the data to build great experiences so that we can retain, grow, and attract new subscribers. We look forward to sharing insights, best practices, and the successes you and your peers are achieving to help you reach your goals. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at and please, connect with me on LinkedIn so we can share experiences. 

Have a story to share? Contact us to the left.

Wishing you continued success,

Michael Weening

From the Desk of Terry O'Reilly

Marketers are the Best Listeners

A new series from renowned author, radio host, and marketing guru Terry O’Reilly. Each issue Terry will share his observations on how marketers can turn insights into action. For this first installment, you can watch Terry on the main stage at ConneXions 2019 share compelling examples ranging from the origin of elevator music to why the temperature outside matters to why Kentville, Nova Scotia is one interesting place to visit!


Game Changing Stories

GVTC Introduces Market Leading Premium Wi-Fi 6 Service in 45 days

Located in between San Antonio and Austin, GVTC’s service area covers some of the fastest growing communities in the country. With an explosion of new homes and businesses to target as potential subscribers, GVTC looked to raise the stakes on its service offering, particularly within their subscribers’ homes.

Just last month, GVTC launched its “Premium WiFi” service, built on the Calix Revenue EDGE. This managed offering allows GVTC subscribers to take advantage of a local technology expert to ensure they are receiving an elevated in-home Wi-Fi experience. With the insights delivered by Calix Support Cloud and the advanced features of the GigaSpire BLAST powered by EXOS, including support for Wi-Fi 6, GVTC is future proofing the subscriber home to support emerging technologies.

Learn more about GVTC’s Premium WiFi service in this Calix ConneXions keynote presentation. In the video, GVTC’s vice president of network operations, George O’Neal, shares the story of how the service went from kick-off to market launch in 45 days through the partnership of his team and the Calix team. 

Market Inspirations

Featured Campaign Material

Pam Ferguson

AVP, Product Marketing Subscriber Experience, Calix

Consumer Product Guide for CommandIQ™

Are you someone who drives around, convinced you know where your destination is? Or do you stop for help and use a navigation app? We realized there are both types of subscribers in your base, and as such, have ensured we have something for both.

Launched to app stores on November 14, CommandIQ™ with its new and improved interface enables you to be ready for subscribers who want a little more guidance. Today, I’d love to share the new Consumer Product Guide for CommandIQ™. For your subscribers who prefer to have directions in hand, this document takes your subscribers through the journey from finding the app in the relevant app store, through set up and profile settings, all the way through to more details on ExperienceIQ™ and ProtectIQ™ - our two new suites set to dramatically improve their experience.

Like all of our new subscriber-facing documentation and tools, the Consumer Product Guide is designed so that you can easily make it your own. You can add your brand, your contact details, and even replace the generic CommandIQ™ screenshots with images of your own personalized app, if you’ve taken this great step in brand experience.

And what’s more? This value-add for your subscriber is one of many tools available as part of Enablement EDGE when you subscribe to EDGE Insights and EDGE Systems.  

Webinar of the Month

Embracing the opportunity at the subscriber edge will have a huge impact on business success in 2020 and beyond. For communication service providers (CSPs), the time is now to offer enhanced services and equip your subscribers with applications to transform how they manage their connected home.

Watch the replay of this November 20 webinar to hear how several CSPs are leveraging the Calix Revenue EDGE and the newly launched EDGE Suites, ProtectIQ™ and ExperienceIQ™ featuring network security and enhanced parental controls, to drive business success and revenue – while at the same time delighting their subscribers. We’ll also provide insights into best practices on planning and launching new services that your subscribers will truly value.


Best Practices in Marketing

Bridget Watkins

Product Marketing Director

New Markets/Premises, Calix 

Top Takeaways from our Inaugural Marketers’ Summit at ConneXions

One of the highlights of the 2019 Calix ConneXions conference for me and many attendees was Sunday’s Marketers’ Summit. The half-day workshop was introduced to the schedule for the first time this year to provide marketers with the opportunity to network and learn something new that could make an impact on their campaigns.

