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February 23, 2018 by Pam Ferguson

802.11ax: Tackling Device Density in the Connected Home

The evolution of the Wi-Fi standard, from 802.11ac to 802.11ax, will soon be making its way to the market in various devices. As Pam Ferguson points out in her fifth and final blog in this series, 802.11ax technology results in increased throughput, provides longer-range coverage, reduces interference, supports IoT transmission efficiency, and provides users with optimal performance in environments that have a large number of connected devices.... READ MORE 

February 21, 2018 by Teresa Mastrangelo

Help Us, Help You! Take the Latest Broadbandtrends G.fast Survey

Broadbandtrends founder and principal analyst Teresa Mastrangelo starts a monthly Calix Blog series and begins with an opportunity for operators to learn more about Gfast.... READ MORE 

February 20, 2018 by Lingaraj Patil

Using Lego Principles to Build your Access Network. It’s Time to Play.

Lingaraj Patil gives an overview of the advantages of the disaggregated design approach of the AXOS platform and E9-2 Intelligent Edge System in particular.... READ MORE 

February 16, 2018 by Pam Ferguson

Boost Consumer Confidence with Data Security to the Edge

Pam Ferguson highlights new research that finds 76% of U.S. broadband households are concerned about security when using their connected devices and showcases the great opportunity this brings to service providers. ... READ MORE 

February 15, 2018 by Michel Langlois

Who Are You Building Your Network For?

Calix SVP Products Michel Langlois makes the case that successful innovative service providers, like Verizon and Pilot Fiber, are following a subscriber-first business strategy, building access networks based on software platforms. ... READ MORE 

February 14, 2018 by Bob Carrick

The Answer is in the Device! Discover How to get Connected Devices to Identify their Own Issues.

Bob Carrick discusses how Calix Support Cloud gives CSRs unprecedented visibility into what is going on inside the subscriber network, using data generated by connected devices themselves to help identify any issues to keep networks healthy and more subscribers happy.... READ MORE 

February 12, 2018 by Greg Owens

“The Best Internet our Customers Have Ever Had.”

Greg Owens shares this video interview with ZIRKEL Wireless as they discuss their success with the Calix GigaCenters and their managed Wi-Fi service.... READ MORE 

February 9, 2018 by Shane Eleniak

New Calix Product Leader Brings Data Center Expertise to Drive Access Network Transformation

Shane Eleniak interviews a new addition to his team, Peter Rando, who joins Calix to help drive innovative solutions within the data center.... READ MORE 

February 8, 2018 by Pam Ferguson

Raising the Bar for Home Networks: the Service Provider Opportunity

In this third blog post in our series on the Connected Home, Pam Ferguson looks at more findings from the new whitepaper from Parks Associates. The post examines how service providers can “raise the bar” for home Wi-Fi with premium support and enhanced premises equipment that unifies all the devices in the Connected Home.... READ MORE 

February 7, 2018 by Teresa McGaughey

Think the Big Dogs are the Only Ones Using AXOS and NG-PON2?

Teresa McGaughey shares how AXOS has a flexible architecture that can scale to meet the needs of large and small service providers alike.... READ MORE