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Calix Consulting Services

Business Transformation

Calix Consulting Services

Communication Service Providers are moving through a time of significant change. New technologies, new applications, emerging competitors, and regulatory changes are challenging traditional business and operating models. 

Subscribers are constantly using new applications and driving up bandwidth needs.  Simply operating the network without insights into subscribers’ usage is no longer sufficient.  In order to stay relevant and competitive, providers need to proactively manage the subscriber’s experience, understand their needs and their constantly changing usage patterns.

Calix Consulting can provide expert resources, tools, and services to assist communication services providers (CSPs) navigate through these new dynamics.  Our consulting offers are designed to accelerate your business transformation and help you manage these new challenges.

Calix Catalyst

Calix Catalyst services are focused on the deployment of the Calix Cloud and Calix Compass application portfolio. These applications provide tools to improve visibility and control of your network and subscribers. Our team of project managers and application experts assist you with the initial deployment and introduction of these cloud-based applications into your business and help drive adoption, ensuring that you are able to fully leverage Calix Cloud and Compass applications across your whole enterprise. Catalyst services also support complex deployments where there is a need to fully integrate applications into your OSS/BSS environment.