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Elevate your revenue with the smart home

Elevate your revenue with the smart home

Calix EXOS

Seize control of the smart home to elevate your business

EXOS is the world’s only hardware independent, modular, standards-based, always-on smart home operating system.

With EXOS, service providers can quickly deploy new services that leverage a range of pre-integrated smart home solutions. Communications service providers (CSPs) can now quickly change and adapt their services to embrace new technologies and meet the evolving needs of subscribers.    

Managed Wi-Fi offerings now include Wi-Fi 6 featuring the GigaSpire™, powered by EXOS™

Five Area Telephone Cooperative in Muleshoe, Texas deploys GigaSpire(TM) and Calix Support Cloud in numerous Northwest-Texas communities with fully managed Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. The rural cooperative is elevating the subscriber experience to the industry’s ultimate Wi-Fi connection while delivering future proof services with two new plans.    

Evolving smart home dynamics create optimal timing for service providers

A new white paper from Parks Associates (commissioned by Calix) makes the case that now is the right time for service providers to offer smart home services to their subscribers. This paper examines strategies to deliver a smart home experience that incorporates support, security, privacy protection, and a variety of personalized value propositions.

The white paper also highlights the assets that put service providers in an ideal position to offer smart home services when compared to other companies, while identifying some of the reasons why previous attempts might have met with mixed success.

Read the Parks Associates whitepaper, "Changing Dynamics of the Smart Home: Opportunities for Service Providers."

Calix Expands Commitment to Software and Cloud Solution Industry Standards

Calix has become a member of prpl Foundation, a collaborative organization of vendors and network operators dedicated to building a flexible, common software framework for embedded IoT devices. Calix Marketing Cloud, Support Cloud and EXOS solutions enable operators of all sizes to adapt quickly to changing industry standards through the power of software and the cloud.    


Take control of the experience

EXOS transforms existing business models, taking advantage of the power of software with:

  • Native software containers, enabling the rapid deployment and monetization of new solutions
  • Always on operations, making network disruptions a thing of the past
  • Advanced instrumentation and analytics, ensuring optimal performance for all connected devices

Building upon the EXOS Smart Home Operating System, service providers also benefit from:

  • The Calix Smart Home application, allowing subscribers to change their network name and password, run a speed test, and set up parental controls

CAF Performance Testing, leveraging Speedtest® by Ookla®​

How can we help with your CAF Performance Testing?

Calix GigaSpire powered by EXOS, together with Calix Support Cloud, leveraging Speedtest® by Ookla®, offers service providers a simple and cost-effective solution to meet CAF performance testing requirements.​

No additional equipment. No truck rolls. No third-party involvement.​

Coming Fall 2019 Testing will be available with deployed GigaCenters.


Consumers: looking for information about the GigaSpire?

Find out more about our smart home systems, powered by EXOS. You now have more ways to protect your family, control all of your IoT devices and safeguard your home – all through a network that continually monitors your smart devices. 


Consumers don’t look to you for cutting edge technology.​ Things are about to change.

Offer the most advanced systems on the market

The newly-designed Calix GigaFamily business and premises systems are powered by EXOS, the Smart Home OS. Calix offers a choice of systems, all designed to help service providers bring new services to market quickly, drive new revenue opportunities, and leverage an existing ecosystem of partners.     

EXOS Systems

The future of smart home connectivity is here

The newly-designed Calix GigaFamily business and premises systems are powered by EXOS, the Smart Home OS. Calix offers a choice of systems, all designed to help service providers bring new services to market quickly, drive new revenue opportunities, and leverage an existing ecosystem of partners.​


Calix Smart Home App

Control at your subscribers' fingertips

The Calix Smart Home App, powered by EXOS, is a critical empowerment tool for the subscriber experience. A simple 5-step onboarding process allows your customers to see devices connected to the home network, set-up a guest network for visitors, implement profiles to toggle devices off/on, control devices and more!


The Calix Smart Home App works with EXOS and both GigaCenters and GigaSpires

How does it work?

To experience the Calix Smart Home App, pair it with Calix GigaSpires or GigaCenters and EXOS to get started today.


25% of subscribers have already adopted
smart home technologies

Are you ready to re-invent what
‘smart home’ means for your subscribers?


Powerful Performance. Permanent Loyalty.

It is time to start offering new smart home services that are keeping pace with the market. It’s possible to bring these compelling new services to market quickly, create new revenue opportunities, and retake your position as the essential enabler of the smart home of the future. Turn the potential confusion, disorder, and chaos associated with the smart home into an open, managed and secure ecosystem that can be harnessed for your subscribers. 

We’ve created a series of white papers and blogs designed to help you get familiar with various trends and technologies related to the smart home. Check back for more downloads soon. 

Re-invent the smart home with universal IoT support

The smart home device market is surging, but many consumers are struggling. Service providers can help their subscribers remove cost and complexity.

Ensure a role in the center of the smart home

Residential gateways with integrated voice assistants are transformed into premium smart home systems.

Improve Wi-Fi capacity and efficiency with Wi-Fi 6

The new 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard implements more than 50 new features. 


Learn more about EXOS and what it means for your subscribers

“We believe that EXOS allows us to take the next step by helping us tame the complexity of IoT for our subscribers.”
– Jeff Leslie, president and CEO of ITS Telecom

Are you ready to improve the experience of your subscribers?

Meet “the Millers” – a family beset by everyday broadband issues in their “not-so-smart” home. Learn how their service provider solved these problems.

Video Library: EXOS, the Smart Home Operating System

Imagine if you had the flexibility to develop applications and services that were free from the limitations of traditional hardware dependencies.
This webinar with industry analyst firm, IHS Markit examines the solutions available today and provides a glimpse into the future.

We want to help you get started

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“Software platforms increasingly underlie every
service, application, and device we use each day.”


Introducing EXOS

Shane Eleniak ConneXions Keynote

Calix VP of Systems Products introduces EXOS – the Experience OS – the first carrier class premises operating system designed to help service providers deliver a managed experience for the smart home and business. Learn more about the latest Calix innovation, EXOS.