AXOS Software Connectors

Simplifying your service
provisioning experience and
network management capabilities

AXOS Software Connectors

Simplifying your service
provisioning experience and
network management capabilities


Dramatically improve your subscribers’ experience by creating a subscriber-centric operational environment

This environment relies on flexibility and serviceability to enable rapid service creation, automation of service introductions, and operational scaling.

Whether it be through industry standards or abstracted REST/JSON northbound interfaces, SMx and DPx will dramatically simplify and streamline your operations while accelerating your time-to-market capabilities in the areas of:

  • OSS/DOCSIS Back Office Integration
  • Service Provisioning
  • Performance Management
  • Alarm Management
  • Inventory Management

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Automating the service lifecycle for improved quality, responsiveness, and accuracy.

Simplify your operations by reducing integration steps
by 75% or more with AXOS SMx


  • a decreased time to market for new service introductions
  • a dramatic reduction in service delivery intervals
  • a remarkably simplified operational process

The AXOS SMx Connector is a cloud-ready software application for element and network management that utilizes an Open Daylight (ODL) SDN controller infrastructure to provide a robust development and service normalization environment, extensible to new applications and enabling quick integration into other open platforms. You can use SMx to connect the AXOS platform to existing operational systems or fill in the missing pieces of your SDN orchestration platform.

Streamline operational workflows

Automated Network Service Provisioning

Our latest release comes with updates to the Intelligent Access EDGE solution, introducing a dynamic feature delivered by SMx that enables you to automatically pre-provision subscriber services without the OLT. This capability allows you to simplify your ONT activation process by dramatically reducing the time required to install and turn up new services. To see how these new features work, watch the webinar replay to the right. 


Webinar Replay

Access EDGE Tools: SMx Tips and Tricks

The time you spend on daily operational workflows such as service provisioning, backups and restores, and AXOS system upgrades are taking away from time you could be spending on the subscriber. Join us for this interactive session to learn valuable “tips and tricks” on how you can use the new enhancements in the Services Management Connector (SMx) to simplify and automate your daily operational workflows.


Making OSS Integration as ”Easy as 1-2-3”

A revolutionary “integrate once, deploy often” OSS/BSS business transformation

Are you losing market share to competing multiple system operators (MSOs) or fiber broadband overbuilders in your markets?

Learn more on how AXOS and SMx can help you accelerate your OSS/BSS integration timeline and time to revenue capabilities with the following:


With AXOS SMx, everything starts with the subscriber


Subscribers are the lifeblood of your business

They enable growth and the experience that those subscribers have will determine your company’s success. By simplifying operational support processes and services provisioning capabilities, you can deliver high quality services to subscribers rapidly. ​

Calix offers a set of SMx Turn Up and Deployment Services that can help you accelerate your SMx deployment efforts. ​


SMx leading the next wave of innovation in operational transformation


AXOS continues to increase innovation and speed deployment

AXOS helps GLDS reduce OSS/BSS integration time by 80% and accelerates service provider time to revenue.

“We were not only surprised by the speed of our first integration…we were thrilled by how much easier it is for us to maintain…”

“We were surprised when we integrated the E9-2 System in four weeks…” 

--Garrick Russell, COO and President of GLDS  


Calix partner NISC leverages AXOS and SMx to simplify OSS/BSS operations

“…we drive operational efficiencies from our systems and use what Calix has to really make our members, our customers much more efficient with their back office operations”

--Ryan Larson, Senior Product Line Manager


Calix AXOS DPx connector

The world's first virtualized DOCSIS connector for everyPON

Cable operators are re-architecting their networks to support a fiber deep, distributed access architecture. While FTTH systems being deployed today are designed to integrate into existing DOCSIS back office systems, little consideration has been given to how operators will transition to a Software Defined Network – until now. Calix's virtualized DOCSIS connector uniquely leverages common NETCONF/YANG interfaces that enable an elegant transition from DOCSIS provisioning to SDN control that's as easy as 1-2-3.

  • DPx enables DOCSIS provisioning of everyPON: GPON, XGSPON, NGPON2, 10GEPON
  • DPx and AXOS add IP service flow awareness enabling full support of cable operator services
  • Leveraging AXOS’ common YANG model, DPx supports all platforms (GPON, XGSPON, 10GEPON) and all form factors (chassis or node)
  • A single DPx instance can support up to 100 OLT systems (over 50K subscribers)

Seeking to simultaneously manage both HFC and PON networks?

Reduce network complexity and streamline operations with seamless back-office integration for simultaneous DOCSIS and PON network management

DPx Virtualized Connector

Calix DPx software is a DOCSIS-PON back-office integration solution, allowing operators to provision and monitor PON access networks using the same OSS platform as their existing DOCSIS network. An operator can retain their existing operational procedures and systems, eliminating the need to retrain provisioning and customer support personnel.


DPx benefits include:

  • DPx enables seamless integration with an operator’s existing DOCSIS OSS.  Seamless back-office integration into existing provisioning and billing systems.

  • DPx allows the ONT to look like a Virtual Cable Modem, and the OLT to look like a virtual CMTS. 

  • Simultaneously run both DOCSIS and PON networks. Begin deploying FTTH right away as greenfield or brownfield and transition from DOCSIS in the access network to PON at whatever speed makes sense. Or the operator could maintain both systems going forward.

  • Seamlessly deliver managed services on a single, stable platform over both DOCSIS and fiber networks

AXOS SMx and DPx are connecting everything with everyPON

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