Intelligent Access EDGE Software
Advanced Routing Module (ARm)
Subscriber Management Module (SMm)

Automate Broadband IP address
management with the Simplified
Network Architecture

Intelligent Access EDGE Software
Advanced Routing Module (ARm)
Subscriber Management Module (SMm)

Automate Broadband IP address
management with the Simplified
Network Architecture


Building blocks designed to ensure a simplified network, whether transforming or building a new one

The Network Innovation Platform (AXOS) modular architecture allows service providers to choose the network architecture that fits their deployment scenarios, from a traditional Layer 2 network architecture to a simplified Layer 3 network architecture that consolidates multiple systems and moves service enabling network functions closer to the subscriber facing network.

Provision subscribers and services from common place in the network with the Intelligent Access EDGE.


Routing at the Access EDGE: need a more scalable and secure access network?

Service providers everywhere are transforming their networks to provide a faster and safer broadband subscriber experience. But there is a lot of complexity in managing the broadband service delivery network. It stretches from the subscriber home to the gateway router, encompassing the fiber access network and the wide area IP service aggregation network. Services also flow across disparate Ethernet and IP networks to create an end-to-end service layer. 

Move the IP service edge to the subscriber, providing greater insight and control over the subscriber experience

Converging Access and Routing functions simplifies the network, streamlines workflows and provides agility to your business.

Keep your network costs down and grow your business by: 

  • Turning up new services faster
  • Eliminating unnecessary hardware systems 
  • Simplifying work flows

Build a next generation network with AXOS modules

AXOS modules simplify your network by collapsing multiple functions into a single system

Routing Protocol module (RPm)

  • Bring IP routing  intelligence into the access network​
  • Gain visibility into your access network​
  • Provides greater flexibility and security for your network

Advanced Routing Protocol module (ARm)

  • Bring edge routing including MPLS  into the access network
  • Transform your existing access network to a routed network

Subscriber Management module (SMm)​

  • Consolidate subscriber and services management closer to the subscriber facing network
  • Simplify your network workflows and take a step toward enhancing the subscriber experience

Which Access Edge Module is best for you?

RPm - Transform your access network with routing functionality

ARm - Consolidate edge routing, MPLS and the access network

SMm - Distribute subscriber and services management in the access network


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Building a new network, which network would you build?

Build the last network you’ll ever build, the first time you build it

  • Easily automate
  • Faster time to revenue
  • Fewer elements to manage

Predicting the future is easy, getting it right is the hard part

“Build a network that reduces upstream traffic, the likelihood of DDoS attacks and distributes routing and subscriber management, to build the most future proof network you can build”.

--Stacy Evans, Chief Broadband Officer BrightRidge


Transform your existing network into a next generation
simplified network

Utilize the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System with distributed OLT/DSLAM capability. 
  • Gain the benefits of an intelligent network utilizing your distributed Layer 2 network
  • Simplify and automate subscriber and service workflows
  • Reduce TCO and time-to-market
  • Apply policy closest to the subscriber

Is your network keeping up with the demands of new applications like cloud gaming?

Does your network enable you to move intelligence closer to the subscribers and give them a sensational experience?

Subscribers are increasingly adopting latency sensitive applications like cloud gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality.  The RPm module and AXOS E9-2 enable you to consolidate multiple network elements reducing time and touch points for traffic to flow through the network ensuring your subscribers can win their games.