Green Broadband

Helping BSPs deliver broadband to all,
while also doing our part for the planet

Green Broadband

Helping BSPs deliver broadband to all,
while also doing our part for the planet


Ready to build the most efficient networks possible?

Building the most efficient network isn’t just about reducing the management and maintenance efforts required to operate the network. It’s also about reducing the total footprint—space, power and cooling resources required.  ​


Calix BSPs are deploying green broadband networks with:


Giant of Sustainability Award

We can all be good stewards of our environment while growing our business. Allo set the stage for others when, in May 2023, ALLO unveiled their Sustainability Financing Framework.

Based on public guidelines—known as The Principles—set out by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA), ALLO’s Framework successfully demonstrated that their broadband expansion on the Calix platform would meet criteria around energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the ability to provide access to essential services to underserved customers. ALLO’s commitment to ubiquitous fiber service, supporting nonprofits, and energy efficiency helped them achieve an S2SQ Sustainability Quality Score of “very good.” 

 Success Metrics:

  • 73% reduction in broadband network power consumption
  • 50% less power needed to deliver superior Wi-Fi experience
  • 40% reduction in truck rolls

Statement from the EVP, Corporate Social Responsiblity

"With our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Office and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Initiatives, Calix is committed to the design and delivery of the highest quality solutions that exceed sustainability requirements. Through increased network consultation, simplicity, and the inherently green Calix platform, we enable our customers to significantly reduce energy consumption and total footprint while helping them build the best teams in the market and deliver the exceptional subscriber experiences communities need to thrive."​

—Martha Galley , EVP, Corporate Social Responsibility, Calix


ESG Documentation

The documents below provide supporting information on our current sustainability strategies and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Our approach to sustainability

Calix is committed to environmental and ethical responsibility, expanding on the product, supply chain, and talent and culture programs already in progress. We aspire to contribute positively to the world and realize the tremendous opportunity to formalize our commitment to driving value in our industry, our customers’ communities, and globally.


Proactive Management of
our Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)
Office and Environmental,
Social, and Governance
(ESG) Initiatives


Improving the lives of our Employees, Customers, and Customers’ Communities


Commitment to our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


Adopting Best Practices
to Address Climate
Change and Promote


While helping you build green broadband networks, we’re also doing our part for the environment

Calix has consolidated all of our labs into one Calix Virtual Innovation Lab, enabling our workforce to access needed equipment from anywhere.

This has enabled us to:

  • Eliminate one office building​
  • Reduce the footprint of four other office buildings​
  • Reduce power consumption of our facilities by 3 million Kilowatts of power per year or 52% of our previous usage​
  • Eliminate the impacts of commutes on our environment since our teams can work from anywhere


Future generations will appreciate that we are all doing our part!


AcenTek simplified their network, saved 73 percent in power in the access network, and deployed 50 percent greener managed Wi-Fi per home

Blue Ridge reduced energy consumption up to 90 percent by moving from coax to Calix platforms



The Calix Intelligent Access EDGE is the world's greenest architecture.

It's 73% greener, 45% more capital efficient, and 80% better on OPEX (per Verizon).


Do your part:
Utilize the most efficient broadband network architecture

The Intelligent Access Edge architecture with E9-2:​

  • Eliminates 10 or more systems from every region of your network
  • Reduces space and facility cooling required​
  • Reduces power consumption by 73 percent
  • Simplifies your operations by 85 percent

Do your part:
Build a green broadband access network

  • Sustainability Innovations improve operational efficiency by lowering the total cost of ownership. ​
  • Reduces XGS-PON data center footprint by half ​

  • Up to 50% Power usage for PON deployments​

  • Enables service providers to be the sustainability leaders in their community​

  • Allow BSPs to reduce carbon footprint, support community



The Calix Revenue EDGE provides the world's best managed Wi-Fi solution,
eliminating 97 percent of mesh units and saving 50 percent power per home


Do your part:
Enable green subscribers

Consolidate the subscriber premises connectivity​.

  • One system—delivering Wi-Fi 6 to the whole home​

  • 97 percent of subscriber homes with a GigaSpire Blast do not need a mesh unit​

  • Reduce subscriber power consumption by over 52 percent per home


Is sustainability the missing piece to future-proofing your access network?

What does sustainability mean for you as a broadband service provider (BSP)?
How can you build an access network that will last for decades?
Is sustainability the missing piece in your future-proof network design?

Calix BSPs are doing their part to ensure a greener future for us all​

Building the most efficient network isn’t just about reducing the​ management and maintenance efforts required to operate the​ network. It’s also about reducing the total footprint—space,​ power, and cooling resources required. Calix BSPs are​ deploying greenest broadband networks.​

Reduce home Wi-Fi energy consumption AND maintain Wi-Fi performance

Energy prices are rising and consumers are under pressure to reduce energy consumption—that applies to electronic appliances as well, including home Wi-Fi gateways and mesh systems.