EDGE Insights

Businesses with the best insights win

EDGE Insights

Businesses with the best insights win

Tap into your network data to deliver an unmatched
subscriber experience

Be a trusted leader in the communities you serve by applying insights from your network to deliver differentiated services across all the key touchpoints of the subscriber journey. Partner with Calix to unlock the data and empower line-of-business professionals with fast and easy access to meaningful insights to uncover new revenue opportunities, lower operational costs, and deliver on your brand promise.

Built for marketers:

  • Audience-based Segmentation
  • Built-in Intelligence
  • Automated Actions
  • Integrations with Key Systems

Built for customer care:

  • An Intuitive Cockpit
  • Automated Diagnostics
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Foundation for Carrier Class Services

Built for network operators:

  • End-to-End Provisioning
  • Proactive Health and Monitoring
  • SLA Monitoring and Assurance
  • Rich Troubleshooting & Automation

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Discover how your peers are transforming their business
with EDGE Insights

Norvado achieves 99 percent uptake of premium Wi-Fi service among new subscribers while virtually eliminating truck rolls

Wisconsin service provider exemplifies marketing best practices by deploying EDGE Suites within its premium Apex Managed WIFI service; branding the experience to build subscriber loyalty and enable upsell opportunities—all based on data-driven subscriber insights.

Jade Communications cuts integration time to one day, transforming subscriber go to market speed and strategy

Rural Colorado service provider is deploying the GigaSpire BLAST u6 as the centerpiece of its subscriber experience, turning new systems up in hours. The southern Colorado CSP has transitioned away from a WISP model and is now delivering the ultimate subscriber experience over a best in class Calix fiber network. 

GVTC achieves Net Promoter Score of +44 with Calix Revenue EDGE rivaling the best brands in the world

Texas-based fiber broadband cooperative shatters industry benchmarks by building on an already stellar overall Net Promoter Score of +28 to achieve an incredible +44 among customers using its GVTC Premium WiFi service, powered by Calix GigaSpire BLAST systems and the full Revenue EDGE solution.


Pioneer amplifies the power of insights with its Experience Management Team

Kim Grellner, Vice President of Marketing, Sales & Service at Pioneer, and her team, underscore the endless benefits of exploring innovative ways to apply insights across the business.


BrightRidge leverages unprecedented visibility into subscriber experience

Stacy Evans, Chief Broadband Officer at BrightRidge, explains how they are leveraging unprecedented visibility into subscriber experience to better serve their 78,000 subscribers.


ALLO Communications shares its secret to growing rapidly in a competitive market

Brad Moline, President at ALLO, and his team share how they are keeping their brand promise of being exceptional and hassle-free by investing in proactive customer care.

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How can we help with your FCC Performance Testing?


Industry leading FCC performance testing solution from Calix has run and analyzed over 20 million speed and latency tests in the past six months, giving broadband service providers unprecedented scale, ease of use, and insights that improve performance scores by up to 20 percent while meeting testing deadlines 


Calix GigaSpire BLAST systems, and GigaCenters, together with Calix Support Cloud, offer service providers a simple and cost-effective solution for performance testing. 

No additional equipment. No truck rolls. No third-party involvement.​



Calix Support Cloud eliminates the complexities of setting up the tests, collecting, and reporting the results, especially if you are required to meet regulatory compliance.


Get the expertise and guidance you need to implement the right solution with Calix Broadband Performance Testing Service.

You define success. We get you there.

Customer Success Services for Calix Cloud

By partnering with you to define your success goals and continuously align your people, processes and systems to meet them, we are driven to help you achieve greater results, and maximize you return on investment.


Learn more about the Revenue EDGE

Explore all the essential building blocks designed specifically for broadband service providers, to ensure you continue to delight your subscribers and own their experience with your services. 

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