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Calix Education Services offers flexible learning solutions to develop and validate skills in the area of access network technologies. Acquire the knowledge and best practices to build sound networks. Ensure delivery of quality residential and business services to your customers.

Be prepared to take on the toughest network deployment challenges and ensure services are exceeding your customers' expectations by enrolling into the Calix Academy online and instructor-led classes.

Learning Solutions

The Road to Certification Begins Here

Find out which eLearning and instructor-led courses to take and in what order – so you can work toward specific learning goals or prepare for Calix certifications.

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Choose from Flexible Learning Options

The Calix Academy offers a blend of instructor-led classes and online eLearning courses to help you meet your learning goals.

Instructor-led classes allow you to interact with an experienced Calix instructor and engage in comprehensive hands-on lab exercises. Classes can be accessed virtually from your desk or onsite in a physical classroom.They can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

Online eLearning is available at any time and provides an interactive learning experience to help you learn at your own pace.

Featured Courses

AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System

  • Introduction to E-9
  • E9 Installation

E3-2 Intelligent PON

  • Introduction to E3-2 Intelligent PON
  • E9 Installation

E7 Troubleshooting

  • E7 GPON Optical Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • E7 DSL Troubleshooting

G.fast Solution

  • G.fast Fundamentals for NetOps
  • G.fast Services for Customer Support
  • G.fast Services for NetOps

Managing the Subscriber Experience

  • Using Consumer Connect Plus
    and the 800G
  • Using Consumer Connect Plus
    and the 844GE
  • Using Consumer Connect Plus
    and the 844E


Validate Your Knowledge and Skills

Join the growing number of Calix-certified engineers and technicians. Show your peers real-world proof of your knowledge and skills in provisioning and maintaining Calix systems.

Calix learning courses are the fastest way to build your knowledge. Each Calix certification has recommended training that will help you prepare for the certification test.

Benefits of Calix Certification

Achieving Calix Certification represents a rigorous technical accomplishment that validates your expertise in working with Calix access systems and technologies.

Having Calix certified technical talent in the organization helps Service Providers realize greater benefits from their investments in Calix products, enhancing the ability to deliver value to their own customers.

Learning Paths for Certification Prep

Unified Access E7 Specialist B6 Specialist C7 Specialist E-Series Professional
Unified Access Learning Path E7 Learning Path B6 Learning Path C7 Learning Path EAN Design and Engineering Best Practices Blended Learning Path

Event Calendar in Calix Academy

Expand your knowledge of Calix solutions. Calix Academy has a number of live instructor-led events such as virtual classes and targeted webinars on technical topics. Enroll in an upcoming class or webinar today.

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Need a Custom Class?

Contact Calix Education Services to schedule a custom class for your company. We offer virtual or physical onsite classes to meet your specific learning needs.