Next generation solutions
that simplify deployment of
software-defined XGS-PON networks
and accelerate adoption of 100G transport

Next generation solutions
that simplify deployment of
software-defined XGS-PON networks
and accelerate adoption of 100G transport


Calix makes the most innovative access system even better

AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System

As North America’s most widely adopted access system, the Calix AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System provides a foundation for your next-generation networks, fiber technologies, and Software Defined Access. With this modular system, you can achieve: 

  • a dramatically flexible system that scales from the small to very large deployments
  • a remarkably simplified operational process that integrates easily into existing networks
  • a transformative system that enables service providers to future proof their business and network

Easily scale as your subscriber bandwidth demands grow

Win the race to 100G with the new Calix next generation solutions that easily scale as your subscriber bandwidth demands grow

AXOS E7-2 XG1601 Line Card​

A high-capacity, 10G-capable XGS-PON/GPON line card optimized for temperature hardened environments and OSP-ready.


Solution Benefits:

  • Optimized for High-Density area deployments​
  • Flexible optics support XGS-PON double-density, Multi-PON module (XGS and GPON), XGS-PON optics, GPON optics​
  • 32 XGS-PON interfaces per 1RU shelf via SFP DD optics​
  • 16 GPON/XGS PON MPM interfaces per 1RU shelf​
  • Supports Traditional Layer 2 Network

AXOS E7-2 CE201 Line Card

The revolutionary E7-2 CE201 Aggregation solution changes the game by providing temperature hardened 100G transport capability to broadband service providers.


Solution Benefits:

  • Dramatically reduce deployment times while future-proofing your access network​
  • Reduce back-office system integration by as much as 83 percent​
  • Common operational workflows that drastically reduce service provisioning times and system turnups from hours to minutes​
  • Optimized for building and supporting 100G rings, delivering business services and point-to-point Ethernet connectivity ​

AXOS E7-2 XG801 Line Card

A high-capacity, 10G-capable XGS-PON/GPON line card optimized for temperature hardened 100G transport to meet today’s, as well as tomorrow’s, bandwidth and capacity demands.


Solution Benefits:

  • Deliver L2 FTTH/FTTB residential and business 10 gigabit XGS-PON/GPON services while adding 100G transport flexibility​
  • Seamlessly integrate the solution while continuing to deliver an Always On subscriber experience​
  • Reduce time-to-provision and new services turnup by up to 87 percent​
  • Slash operational costs by significantly reducing back-office integrations from months to days​

Calix Intelligent Access EDGE recognized by the 2023 Lightwave Innovation Reviews for excellence in the FTTx Systems

Lightwave Innovation Review panel selects Calix Intelligent Access EDGE E7-2 XG801 Line Card for achieving excellence in technical features and performance and for delivering clear and substantial benefits.

Software-defined ONT management and service provisioning on AXOS…now that’s Active Ethernet reimagined

The fastest, simplest, and most efficient solution that minimizes operational impacts while accelerating time-to-market capabilities.

Simplify operations and accelerate AE service deployments

The combination of the AXOS platform and the ONT management capabilities delivered by the GE-24 r2 line card is unmatched and will deliver simplicity, a “just like PON” service management and provisioning experience and true differentiation to the marketplace.

The AXOS Gigabit Ethernet GE-24 r2 line card future proofs Active Ethernet with:

  • Rapid deployment of high-density business and residential services
  • Simplified network operations through consolidation of back-office servers 
  • Optimized service delivery with enhanced diagnostic capabilities 

High Density Point-to-Point Ethernet

  • 24 GE ports
  • 4x10GE uplinks for transport
  • Up to 48 Active Ethernet ONTs per 1RU chassis

IP Services with Active Ethernet ONTs

  • L2 Triple Play Services (Voice/Data/Video)
  • MEF compliant business services
  • ONT Discovery, Local DHCP/TFTP server functionality

Leading the next wave of innovation and operational transformation


ReadiTech deploys 10G service, turns up subscribers in record time with the Intelligent Access EDGE

Dickey Rural Networks subsidiary growing rapidly with the Intelligent Access EDGE and the unique platform that enables lightning fast turn up to deliver an unmatched subscriber experience 83 percent faster than industry averages.

ETEX becomes the catalyst for rural learning across East Texas

With a state-of-the-art 10G fiber network built on the Intelligent Access EDGE solution, ETEX is extending critical broadband services to 16 school districts across multiple counties in east Texas.

Jade Communications saves 45 percent on capital expenditures with Intelligent Access EDGE

In addition to massive savings in up-front costs, the southern Colorado regional service provider simplifies their service turn-up and provisioning with the Calix AXOS platform, providing an always-on experience that boosts brand image and the customer experience.


AXOS Calix E7-2 Intelligent Modular System

  • North America’s most widely deployed access system.
  • Carrier Class AXOS GPON/XGS-PON Layer 2 services.
  • High density copper/fiber solutions for outside plant.
  • Modular architecture with integrated transport and subscriber interfaces.
  • Pay-as-you-succeed model.

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Looking for EXA E7-2 Line Cards? You can find them here. 

Key Features

System Innovation

  • Scalable from 1RU to 10RU 20 line cards enabling service providers to meet service demands from low density to high density
  • Temperature hardened for installation in remote cabinets

Fiber Innovation

  • 100G Backplane ready for technologies such as 10G PON
  • GPON scaling from 4 to 320 Ports in a single managed system
  • Active Ethernet scaling from 12 to 480  ports in a single managed system
  • Integrated transport and aggregation enabling service providers to meet varied access network demands

The E7-2 enables service providers to transform their networks to AXOS.  The first AXOS line card for the E7-2 is listed below.  Check here frequently to see what’s available or click here to request more details.

Line Card Subscriber Ports/Aggregation Ports Uplink Ports
GPON-8 r2 8 GPON Ports, 8 GE Ports (4xCSFP) 4 10GE (2 XFP, 2 SFP+)
CE201 12 10GE-2.5GE/GE Ports (12xSFP+) 2 100GE-40GE (2 QSFP-DD)
GE-24 r2 24 GE Ports (12xCSFP) 4 10GE (2 XFP, SFP+)
XG801 8 XGS-PON/GPON Ports, 4 10GE-2.5GE-GE Ports (4xSFP+) 2 100GE-40GE (2 QSFP-DD)
2 10GE/2.5GE ports (2x SFP+)
2 QSFP-DD Ports (40G/100G)​

Want to automate, simplify and instrument your network with an AXOS Software Defined Access platform?
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AXOS can help boost your service velocity, eliminate service disruptions and reduce operational complexity with its software defined architecture. AXOS will change forever the way you operate your access network and help accelerate your business.


How would you like to have a virtual technician on-site without having to initiate a truck roll? The AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox addresses all of your service troubleshooting needs.


How do I streamline my operations and improve the subscriber experience?

Calix Services is your trusted partner to help accelerate your deployment, upskill your team and empower your operations

Our mission is to help you succeed by enabling you with the expertise and tools to streamline your processes and help your team excel. We’re the extension of your operations team you always wanted so that you can scale your operations and keep service availability and customer satisfaction high.

AXOS Deployment Services

Calix Professional Services can help you with the design, turn up and integration of your new AXOS network. We help you ramp fast witl less risk and guaranteed results. FInd out more about the complete portfolio.

Education Services for AXOS

Calix Education Services has put together a comprehensive AXOS learning path curriculum and a flexile subscription approach to help upskill your employees. 

Remote Monitoring Service

Radically change your operational approach to be more proactive with Calix Remote Monitoring Service. Find out more and get a demo now. 


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