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Calix Services

Accelerate your transformation leveraging expertise developed from thousands of service provider engagements

Calix Services span your entire network and service delivery lifecycle. We can help you:

  • Design, implement and integrate your network strategy
  • Manage your network with insights you never thought possible
  • Obtain the outcomes you need with our Marketing Cloud, Support Cloud, and Remote Monitoring Service Customer Success Managers
  • Upskill and train your team

Our experts are ready to work with Communications Service Providers (CSPs) of every size and type to future-ready your networks and get the most out of your strategic investments.     


Accelerate your time to market.


Accelerate your insight.


Accelerate your time to resolution.


Customer Success

Accelerate your time to value.


Accelerate your expertise.


New services and updates with 20.3 release

New Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services, enhanced Remote Monitoring Service analytics, and new certification opportunities

Calix Customer Success

Realize faster time to market and improved subscriber adoption of Revenue EDGE

Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services will help you better address competition, generate revenue, and increase subscriber lifetime value as you launch and grow EDGE Suites, Systems and Services.

Remote Monitoring Service

Added features improve triage time and analysis workflows

New game changing features have been added to the Remote Monitoring Service that include additional subscriber-related contextual information in both the intelligent notifications and Analytics and Reporting Portal. Also, new Health Check categories provide insights into issues impacting subscribers due to ONT issues, fiber problems, and power outages.

EDGE Enablement Workshop

EDGE Enablement Workshop adds Wi-Fi Specialist testing and certification

Our workshop now includes—at no additional charge—an exam and certification badge for Wi-Fi Specialist for up to ten team members. To find out more and see how your Customer Support and Field Installations can benefit, follow the links below. 

We have your back

Calix Services can help you address the challenges and the concerns that you’re encountering during this current crisis.

Network Capacity Assessment Service

Are network capacity concerns keeping you awake at night?

The Network Capacity Assessment service provides you with bandwidth utilization reports on your PONs and uplinks combined with expert consulting and guidance to identify and address capacity bottleneck issues.

Remote Monitoring Service and Network Capacity Assessment Bundle

Alarm analytics, faster mean-time-to-repair, and capacity utilization insight are what your network needs

We’ve bundled the Remote Monitoring Service with the Network Capacity Assessment Service to help you address operational and network performance challenges remotely, efficiently, proactively and safely. 


Our customers rave about the Calix Services team

Quality of Calix Support Services rates 9.6 out of 10

Calix Services is all about helping you accelerate your business. Whether it is accelerating your time-to-market, lowering risk during network transformation projects, or accelerating problem resolution time, operational efficiency and network visibility, Calix Services has the expertise, processes and tools to make it a reality.


Calix Network Consulting Services added immediate value for HTC by quickly zeroing in on issues in the network that were creating bottlenecks and helping their network engineers correct them quickly to limit subscriber impact.


Poka Lambro leverages the intelligent real-time notifications from the Remote Monitoring System to head off customer complaints and reduce outage time.


Calix Deployment Enablement Services empower field installers, construction teams, and contractors with best practices, training, tools, and quality assessment expertise to help streamline deployment projects and reduce inventory loss and site revisits.


Managed Services

Increase your agility and resolve network problems faster


Enhanced reporting and analytics portal for the Calix Remote Monitoring Service

Powerful visualization enables operations teams to quickly identify, analyze and address problems that impact the subscriber experience.   

Actionable insights empower operations teams to proactively manage network health and reduce incident resolution times by up to 50 percent.


BTC talks cost savings and streamlined operations with Remote Monitoring Service

BTC gets proactive with their operations by leveraging increased visibility using the Remote Monitoring Service and Calix Support Cloud. The notifications, analytics, and reporting work great together and gives BTC Operations groups an advantage with comprehensive visibility out to the subscriber premises and additional insight into what the subscriber is experiencing.

Remote Monitoring Service hits the accelerator by adding a Customer Success Manager

Calix integrates Customer Success Services into the Remote Monitoring Service, providing communications service providers (CSPs) with dedicated expertise to accelerate their time to value. As a recent adopter of the new services, West Texas-based Poka Lambro Telephone Cooperative is already accelerating their incident resolution processes.

Enhanced ONT health and high value subscriber analytics cut issue resolution times by up to 50 percent

Enhancements to the analytics and reporting dashboard of the Remote Monitoring Services enable communications service providers (CSPs) to proactively address network issues. These dashboard enhancements provide greater insight into and increased prioritization of incidents impacting subscribers on AXOS as well as legacy platforms.


Professional Services

We’ve equipped thousands of customers to plan, implement, upgrade and integrate the networks and services they deliver

Are you wondering how to meet your transformation objectives?



