Marketing Perspectives

Collaborating to elevate revenue and the subscriber experience

Marketing Perspectives

Collaborating to elevate revenue and the subscriber experience

Marketers of the future understand that the art of marketing is also a science

There will always be a role for creativity in marketing. After all, a great marketing campaign reaches its audience on an emotional level. But the key to success is understanding who is experiencing your desired emotion and when. This is where the science of good data comes in. 

Learn from your peers and hear about new marketing trends from experts in the field.

We'll share our perspectives on marketing and we look forward to hearing yours. 


Inspiration for marketers​

Two key components of blending art and science are observation and investigation. Watching what others are doing to succeed can provide motivation and inspiration to take your marketing to the next level.


Service provider perspectives—winning campaigns

Our Innovations in Marketing Award at ConneXions in 2018 provided some great examples and perspective on how providers are positioning and promoting their services. Check out the Winner of the 2018 Innovations in Marketing Award above and get inspired for your next promotion. In addition to our Innovation Award winners videos, our Marketing and Education Resource page has lots of great resources to get you started. 


A Calix perspective—Meet the Millers

As one source of marketing inspiration we want to make sure you've met “the Millers”—a family that experiences everyday broadband problems in their home and offers potential solutions. Consider using this series as inspiration in designing your own creative campaigns. 


Key marketing terms

It's not unusual to find that different companies define terms or abbreviations in different ways. We've taken some of the most common marketing buzz words and shared our perspective on what it means, how you can use it and why you should care.

  • ARPU​

  • Behavioral Analytics​

  • Churn

  • Data-Driven Marketing​

  • ROI​

  • Take Rate (Penetration Rate)​


Calix recommends

Calix employees come from a wide and diverse background of experience.

Check back in this section periodically for some of our new favorite resources for marketers.

Kezia Gollapudi
Director of Product Marketing

Kezia recommends

Marketing Profs keeps me current on the latest trends and tactics. I really like that they offer several content formats, which gives me the option to just scan/skim articles on certain topics, or dig into their tutorials for deeper learning.

Neila Matheny
Director of Content Marketing

Neila recommends

LinkedIn's Marketing Solutions Blog

This blog covers a wide variety of topics from a wide variety of authors, often highlighting the latest marketing trends across many industries. So, whether you are focused on social media, content marketing, or a combination of all marketing functions, there is a lot of good advice. What I like the most is that a good deal of the content is actionable. It provides ideas for marketing that you could quickly put into place.

Bridget Watkins
Director of Product Marketing

Bridget recommends

Pew Research Center on Internet and Technology

As a marketer I'm always looking for great research resources and this has always been a favorite of mine as I looked for benchmarks and to gauge new opportunities I was evaluating.

Start with a fresh perspective​

Industry experts, consultants, associations, educators and your peers share ideas and inspiration that will transform your business​.

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