Looking for new revenue from your fiber access network?

Next-generation Carrier Ethernet solutions
for enterprise and mobile backhaul

Looking for new revenue from your fiber access network?

Next-generation Carrier Ethernet solutions
for enterprise and mobile backhaul

AXOS E5 Business Solutions

How would your business benefit if you could serve commercial and enterprise businesses from one network?

AXOS E5 Ethernet Service Access Nodes integrate Carrier Ethernet 10G and 1G UNI service demarcation and Ethernet aggregation capabilities to deliver premium business and mobile backhaul services with operational efficiency and service assurance. Designed for the demanding business services market, the E5-500 and E5-300 solutions deliver more services to more subscribers, enabling the fastest time to revenue.

High-speed business internet, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Metro Ethernet private lines, Ethernet LAN, Power over Ethernet, Precision Timing, and more. Whatever your customers call for, the AXOS E5 business solutions can exceed their expectations. 


Deploy Calix Carrier Ethernet Certified Solutions with confidence

MEF Carrier Ethernet—the gold standard for standardized, assured, and orchestrated business services around the world.

AXOS Delivers Business Revenue

  • MEF Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 Certified services enable multi-CoS Ethernet business services to a global subscriber base.
  • High-fidelity network timing distribution and Power over Ethernet (POE) meet the requirements of next generation wireless backhaul.

What network will you build first with your new software platform?

A New Paradigm for Business Services

AXOS, the Calix network operating system and software application platform, lives where the data center’s SDN architecture meets the hard realities of the access network. Modular software abstracted from the hardware layer runs out in the cold rain and snow.

AXOS leverages best-of-breed technologies in programming, development tools, and network OS design and architecture to rapidly deliver new services, a superior customer experience, and unparalleled reliability – wherever your access network calls home. AXOS is… Fast. Always On. Simple. 


AXOS E5 Business Solutions

SLA-Driven Advanced Business Services

Carrier Ethernet for every application and network


  • 1Gb UNI service demarcation
  • Carrier Ethernet aggregation
  • Enterprise, MBH, and POE applications


  • 10Gb and 1Gb UNI service demarcation
  • Carrier Ethernet aggregation
  • Multi-tenant Enterprise and MBH

Any service, any location

Deliver Carrier Ethernet services with confidence

  • MEF Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 Certified services for a global business subscriber base.
  • Multi-CoS and Ethernet OAM delivers differentiated services with real-time service assurance.
  • 10G and 1G demarcation and service aggregation from a single compact unit.
  • Any port, any service, any application flexibility to make network deployment easy.
  • Flexible Ethernet, GPON, and 10G PON network deployment options.
  • Embedded subscriber access security for Broadband Forum 1:1 and N:1 service models.
  • Environmentally hardened for deployment in a wide variety of physical locations.
  • Delivers "Timing as a Service" for LTE-advanced packet networks.
  • Integrated Power of Ethernet (POE) to delivering data, power, and timing from one system.
  • Dual AC or wideband DC power for redundant operation at the enterprise, cell site, cabinet, and data center.

Technical Specifications

Product Line Ethernet Ports Input Power
E5-308 DC 4 GE SFP, 4 GE RJ-45 2 DC redundant
E5-308 AC 4 GE SFP, 4 GE RJ-45 2 integrated AC redundant
E5-520 DC 2 10GE XFP, 2 10GE SFP+, 20 GE SFP 2 DC redundant
E5-520 AC 2 10GE XFP, 2 10GE SFP+, 20 GE SFP 1 integrated AC, 1 DC redundant

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  • 802.3 Ethernet bridging
  • VLAN cross-connect
  • 802.1p prioritization
  • 802.1Q VLAN tagging
  • 802.1ad VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q) support
  • 802.1w RSTP
  • 802.3ad link aggregation
  • G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching
  • Calix Ethernet Ring Protection Switching

Carrier Ethernet OAM

  • 802.3ah Link OAM and Dying Gasp
  • 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management
  • Y.1731 OAM functions and mechanisms for Ethernet based networks
  • Y.1564 Ethernet service activation test methodology
  • Service activation testing (SAT): generation, loopback, and analysis

Quality of service

  • Traffic prioritization based on L2 802.1P and L3 DSCP
  • Committed and excess information rate (CIR and EIR)
  • MEF compliant single and two level hierarchical QoS
  • Color blind and color aware policers
  • Configurable weighted random early detection (WRED) per queue
  • Scheduling options: strict priority, deficit weighted round robin, and maximum rate control

Network synchronization

  • 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol
  • G.826x Synchronous Ethernet
  • Building Integrated Timing Supply (BITS)

Multicast management

  • IGMPv2 Proxy
  • IGMPv3 Proxy

Operating temperature

  • DC power models: -40C to +65C
  • AC power models: 0C to +50C

Specifications and features subject to change.


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More services from one fiber network

Contact a Calix representative to find out how AXOS E5 solutions for business and mobile backhaul can drive new service revenue

from your fiber access network.


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