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AXOS moves into high gear!

Calix AXOS Platform

AXOS has been deployed by more than 100 service providers globally, from rural areas to big cities.

Delivering on the promise of Unified Access

Are you keeping up with the speed with which subscribers are moving? If not, they won't wait.


AXOS can help boost your service velocity, eliminate service disruptions and reduce operational complexity with its software defined architecture. AXOS will change forever the way you operate your access network and help accelerate your business.

How would your business benefit from...


Shortened Time to Revenue


Operational Cost Savings


Zero Network Outages

What AXOS means to Service Providers


Software abstracted from hardware


  • Reduced network integration
  • Consistent operational procedures
  • Deploy new services faster

Stateful, always on operation

Always On

  • Eliminate maintenance windows
  • Self-healing eliminates truck rolls
  • Know your network through instrumentation

SDN/OSS integration


  • Automate service provisioning
  • Native standard interfaces
  • Integrate once, deploy everywhere

What if you could automate, simplify and instrument your network
so you could get back to running your business?


Think about what you could do with a software defined access platform that:

  • Increases service velocity
  • Stays always on with its superior operational capabilities
  • Reduces TCO by collapsing network functions
  • Provides flexibility by supporting any PON, any PHY and any SDN

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Simplify and accelerate your business with AXOS software
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Get a head start on back office integration with AXOS Sandbox
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Deploy AXOS systems from the central office / headend to the remote node
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AXOS - Access Without Limits

Hear Shane Eleniak's perspective on how to prepare for a software driven world.

"We thought we needed a radically different approach – that’s what led us to envision software defined access, giving you the right-sized compute in the right form factor – from the data center edge to the subscriber edge – all running AXOS. That vision is now a reality - AXOS allows a service provider to deliver all services on a single, elastic, converged access network that is always on."

– Calix, Shane Eleniak, VP Systems Products    

Calix VP of Systems Products discusses AXOS – the only true SDA architecture –  challenges the industry to be ready for a software driven world that uses analytics to drive business decisions and reduces OPEX while increasing service velocity through automation. 

Verizon deploys AXOS

The Power of One

Lee Hicks – Verizon VP of Technology Planning discusses their vision of one network and how they will leverage NG-PON2 as well as consolidate network elements to build the network of tomorrow.
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Calix Technical Perspective

Wondering what it means to have an intelligent access network?  Download this brief to learn how an intelligent access network can benefit you!


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Calix and Light Reading discuss “How the cord-cutting explosion is impacting network architectures ”

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