Meet the Millers

Meet the Millers

A typical family dealing with modern problems



Meet “the Millers”—a family beset by everyday broadband problems in their home that leverages the power of Calix EXOS to give them control over IoT chaos and their broadband experience.


Set Up

Like most families, the Millers didn’t always know how to keep their connected devices secure. With built-in Alexa functionality, their new smart home system removed all the complexity from setting up parental controls and device security monitoring services.


One System

See how the Millers reaped the benefits of having one smart home system that provides Wi-Fi connectivity, features built-in Alexa functionality, and supports a variety of IoT devices.


Locked Out

The Millers were not always being smart about their ‘smart home’. Then they learned about a new solution from their service provider, which not only provides improved Wi-Fi connectivity but also ensures that their smart home devices are always working.


Speed of Innovation

Why are the Millers so excited about the smart home solution from their service provider? Because it allows them to choose from a variety of the most popular smart home features and services.


Always On

No subscriber wants to be at the mercy of their service provider’s schedule when maintenance is necessary. How would network operations change if you could eliminate maintenance windows?


Network Transformation at DevOps Pace

Service providers need to be able to recognize subscriber broadband needs and rapidly address them or risk the consequences. How quickly can you integrate new technologies and create new services to reach new markets.


Bad Timing

The difference between a run-of-the-mill broadband experience and a sensational one is a matter of timing. Can your support teams remotely identify and resolve Wi-Fi challenges before they become issues?


It's All About Anthony

Your subscribers deserve a sensational broadband experience, and most broadband complaints are predictable and avoidable. How can your marketing team stay ahead of subscriber frustrations and eliminate churn?


Bring Order to the Chaos

The promise of IoT for many subscribers will be lost in the complexity of makes all of these connected devices work seamlessly together. Are you ready to turn IoT chaos into Smart Home revenue?


Contain the Baby Monitor Threat

Security has emerged as a top concern among broadband subscribers. How prepared are you to identify and contain IoT security issues?


It's Not Smart Until It Has Calix

For today’s broadband subscriber, instant gratification isn’t soon enough. Are you ready to respond to on-demand service requests that result in experience optimization?


The Struggle is Real

Massive web-scale companies are making a play to go around you to deliver mesh Wi-Fi solutions directly to your subscribers, stealing your relationships and relegating you to a dumb pipe. Why let subscribers turn to home invaders when you can deliver the best Wi-Fi experience possible for pennies a day?