Elevate your service with an ecosystem of
revenue-generating applications

Elevate your service with an ecosystem of
revenue-generating applications

Calix Innovation Experience Platform powers the Revenue EDGE

Own the subscriber experience and elevate your revenue

You can use the Calix Experience Innovation Platform to optimize operational efficiency, beat the competition with constant innovation, leverage data and insights from EDGE Systems​, and deploy new systems and pre-integrated applications easily.


Learn from our customers

Jade Communications cuts integration time to one day, transforming subscriber go to market speed and strategy

Rural Colorado service provider is deploying the GigaSpire BLAST u6 as the centerpiece of its subscriber experience, turning new systems up in hours. The southern Colorado CSP has transitioned away from a WISP model and is now delivering the ultimate subscriber experience over a best in class Calix fiber network. 

South Central Utah Communications set to deploy the complete Revenue EDGE solution

As the rural CSP moves into more competitive areas, it is paramount to provide a differentiated experience, not only to gain market share but to outperform their subscribers’ expectations.

“Calix offers a unique solution that enables us to not only maximize the usage of our network but also deliver the best services to our customers,” said Adam Young, Director of Marketing for South Central Communications.

A new tier of Wi-Fi experience featuring the ALLO BLAST​

With this launch, ALLO leaps ahead of the competition as the first communications service providers (CSPs) in its region to launch a carrier-exclusive Wi-Fi 6 system. The Blast enables ALLO to provide residential and small business subscribers with the ultimate managed Wi-Fi experience, including massive coverage expansion and increases in bandwidth. 


Robust, reliable, and simple home network security solution adds another layer of protection​

Want to help consumers who are concerned about the security of their home networks?​

Integrating security into the residential gateway creates real differentiation

New Calix whitepaper provides details on the importance of network security, explores some of the options available for securing the home network, and outlines the opportunities that exists for service providers.​

Protect your subscribers from cyber threats with comprehensive security controls​

As part of the Revenue EDGE solution, Calix offers a comprehensive set of security features that ensure subscribers are given the highest levels of protection possible.​

Consumer data builds strong case for security and privacy controls

Calix partnered with Moor Insights & Strategy to measure consumer perceptions about online security, privacy, and parental controls.

Findings from consumer research are critical for your business

Results from consumer research provide important insights for service providers looking to offer online security, privacy, and parental control solutions.


Turn the Subscriber Edge into your Revenue Edge​

Elevate your subscriber experience with an evolving suite of solutions


Take control of the experience

The Calix Experience Innovation Platform transforms existing business models, taking advantage of the power of software with:​

  • Hardware independence: the software layer is abstracted from the hardware, allowing for an accelerated time to market because the containerized architecture allows for development and testing of features to be performed independently.​
  • Services abstraction: provide consistent and instantaneous availability across all products, simplifying software validation, and allowing feature mobility from one device to another.​
  • Modular architecture: ensure that changes to one function do not impact other system functions.​

Building upon the Calix Experience Innovation Platform, you can also benefit from:​

  • CommandIQ® allows subscribers to change their network name and password, run a speed test, and set up parental controls​
  • EDGE Suites, part of a growing ecosystem of partners that deliver valuable applications for subscribers, including enhanced parental controls and home network security.​

How can we help with your FCC Performance Testing?


Calix GigaSpire BLAST systems, and GigaCenters, together with Calix Support Cloud, offer service providers a simple and cost-effective solution for performance testing.​

No additional equipment. No truck rolls. No third-party involvement.​



Calix Support Cloud eliminates the complexities of setting up the tests, collecting, and reporting the results, especially if you are required to meet regulatory compliance.


Get the expertise and guidance you need to implement the right solution with Calix Broadband Performance Testing Service.

Consumers: looking for information about the GigaSpire BLAST?

Find out more about our Wi-Fi systems. You now have more ways to protect your family, control devices connected to your network, and safeguard your home.​


Consumers don’t look to you for cutting edge technology.​
Things are about to change.

Offer the most advanced systems on the market

Calix offers a choice of Wi-Fi 6 certified EDGE Systems, all designed to help bring new services to market quickly, drive new revenue opportunities, and leverage an existing ecosystem of partners.​

GigaSpire BLAST u6x

World’s first all-in-one Ethernet / GPON / XGS Wi-Fi 6 system 

The new BLAST u6x, available in two form factors, will be the world’s first Wi-Fi 6 system with options for five different WAN connections: 1 GigE, 2.5 GigE, 10 Gig E, GPON or XGS PON. The BLAST u6x will:​

  • increase operational efficiency​
  • improve integration and installation times​
  • expand deployment flexibility in the field​
  • simplify upgrades


Control at your subscribers' fingertips

CommandIQ, powered by the Calix Experience Innovation Platform, is a critical empowerment tool for the subscriber experience. A simple 5-step onboarding process allows your customers to see devices connected to the home network, set-up a guest network for visitors, implement profiles to toggle devices off/on, control devices and more!​


How does it work?

The CommandIQ App works with both GigaCenters and GigaSpire BLAST systems

The way we learn, work, and play has changed forever.

Increased subscriber demands impact the home network experience​

Students of all ages are consuming bandwidth to keep up with classwork while their parents are working.​

Learn more in this infographic, which contains market data on how the 2020 Crisis has impacted the online behavior of households around the world.

EDGE Enablement

Calix is here to help. EDGE Enablement programs are designed to help you accelerate growth, delight subscribers and be successful, faster. As your partner, we are with you every step of the way.

Marketing Activation Program

Revenue Edge customers get access to comprehensive marketing programs from Quick Start Guides to webpage templates.

Calix Education Services

Don't stress, we've got you covered. Use the systems you already have in place to meet the FCC requirements. No need to purchase separate hardware.

Customer Success Services

Success is all about time to value. We are here to help you find value quickly. 

Calix Professional Services

Reduce risk and accelerate deployment with enablement services that help you establish plans and processes using industry best practices.