Enable your subscribers to
elevate their experience


Enable your subscribers to
elevate their experience

Want to make Wi-Fi easier?

You now have an app for that

Enabling your subscribers creates a wealth of opportunities including: making your brand more visible, improving the subscriber experience, increasing customer loyalty, and reducing help desk calls.

 Ready to enable growth at the Revenue EDGE of the subscriber home?


Enable New Experiences

Put convenience and control at their fingertips

CommandIQ™, powered by the Revenue EDGE, is a critical enablement tool for the subscriber experience and provides the platform for you to deliver new, revenue generating services. Calix handles all the development and updates with quarterly enhancements so your subscribers can automatically enjoy new features and functionality.

New with our latest 20.2 Release

CommandIQ enhancements enable you to onboard subscribers faster and enables your subscribers with even more visibility into the the health of their home network. 

  • Mesh Details are available through the Network Map
  • User onboarding has been enhanced with an optional wiring guide
  • Users who are already onboarded can easily skip setting the SSID and Password process

Revenue EDGE Customers: Get your CommandIQ collateral and videos from EDGE Enablement.

Engage your subscribers with easy navigation and control​

Subscriber engagement


Give your subscribers easy access to a snapshot view of their entire home network enabling them to: ​

  • View the number of connected devices​
  • See the latest speed test results​
  • Interact with the main menu for network control
  • Quickly see any important notifications​

When your subscribers have the ability to monitor and control their home network they become more engaged with their experience and begin to look to you for more value added experiences. This also reduces support calls and unnecessary truck rolls by putting control at your subscribers' fingertips.

Subscriber control


Enable your subscribers to access key network control features to be able to: ​

  • Enable parental controls​
  • Set up a guest network​
  • View details on connected devices​
  • Reset the SSID and Password for Wi-Fi

For subscribers with GigaSpire BLAST systems, they will also be able to: ​

  • Connect to Amazon Alexa​
  • See usage on the network​
  • Run Bandwidth Tests within and outside their home network​

View the full feature list for your GigaCenter and GigaSpire customers

More detail on features

Learn more about specific features in My Calix (login required)


EDGE Suites

With the Revenue EDGE foundation in place, you are ready to launch new services that your subscribers will truly value. Provided through a growing ecosystem of partners, you can provide subscribers with experiences that help manage, automate and secure their network.    


Give subscribers control of their online experience, including the ability to block specific content, applications and websites, set time and day limits for online access, and view usage information.


Equip your subscribers with an extra layer of protection with tools that keep their home network safer by blocking viruses, malware and malicious websites.

New with our 20.2 Release

Proof of Service—the new ProtectIQ screen now includes important information about how the service is actively protecting the home network. 


Looking to become even more relevant to your subscribers?

Place your brand in the palm of their hand

Make the CommandIQ ™ app your own

Reinforce the value of your services and stay top-of-mind in your subscribers' experience.

Calix Professional Services can make color scheme and logo design modifications to the app to make it a truly personalized experience for your subscribers.

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