Managed Wi-Fi and tenant self-service automation
that delivers MDU business model success

Managed Wi-Fi and tenant self-service automation
that delivers MDU business model success


Calix SmartMDU™

A managed service solution for a new generation
of multifamily housing

Properties managers want something more than business-as-usual broadband

The multi-dwelling unit (MDU) market is experiencing rapid growth of new multifamily housing properties, driven by economic growth, changing demographics, and evolving lifestyles. ​

And these new apartment complexes require more amenities and improved technologies designed to attract and retain tenants, as well provide automation and lower maintenance costs.


A win-win MDU business model

A WIN for Property Managers

  • All-inclusive managed Wi-Fi throughout the property
  • Personalized in-unit broadband for tenants​
  • Remote support from service provider

A WIN for Service Providers

  • Exclusive service provider to property​

  • Ability to upsell value-add services​

  • Long-term contracts

Connecting MDU building technology to MDU business model success

SmartMDU, a managed service available exclusively for service providers, delivers platform-driven innovation for service providers, tenants, and property managers.

Management Systems Integration

Drive operational efficiencies for the property manager and service provider with Calix Cloud systems integration​

Community-wide managed Wi-Fi

Delight tenants with a  personalized in-unit and property-wide Wi-Fi lifestyle experience

Tenant broadband services automation

Eliminate truck rolls for routine operations with automated instant-on tenant services and upgrades​

IoT and Security Networks

Meet the concurrent tenant and building infrastructure needs with a shared Wi-Fi infrastructure​

SmartMDU for more than just apartments

Mixed-use properties

Serve restaurants and retail along side tenant apartments with common systems, platform services, and management portals.

Planned communities

Community centers, parks, boardwalks and other gathering spots transform into community-engaging managed Wi-Fi experiences.

Pursue the new generation of multifamily multi-dwelling unit opportunities with a managed service built for service providers


Deploy and manage communities, systems, and users​

SmartMDU is built and managed by the same Calix Cloud platform you already have in place to support your​
residential and small business subscribers. Training time and opex are reduced with common workflows and procedures.

Built for marketers:

  • Audience-based Segmentation
  • Built-in Intelligence
  • Automated Actions
  • Integrations with Key Systems

Built for customer care:

  • An Intuitive Cockpit
  • Automated Diagnostics
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Foundation for Carrier Class Services

Built for network operators:

  • Complete E2E visibility 
  • Precise identification of issues 
  • Optimized and automated workflows 
  • Alarm prioritization 
  • Proactive and Predictive Maintenance

Provide connectivity everywhere, from patios and parks to farms and festivals

“We are excited about the new Calix GigaPro p6he because the hardened capabilities will allow us to deploy Wi-Fi in areas that were previously unfeasible, simply by adding this system for outdoor needs to our existing line up of systems from Calix.” 

—Mike Kilgore, CEO, Nemont Telephone Cooperative