For context, I’ve been a marketer in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. I go into new events with the intent of taking at least one thing back with me that I actually implement. I don’t go to an event to just learn, or think about something, but I want an idea to take action on. The Marketers’ Summit delivered on that expectation. Some of my favorites were the following:

  • Are you selling to goldfish?  If so, you have nine seconds of their attention. If you, however, are selling to humans you have only eight seconds. You’d better get to your point quickly!
  • As you create videos that represent your company or brand, ask yourself this question. “Would I watch this video if I didn’t work at the company?” If your answer is no, fix it.
  • Finally, one of the offers was to share your logo via email with our presenters. They would share it on the screen, provide feedback in front of the whole group from both a technical perspective, and open it up for audience feedback. This was a gutsy group. So many people submitted their logos they didn’t have time to share them all. The conversation was fascinating, and everyone learned so much.

One attendee shared, “I’ve been in marketing a long time and was skeptical if I would really take anything away from this, but I was blown away by everything I learned and all the new people I met that I can reach out to and learn from.”

We did underestimate a couple things regarding this first Marketers’ Summit.

  1. We needed a bigger room. We apologize to all those who wanted to participate and couldn’t due to space. We’ll do better next year.
  2. We should probably not be next door to anyone. Marketers like to talk and sometimes get loud. Apologies if you were in the room next door. Creativity can shake walls!

Thanks to our friends from Pivot for helping us with this event.  


Calix Recommends

Recognizing and Seizing Opportunities for Growth

Matt Collins, Chief Marketing Officer at Calix, explains how the company practices what it preaches about delivering targeted and relevant messages to customers, and other transformational strategies for paving a path for long term success, while driving immediate business results. Read the complete article, Scaling for Growth, a Thought Leadership Interview Series at Ziff Davis.

Leading Diverse and Talented teams

Scott Neuman, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Calix, shares his journey to leadership with lessons learned as he progressed through shifts in culture and technology. Listen to his interview with Rusty Pepper at WHY MARKETING as he relates how his role as IBM's CMO for Central & Eastern Europe in particular translates to his current role at Calix.


Analyst Insights

Alan DiCicco

Senior Director, Thought Leadership Marketing, Calix

Discover Your Role in the Smart Home

Smart home use cases and their value propositions are still evolving, despite the expectation that sales of connected consumer devices will exceed 520 million units by 2022. As a result, service providers should carefully investigate the wide variety of use cases for smart home services, recognizing that smart home opportunities are a long-term investment.

Innovative service providers that successfully identify new services will:

  • develop new revenue streams
  • differentiate themselves from competitors
  • avoid commoditization
  • fortify the value of their brand

In this evolving and emerging smart home market, service providers must be able to pivot quickly towards new opportunities. For example, a service provider might want to launch a network security solution, with the ability to offer a managed home monitoring service a few weeks later. Key to this solution flexibility will be the partners that can be integrated into an orchestrated ecosystem that delivers a unified user experience.

Read the whole report

Calix commissioned Parks Associates to share their smart home research results and we’re making it available to business leaders in the Revenue EDGE. 


Top Revenue EDGE Perspectives

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Own the Wi-Fi Experience

No more demarc?

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Are you Marketing Where your Subscribers are?

On July 31, Calix hosted a webinar featuring a case study about NCC’s fantastic success with a targeted social media campaign. The webinar highlighted how they “cracked the code” on social media strategy and achieved a 9X result on their marketing spend. We asked a few polling questions during the course...

Top Three Social Media Marketing Considerations for Service Providers

Did you know that today 72 percent of us use social media? Of course, it’s no surprise at all.

However, marketing on social media doesn’t come that easy. It is like eating vegetables for breakfast or getting up at 5 a.m. for a run. You don’t really want to, but you know it’s good for you. The distracting noise...


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