How do you transform broadband
operations with insights, predictive
analytics and automation?

How do you transform broadband
operations with insights, predictive
analytics and automation?


Calix Operations Cloud

Turn broadband operations into a subscriber
experience differentiator

Webhooks enable real-time, automated information sharing

Automate manual tasks, and drive seamless collaboration between different systems and teams.

Sharing real-time insights across subscribers, systems, and services

Machine-to-machine, automated real-time communications that unify all systems around the same data set and events

BSP teams work together to boost the customer experience

Calix and Tombigbee share how BSPs can leverage data and analytics to make strategic decisions.

Get the right information—to the right people
at the right time

Automated, real-time network outage notifications to multiple teams and back office systems

Get the right information to the right people at the right time by using Operations Cloud to provide outage information directly to CSRs in Service Cloud and to BSPs OSS/BSS systems.

Visualize network outages, alarms and impacted subscribers on a geo map

For both AXOS and EXA systems, Operations Cloud provides BSPs with real-time geo-mapping of network outages, critical events and alarms along with impacted subscribers.

Complimentary to SMx and CMS

BSPs can use Operations Cloud for network health, insights, alarm management and traffic monitoring while concurrently using SMx and CMS for provisioning. When operators want to migrate their provisioning to Operations Cloud, they’ll have the tools to easily do it at their own pace.

Optimized and automated workflows​​

Easily configure and activate new Managed Services, including SmartTown™, SmartBiz™ and bulk activation of ProtectIQ® and ExperienceIQ®.


Use end-to-end network insights and automation to deliver new managed services and transform your broadband business


Operations Cloud—Sterling Municipal Light

How can broadband service providers (BSPs) move quickly to capture market opportunities, and take their business to the next level? Learn more about how our customers are transforming operations.

How can operations leaders up their game and deliver an unrivaled experience?

Calix and GLDS help broadband service providers (BSPs) like the City of Longmont change how they deliver services and keep their subscribers informed.


Calix Operations Cloud awarded ‘2022 Cloud Computing Product of the Year’, spotlighting innovations that enable even the smallest BSPs to simplify their business and grow their value.

Calix Operations Cloud can help​

Designed to help you simplify your operations, excite your subscribers with the ultimate experience, and grow your business.​

Visualize network
outages and impacted

Calix Operations Cloud provides operations personnel with the ability to quickly visualize network outages and determine impacted subscribers. Operations teams use machine learning (ML) to proactively identify problems before they impact subscribers.

Turn Operations into a subscriber experience differentiator

Calix Operations Cloud allows personnel to react quickly to changes in bandwidth usage, network health, and subscriber demand; with the end goal of ensuring optimal service delivery for subscribers. Fewer service outages and faster time to resolution results in happier subscribers​​.​

Improve Operations
efficiency and
reduce costs

Calix Operations Cloud provides real-time, end-to-end visibility, allowing issues to be fixed remotely, without having to schedule a technician visit to a home, cabinet, or central office.

Calix Premier Customer Success for Operations​

Our collective knowledge. Your accelerated growth​.


At its core, Premier Customer Success Services is a partnership. We bring a dedicated Success Manager to your business who leverages all of Calix’s expertise, resources, tools and guidance to drive your organization toward solutions that transform how you do business.

Calix Premier Success for Operations is integral to maximizing your ROI with Calix Operations Cloud. The benefit to your team is immediate and continuous:​

  • Achieve a faster return on your Calix Cloud investment​
  • Accelerated adoption and integration into your operational workflows​
  • Achieve and exceed your technical, business, and subscriber experience objectives​

Looking for another way to reduce trouble calls and truck rolls?

We have an app for that!

It’s time to add a self-service mobile app to your toolkit

The powerful combination of Calix Operations Cloud and CommandIQ® will take your customer experience to the next level.​​

Simplify GigaSpire BLAST system onboarding, avoid unnecessary trouble calls, reduce truck rolls with improved remote visibility into subscriber experience, and manage EDGE Suites—from real-time roll out to remote configuration.​​

With the new consumer-friendly design and in-app guides to optimize their experience, subscriber self-service with CommandIQ has never been easier.


Bascom Communications taps into the power of a mobile app

Watch the webinar recording to discover how service providers like Bascom Communications are driving 80 percent app adoption and 95 percent take rate on their premier services via their mobile app, and reducing support call duration.