Enablement Services provides you the automation tools, consulting, best practices, and quality guidance to help your team accelerate its readiness and start deploying networks and services faster 


Calix Deployment Services reduce risk, lower your operational costs, and accelerate project completion by taking on the complex task of designing and building your AXOS and traditional infrastructure, utilizing field proven best practices enabling you to deliver new and innovative services.

Software Customization Services


Calix Professional Services can provide you software development expertise to help you reinforce your brand, integrate and automate your network, and differentiate the subscriber experience 


TransWorld selects full span of Calix Platforms and Services to build the ultimate rural broadband business

Serving multiple regions, TransWorld Network, Corp. selects the Calix Intelligent Access EDGE, Revenue EDGE, and Calix Services to rapidly and cost-effectively grow a business that excites subscribers.

Quadro Communications accelerates home installations to own the subscriber experience

Calix Deployment Enablement Services MobilePRO App is helping Quadro improve installation quality and subscriber experience in competitive markets.

With the new Express Premises Installation Package, they are improving the efficiency and consistency of their Internet, managed Wi-Fi, and voice services installations.

Calix Network Consulting Services puts world-class expertise in reach for rural service providers

Working with Calix Network Consulting Services has enabled HTC to move forward with a robust plan for network growth, confident that it is making the right decisions to meet evolving subscriber demands cost-effectively over the long term.

Steelville accelerates network transformation and subscriber turn up times by 75 percent

Regional service provider Steelville Telephone Exchange (STE) has partnered with the Calix Professional Services team to accelerate an extensive upgrade to a GPON and Active Ethernet-ready network built on AXOS®    


Support Services

Engage the expertise and technology that you need to succeed

Calix combines comprehensive support capabilities with technical, operational, and business advisory features to ensure a clear pathway to success.

Key features include:

  • 24x7 web and phone support
  • Software updates
  • Access to Calix technical experts
  • Service Director
  • Remote Monitoring Service
  • Online community and knowledge transfer

Which Calix Support tier is right for you?

“We’re looking for an efficient way to get updates and help on the big problems”

“User experience is important to us, so we want to make sure we have expert assistance when we need it”

“We want to succeed and want to look for ways to best leverage our investment to differentiate and compete”


Calix Standard tier is for self-sufficient service providers looking for an efficient online experience that keeps their network up to date.    


Calix Essential tier is for service providers who want to upgrade their subscribers’ experience and improve network uptime.


Calix Vantage is for service providers wanting to transform their operations through intelligent Remote Monitoring and proactive support of a Vantage Service Director, who works closely with your team to develop and deliver on your performance objectives.


Education Services

Accelerate your expertise to support new and innovative services

Calix helps you build the skills required to take your network and your business to the next level of performance

Arm your team with the essential knowledge and expertise they need to successfully execute projects, and deploy and run your advanced, next generation networks.

Our learning paths are designed to develop your teams with focused training on technology and Calix platforms, tailored for specific job roles.    

Customer Success Services

You define success. We get you there.


Accelerate your time to value

Calix Customer Success Services ensure you are getting the most out of your Calix Cloud investments. By proactively partnering with you to define your success goals and continuously align your people, processes and systems to meet them, we are driven to help you achieve greater results.


Accelerate your ability to get proactive

The Calix Remote Monitoring Service and Calix Customer Success Manager can provide the foundation for service providers to gain better visibility into issues impacting subscriber experience and help drive efficiency into their operations.


Join the My Calix Customer Portal, visit the Calix Community, and tune in to TAC TV

It's easy to do business with Calix thanks to our self-service and community offerings

Calix makes it easy for you to get the help and answers you need when it comes to support. You can contact Support Services via phone, web, or mobile app to get access to Calix Technical Assistance Center (TAC) experts. We have you covered when it comes to getting the latest documentation and software updates, and our online community moderated by Calix experts provides a forum for our users to ask questions and share ideas.    

Service Station Customer Support Portal

Service Station Customer Support Portal

Body copy: Service station is your online portal to

  • Open, track and review support requests
  • Access Calix software downloads
  • Initiate and track a Return Material Authorization (RMA) request
  • Go mobile with the Calix Service Station App

Calix Community

What if you could discover and share best practices with over 8,000 of your peers?

The Calix Community is your global access to thousands of Calix users to share knowledge, insights, and questions to help accelerate success with Calix solutions. Start collaborating today!

My Calix

My Calix is our customer and partner portal where you can find:

  • Access the latest technical documentation
  • Download the latest software
  • View educational videos on industry, technology, and service topics
  • Order new equipment on-line
  • Access info on education learning paths    


TAC TV is a collection of  technical self-help videos developed by TAC network engineers to show you step-by-step how to perform common operational tasks like provisioning, configuration and troubleshooting on your Calix platforms. ​


Click the link below to start raising your Network Improvement IQ!