Ready to deploy your network faster?

Accelerate away from
the field with AXOS Sandbox

Ready to deploy your network faster?

Accelerate away from
the field with AXOS Sandbox

Looking for dramatic results from a Software Defined Access (SDA) network?

Build, test, and integrate your SDA network up to 70 percent faster with Calix AXOS Sandbox

AXOS Sandbox is a virtual environment that dramatically improves service introduction by eliminating the need for physical lab systems. Service providers speed up service delivery by reducing the time needed for lab testing, BSS and OSS integration, and software certification by deploying virtual instances of AXOS systems. AXOS Sandbox runs the actual production software release of each AXOS system making it the world’s first true SDA


  • OSS integration without the need to wait for the network to be built
  • Software Release certification without building a lab
  • Save on space, people, and equipment

Imagine your lab of the future with AXOS Sandbox

Labs are expensive

Four reasons labs don’t work

  1. Cost too much: Space, people, equipment, racks, power, cooling, security, etc.
  2. Hardware required: Test and integration constrained by hardware availability.
  3. Limited equipment: IT/OSS staff and certification engineers must time-share equipment.
  4. Testing has limits: No way to fully test and validate operation scalability.

Where will you setup your virtual lab?

Meet your new “LabTop”

  1. Very efficient: No additional space, equipment, racking, power and cooling needed. 
  2. No additional hardware needed: Simply download virtual network elements to your laptop and start using.   
  3. Anybody, anywhere: Everybody has 24 X 7 access to the virtual lab no matter where they are.
  4. Scale seamlessly: Software instances can be instantiated on the fly for seamlessly scaling with the test requirements.

Learn More About AXOS Sandbox

Video Library: AXOS Sandbox explained

AXOS Sandbox gives you an unfair advantage in OSS integration, helping you start earlier and get services to market up to 70 percent faster!

Webinar Replay: Labs are about to change, forever!

Change the IT/OSS integration game with asynchronous, parallel, and distributed development (50-minute replay of live event).

One software platform for many hardware systems

The hardware agnostic software platform for access systems

  • Hardware abstraction layer (HAL) adapts to any technology – physical or virtual.
  • Identical software releases for virtual and physical systems.
  • Fully functional NETCONF, OpenFlow, CLI and SNMP interfaces.

AXOS on a physical system

AXOS on Sandbox (virtual machine)


Ready to start using AXOS Sandbox?


Not sure where to start?

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With Calix Professional Services, dedicated architects will help you:

  • Define and document your needs
  • Identify strategies and implementation paths
  • AXOS Sandbox installation, setup and support