September 27, 2023 by Susan Higgins

How WISPs Can Compete To Win With Engagement-Based Marketing


Susan Higgins

Senior Field Marketing Manager, Calix


You’re Up Against More Competition—How Do You Stand Out?

It’s time to think differently if you want to win in a tough market. Your answer? Rethink your marketing with an emphasis on engagement—backed by a software solution that makes it easy for smaller teams to run smart, data-driven campaigns. 

As a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), you’ve already been busy building a strong network and incredible service to win more subscribers. But now, you have to do even more to stand out in the crowd. On one of our popular webinars, 56% of WISP participants said their main threat is “new, emerging, and established competitors reaching out and expanding.” Because of a ramp in available funding and rapidly changing subscriber needs, like streaming and remote work, the competition is coming faster than ever. 

Marketing can be intimidating and difficult with a smaller team, but there are many ways you can get the most bang for your buck. To stand out, you have to be adaptable and strategic with the tools and technology available to you. 

4 Ways To Level Up Your WISP Marketing in 2023

In the webinar, we spoke with CheckPoint Solutions and narrowed our discussion down to four main ways that WISPs can really transform their marketing efforts by focusing on increased subscriber engagement. 

  1. Be transparent with subscribers. Don’t beat around the bush—keep your subscribers in the loop. Notify them promptly of any changes that will impact them. For example, if you’re planning to expand your network, ask them directly for input. 

  2. Test out new channels. Direct mail, door hangers, and even yard signs proved to be a huge success for CheckPoint Solutions. Different market conditions, landscape, and subscriber demographics will determine the best approaches you should take. You can access the Calix Electronic Content Builder to download advertisements and other campaign assets. Simply add your logo and update the language. The key is to try marketing tactics quickly and cost effectively so you can adapt, pivot, or expand.

  3. Zero in on the right KPIs. In marketing, you can quickly overwhelm your team by measuring everything. Instead, pick just a few to consistently track. For Checkpoint Solutions, ROI, penetration, and ARPU were the top three KPIs.

  4. Measure the health of your subscribers. You won’t know if you’re doing the right thing—unless you measure your success. With cloud-based insights on subscriber demographics and behaviors, you can see what they’re using and how often.

Why Subscriber Data Is the Key to Increased Engagement

According to our 2023 State of the Broadband Service Provider report by Heavy Reading, almost three-quarters (73 percent) of BSP executives believe that leveraging subscriber data to help them drive new service and revenue opportunities is a strategic imperative. 

To master the four marketing methods we shared above, you need the right technology that supports ongoing measurement. If you fly blind, you won’t be able to consistently improve and adapt with the market. Cloud-based insights can not only give you information about subscriber health—they can also provide performance analytics on your communication reach, campaign responses, and other indicators of success. 

Every WISP needs to embrace the current competitive market to win. By leveling up your marketing efforts (even with a small team) and pivoting to a subscriber engagement focus, you’ll learn what your subscribers really want—and how to better provide it. 

Rewatch our webinar, “Reach New Subscribers—Before Competition Does” for an in-depth discussion about WISP marketing and the possibilities with cloud-based insights from Calix.