EDGE Insights

Businesses with the best insights win

EDGE Insights

Businesses with the best insights win

The foundation for a differentiated subscriber experience
begins with unleashing the power of Insights

Be a trusted leader in the communities you serve by applying insights into your network and subscribers to deliver differentiated services

that impact your business growth and profitability.

Partner with Calix to utilize the data already in your systems to uncover new opportunities, lower operational costs, and deliver on your brand promise.

Learn more about our latest EDGE Insight Enhancements in 20.2.


With easy access to subscriber experience insights, marketers can:

  • Reduce churn by 8%
  • Increase ARPU by 20%
  • Drive ROI by 40%    

Empowering you customer care organization with the right intelligence at the right time, can:

  • Lower truck rolls by 42%
  • Improve First Call Resolution by 36%
  • Reduce support costs by 66%

Learn how EDGE Insights have transformed business for your peers

WCTEL grows ARPU, reinvests in member satisfaction, and elevates the ultimate Wi-Fi 6 experience

Rural telephone cooperative, West Carolina Tel, leverages Calix Marketing Cloud to optimize upgrades and increase satisfaction while expanding Wi-Fi offerings with the GigaSpire® BLAST u6.


Pioneer amplifies the power of insights with its Experience Management Team

Kim Grellner, Vice President of Marketing, Sales & Service at Pioneer, and her team, underscore the endless benefits of exploring innovative ways to apply insights across the business.


BrightRidge leverages unprecedented visibility into subscriber experience

Stacy Evans, Chief Broadband Officer at BrightRidge, explains how they are leveraging unprecedented visibility into subscriber experience to better serve their 78,000 subscribers.


ALLO Communications shares its secret to growing rapidly in a competitive market

Brad Moline, President at ALLO, and his team share how they are keeping their brand promise of being exceptional and hassle-free by investing in proactive customer care.


CAF Performance Testing, leveraging Speedtest® by Ookla®​

How can we help with your CAF Performance Testing?

Calix GigaSpire and GigaCenter powered by EXOS, together with Calix Support Cloud, leveraging Speedtest® by Ookla®, offers service providers a simple and cost-effective solution to meet CAF performance testing requirements.​

No additional equipment. No truck rolls. No third-party involvement.​


You define success. We get you there.

Customer Success Services for Calix Cloud

Calix Customer Success Services are designed to maximize the value of your Cloud investments faster, with a customized success plan aligned to your business objectives.


Meet "the Millers"

Learn how their service provider used Calix Cloud to solve their smart home problems. 


It's all about Anthony

Your subscribers deserve a sensational broadband experience, yet most broadband complaints are predictable and avoidable. How can your marketing team stay ahead of subscriber frustrations and eliminate churn?


Bad Timing

The difference between a run-of-the-mill broadband experience and a sensational one is a matter of timing. Can your support teams remotely identify and resolve Wi-Fi challenges before they become issues?


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