Transform the subscriber experience

What if you could play an active role
in the emerging smart home world?

Transform the subscriber experience

What if you could play an active role
in the emerging smart home world?

The traditional business of broadband is dead

Internet access is increasingly the only wireline communications service valued by the residential and small business customer. Consumers have a deeper relationship with the media streaming into their homes, the apps on their smartphones, and the IoT devices that automate their smart homes than with the network provider connecting them to the world. ​

To be successful, service providers must provide an exceptional smart home solution, competing for subscribers in ways that are both familiar and alien.

Providing an exceptional subscriber experience

What do customers expect from you?

Subscriber experience revolves around online applications, Wi-Fi coverage, and IoT devices in the homes and office.

Service expectations have been shaped by online experiences, leading subscribers to:​

  • crave wireless connectivity everywhere and all the time, ​

  • demand immediate and flexible service choice and delivery, ​

  • expect everything to be simple yet come with full-service support, and ​

  • desire a safe and secure home and online experience.​

Anything less is a disappointment.

Staking a claim in the connected home: service provider solutions​

Recent research from Parks Associates indicates that 50 percent of consumers had an issue with Wi-Fi in the last year, and yet most consumers continue to rely on operators for the majority of home networking solutions. What does it take to meet their Wi-Fi service expectations? Find out more in your in this revealing white paper.


Smart home competition comes in many shapes and sizes

The consumer has a tightly-bound relationship with their voice enbled speakers and IoT smart home devices

The IoT dilemma

While telco and cable operators battle for a subscriber’s broadband connection, the real war for the customer’s wallet is being waged by the application megabrands – Amazon®, Google®, Apple®, Facebook®, and Microsoft®. ​

The megabrands are pushing into the home and small business, providing all manner of entertainment, productivity, IoT smart home automation, and wireless networking products that the consumer is quickly adopting. ​

How will service providers compete? How will they become a valued-added partner in the smart home and smart business ecosystem? 


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