Community-wide managed Wi-Fi for
subscribers and organizations on the go

Community-wide managed Wi-Fi for
subscribers and organizations on the go


Calix SmartTown™

Go beyond the SmartHome and deliver SmartLife



Your subscribers SmartLife doesn’t end at the front door. Reimagine community Wi-Fi as a ubiquitous, secure, managed experience across your footprint by making your town a SmartTown.

By leveraging your residential and small business GigaSpire Wi-Fi systems combined with strategically deployed GigaPro Wi-Fi access points you enable:

  • Multiple SmartTown communities to easily serve subscribers, schools, municipalities, organizations, MDUs, and more
  • Huge opportunities to open new markets and  relationships with the public sector
  • A strategy to reduce reliance on and protect against 5G LTE


Subscriber Wi-Fi doesn’t have to end at the front door.​

Students and Educators

Education doesn't end when students leave school.​


Organizations need flexible connectivity– everywhere.​​


Wi-Fi for public spaces and events don't have to be difficult and one size fits all.

Giants of Community

Learn how Calix BSPs are driving community connectivity.


Private. Safe. Secure.


Built upon the Wi-Fi Alliance Passpoint architecture and secured with ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ, SmartTown utilizes the latest network security and content filtering to provide a private, secure, and safe experience for on-the-go subscribers.


Deploy and manage communities, systems, and users​

SmartTown is built and managed by the same Calix Cloud platform you already have in place to support your​

residential and small business subscribers. Training time and opex are reduced with common workflows and procedures.

Built for marketers:

  • Audience-based Segmentation
  • Built-in Intelligence
  • Automated Actions
  • Integrations with Key Systems

Built for customer care:

  • An Intuitive Cockpit
  • Automated Diagnostics
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Foundation for Carrier Class Services

Built for network operators:

  • Complete E2E visibility 
  • Precise identification of issues 
  • Optimized and automated workflows 
  • Alarm prioritization 
  • Proactive and Predictive Maintenance

Deliver a reliable, high-performance network

Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 mesh satellite

Wall or pole mounted IP-55 protected outdoor gateway ideal for city parks, parking lots, athletic fields, and more.

Outdoor Wi-Fi 6E residential gateway or mesh satellite

Wall or pole mounted IP-65 protected outdoor system ideal for community, small business and commercial deployments (e.g., municipal parks, outdoor venues, sporting events, etc.).

Outdoor long-range Wi-Fi 6 residential gateway or mesh satellite

Pole mounted IP-67 protected long range Wi-Fi outdoor system with 120-degree coverage for large open-air deployments.

Keeping your users safe and secure​

SmartTown is secured with ProtectIQ–the latest in network security and content ​filtering

to provide a private, secure, and safe experience for on-the-go subscribers.


Equip your subscribers with an extra layer of protection with tools that keep their home network safer by blocking viruses, malware and malicious websites from all connected devices in their home.


Give subscribers (especially parents) advanced control of their online experience, including the ability to set: online time limits, block or time access to specific content, applications, and websites; and view device usage information. 


Calix Enablement Services for SmartTown

Launch SmartTown with confidence—help your community grow

Making you successful every step of your managed service journey.

SmartTown Professional Services

The help and guidance you need to connect your community and protect your brand​. Calix Professional Services helps you plan and validate the capacity, coverage, and performance of your network with SmartTown On-site Wi-Fi Design and SmartTown Managed Service Validation

SmartStart for SmartTown

Launch in two months, ramp in four! The SmartStart program—part of the award-winning Customer Success program—guides and aligns customer organizations with the help of a dedicated Customer Success Specialist. SmartStart is included with each managed service and helps BSPs launch fast.

SmartTown Enablement Workshop

Calix Professional Services empowers your Network Engineers, Field Technicians, and Customer Support teams with an immersive onsite training, hands-on labs, and field deployment experience.  

Revenue EDGE eLearning Enterprise Subscription

Upskilling your team made easy! Accelerate your Marketing, Customer Support and Field Technician teams’ competency and skills in Calix Cloud, Revenue EDGE Systems, and SmartTown business and technology topics. 

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