Make your employees feel valued
and create a better subscriber experience​

Calix Education Services

New enterprise subscription for Intelligent Access EDGE customers
enables your team to be more productive, reduce escalations,
and resolve problems faster

Develop your most valuable asset

Prepare your team to deploy and run next-generation networks and lead a next-generation business

New enterprise subscription for Intelligent Access EDGE customers
enables your team to be more productive, reduce escalations,
and resolve problems faster


Calix Education Services

Prepare your team to support the latest technology with new and updated education services

It’s more important than ever to develop your employees and train them on the technology and applications that delight your subscribers. Calix Education Services offer flexible learning solutions to develop and validate the skills you need.


A new learning experience

Calix University Learner Portal

Personalized learning provides simplified access to a world of upskill opportunities in the Calix academies and communities.


Take a tour of the Calix University learner portal

Personalized experience

It’s easier to find and take the courses, learning plans, and training resources that can make you more proficient in your job and advance your career. Automated course suggestions help you expand job skills and knowledge.

Enhanced learning

A gamified learning environment adds fun and friendly competition with badges and Champion Points that mark training and certification milestones.

Management made easy

Courses material is easily navigated and learned by the student allowing them to comfortably gain new skills at their own pace. Manage your learning progress and performance as you gain job skills and badges that demonstrate your mastery of the topics.


Accelerate your investment in Intelligent Access EDGE and the Revenue EDGE

Job role specific courses and Learning Plans make it easy to determine the right training

Take the guesswork out of selecting the courses you need to help your company and help your career. Learning Plans consist of curated courses and job resources to prepare you with the skills to take on the toughest network deployment challenges and ensure the services you delvier are exceeding your subscribers’ expectations.


Courses for Intelligent Access EDGE

Accelerate your planning, deployment, and operation of your access network with courses, learning plans, and certification options for the Intelligent Access EDGE.


Courses for Revenue EDGE

Ramp your knowledge, then grow your subscribers! Gain skills and knowledge on Calix Cloud, GigaFamily systems, and Revenue EDGE Services and Suites.

Continuous learning is key to your company’s success

Creating a culture of continuous learning for your team is easy with Calix Education Services subscription options

Enterprise and individual options will accelerate team expertise on Revenue EDGE and Intelligent Access EDGE.

Individual Education Subscription

For operations and engineering professionals wanting to gain technical and platform knowledge in the most economical way across the entire Calix portfolio.

Enterprise Subscription for Revenue EDGE

Introduction to GigaSpire BLAST u6 just added! The value of the Revenue EDGE eLearning Education Subscription continues to grow with new and updated courses for your entire organization.

Intelligent Access EDGE eLearning Enterprise Subscription​

Upskill teams with the latest Intelligent Access EDGE eLearning courses, updated with each release. The IAE Enterprise eLearning Subscription enables your team to be more productive, reduce escalations, and resolve problems faster, and do it with confidence​.

Training your team pays dividends to your business

A well-trained team with the right mix of technical know-how, solution training, and hands-on skills, gives you a competitive edge in the market and has a measurable impact on revenue growth and profitability. 


Team confidence and subscriber satisfaction rise with new service launch

Kerry Alvey, chief operating officer with South Central Communications, discusses how the investment he made in Calix Education Services training helped develop cross organizational expertise that built team confidence and accelerated their new service launch.

Technical training benefits continue to accrue for Citizens outside the classroom

Citizens found immense value in our technical training, it helped them make the critical transition from AXOS to SMx. Dean Wood, WAN Technician at Citizens found the Wi-Fi specialist course to be one of the best classes he had attended as it covered everything about Wi-Fi technologies from best practices to troubleshooting. ​

Hargray improves productivity with IAE Subscription​

“The training not only bolsters the confidence of the individual technicians, but it makes them feel valued."

—Dan Thompson, Manager of Regional Operations, Hargray Communications​


Let's take your team to the next level now

Calix Education Services is ready to discuss with you how our portfolio of self-paced, instructor led, hands on lab courses, learning plans, and the different academies can upskill your organization. We can develop a customized learning curriculum and deliver it remotely or onsite that fits your needs and covers the topics that are right for your team. Try us out now!