Looking to understand how AXOS can
help you automate and simplify your network?

AXOS Webinar Series

Looking to understand how AXOS can
help you automate and simplify your network?

AXOS Webinar Series

AXOS is the world's first software defined access platform that will forever change the way you operate your access network.

The AXOS Webinar Series gives you the opportunity to understand further key topics and get real time updates on what’s coming next. Register for upcoming webinars or enjoy replays of 2019 AXOS Tech Talks, AXOS Market Talks, and 2018 AXOS Tech Talks.    

February 20, 2019

Build a Simplified Network and Boost Your ROI

April 30, 2019

5G, WiFi6, 10G, 50G PON: The Alphabet Soup Continues

June 19, 2019

GPON running out of steam? When do you need to move to 10G PON?


Looking to begin offering broadband? Wondering how to build a network that will enable you to succeed in this fast-moving world. Attend this webinar to learn how service providers are building networks with 42% reduced OpEx while deploying services 80% faster.  


Just when you thought the answer was clear, more options show up.  There are multiple 5G’s being deployed, CableLabs has a 10G initiative and there’s talk of more PON options and we haven’t even talked about Wi-Fi6 yet.  Is any of it real, can you just let the dust settle and then decide how to proceed?    Let’s demystify the technology options, how they may impact you and determine how you can be prepared for whatever the future brings. 


The continued growth of applications has everyone wondering when GPON will run out of steam and when will 10G PON (XGS-PON / NG-PON2 / 10G EPON) take over? In this webinar we’ll explore these questions as well as what’s next for PON beyond 10G? We’ll also dig deeper into the capabilities and deployment architectures of the various 10G PON technologies and how you can ensure your network is ready for them.    

August 29, 2019

Electric Co-Ops Talking Broadband, the Newest Utility

December 11, 2019

Is your Network Ready for the Online Gaming Surge?


Broadband has become a necessity and utilities are seeing the opportunity. They are building their own broadband networks. Hear from one such utility company on why they made the decision to deliver their own broadband service and how they’ve been successful.    


It’s the season for gift giving and this year’s hot new thing won’t come with ribbons or bows. Google, Microsoft, Apple and others are introducing a new wave of online gaming platforms that promise to deliver console-like performance. Google’s Stadia is leading the way and very soon a crowd-pleasing set of cloud-native games will flood the network. At 35 Mbps sustained downstream bandwidth for each 4K UHD big screen experience, there are many opportunities for network congestion and disappointed subscribers. Join our webinar to discuss the impacts of high-fidelity online gaming on broadband networks. 

January 22, 2019

Taking a Closer Look at 5G

March 20, 2019

Blueprint for Success – OSS Integration Reimagined

May 21, 2019

Edge Compute is Coming to an Access Network Near You


Join Calix for the inaugural AXOS Market Talk webinar series, where we’ll dive into markets and technologies that will impact the business of broadband and influence next generation network design. Push past the hyperbolic marketing claims around 5G to understand the technology, spectrum of choices, and transport options surrounding the rollout of 5G wireless networks. There are many of options and some big uncertainties, but economics and physics will point the way forward.


Service providers have been faced with the need to innovate and simplify their operational support systems (OSSs). They are requiring solutions that will further reduce OpEx, allow them to be more agile in introducing and delivering new services, and provide them the ability to proactively manage their subscribers’ experiences. This presentation will examine the opportunities for service providers to simplify their OSS by introducing a highly automated and dynamic software platform approach to service operations.    


Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) extends data center computing concepts to the very edge of the service provider network. But the $64,000 Question is: “Where is the edge?” Join the AXOS team for a discussion of edge computing and the possibilities – and implications – for moving edge computing into the access network.    

July 24, 2019

Creating Value and Savings Through the Power of Aggregation

October 15, 2019

Industry Topic – Take Your Smarts to the Edge


Are you running out of available bandwidth in your access network? Or finding it difficult to deliver higher bandwidth services while managing and maintaining access systems that are spread over great distances? 

Join us to hear more on how software-defined access and aggregation networks offer an especially attractive value proposition for addressing these demands.


Think about it; the access network touches every single one of your subscribers. Devices in the subscriber network are getting smarter because processing power has increased, and costs have come down. But how does the proliferation of intelligent devices and new applications at the edge affect your network? Learn how you can simplify your network, reduce network elements and create a more intelligent network in the process while reducing the need to increase your bandwidth to the access network.    

May 16, 2018

The Next Wave of Capabilities on the E7-2

June 20, 2018

Always On and Remote Diagnostics Demonstrated

July 18, 2018

HAL, SAL, YANG, containers... what does it all mean?


You already have the ability to deliver a Fast, Always On, and Simple network on the most innovative access system deployed, but there’s more coming.  Learn about the exciting new capabilities coming on the AXOS E7-2 in this first webinar of the AXOS Tech Talk Webinar Series.


Access Networks can bring interesting challenges to ensuring an excellent subscriber experience. This AXOS Tech Talk will dig deeper into the available remote diagnostics and always on capabilities that will help you keep your network running smooth and eliminate the need to roll trucks for repairs to the remote parts of the network.


Seems like we might be talking about people named Hal and Sal and the yin and yang of shipping containers. We’re not, we’re talking about the architecture of AXOS. Join us in AXOS Tech Talk #3 to help you understand the architecture of the AXOS platform and how it will help you simplify your next generation network.

August 15, 2018

AXOS Innovations Continue, with another wave on the E7-2

September 19, 2018

Network Automation…can it really happen?

October 25, 2018

AXOS Tips and Tricks


2018 will go down as the year of E7-2 AXOS Innovations, with the latest capabilities including 10G aggregation to ensure your network has the capacity to deliver an excellent always on subscriber experience.


Everyone is talking about automation, but how do you really make it happen in your network. This AXOS Tech Talk will review options for automating the critical functions in your network and explain what capabilities AXOS and AXOS SMx provide to make this happen.


Calling all techies! You'll be all over this session as we talk about architecture and troubleshooting hacks that every AXOS network team should know about. This webinar will include several members of the customer service and field team experts weighing in on best practices and sharing with you some great insights and hacks to make your network run smoother.    

November 27, 2018

Collapsing the CO: A deeper dive into the new Intelligent Access Edge Solution

December 19, 2018

A look to the future, our predictions for 2019


Have you thought about how your business would change if you could simplify the operation of your network?  Now you can do that while retaining the DSLAMs and OLTs you are deploying today.  Join us to learn how.


Everyone does it, predict what’s coming in the next year.  We’ll take this opportunity to do one better, we’ll explore what’s actually coming on AXOS and the E-Series Portfolio.