Calix Professional Services

Enable and transform your network.

Enable and Transform

Calix Professional Services

Our team of trained, certified Project Managers, Network Engineers and Field Service teams can help you quickly scale up to deploy Calix equipment. We can provide planning, engineering and supply chain support services that ensure a tightly integrated approach to your network deployment. This allows you to simplify projects and provide the opportunity to accelerate the time to new services and revenue.

Deployment Services

Using field-proven time-saving techniques and Calix Best Practices, Calix engineers apply the highest standards of workmanship to all engineering, furnish, and installation projects. These projects can range from installing equipment in a central office or remote cabinet to retrofitting remote cabinets, as well as complete system and service provisioning and Calix software upgrades.

Calix Deployment Services include:

Plan | Design | Deploy

  • Site surveys
  • Central office installation
  • Cabinet placement and retrofits
  • Material procurement and logistics management
  • Staging, kitting, integration
  • Turn-up, test, and provisioning
  • Cutover support
  • Quality audit

Network Transformation

Calix stands ready to help you transform your network with an array of services - including these:

Assess | Optimize | Migrate

  • Network transformation Assessment
  • Network performance audit
  • Network engineering
  • Network split, network merge
  • Node insertion, node move
  • Transport reconfiguration
  • Bandwidth reconfiguration
  • Uplink conversion
  • Protection implementation
  • Service relocation
  • Software upgrade
  • Project management

Validate | Integrate

  • Network architecture and design
  • Design and solution validation using the Calix Compatibility Lab
  • Test and acceptance plan
  • Network trial and on-site support
  • End-to-end service integration
  • IPTV solution packages
  • Program management

Success Story: Network Transformation Analysis

Simplifying network migration planning for a small rural telco:

Network Transformation Analysis



Located in central Ohio, a local communication company has been a provider of telephone service to its community for 80 years, and now also provides high speed Internet and cable TV services. As with many other service providers, this company has been struggling to keep up with subscriber demands and is under competitive pressure from the local cable provider.

Determined to maintain its competitive position and deliver the best possible customer experience, the service provider wanted to invest in the Calix E7-20 Ethernet Service Access platform (ESAP) to expand network capacity and ensure that it could deliver the next generation services its residential and business customers would demand.

With minimal in-house resources, the service provider was looking for a partner that could help architect their new network and also provide a clear pathway to keep Network Transformation as simple as possible to execute.

With limited CAPEX budget, it was also important that the service provider could take a phased approach to migrating its network over time and that its investment balanced immediate capacity constraints with future demand requirements.


Calix Professional Services team delivered a Network Transformation Analysis, which provided:

  1. A detailed review of current network performance and capacity
  2. A revised network design based on anticipated future demands
  3. A network migration plan

Examples of specific activities completed during this service included:

  • Bandwidth utilization assessment
  • Subscriber profile and template review (CMS/iMS)
  • File system inspection
  • Timing verification
  • Provisioning assessment
  • Alarm history and performance monitoring data review
  • Protection evaluation (equipment and facility)
  • Video - analysis of video growth trends and impact of additional channels being added
  • Data - Mapped aggregate Internet growth over 36-month period
  • Documentation and graphing of traffic and service forecasts
  • Detailed "as-is" network design drawing


From the service provider's Engineering Manager: "We have limited budget and resources, and we're constantly battling the need to maintain our current services and invest in capacity for future demand. With the Calix Network Transformation Analysis we were provided a clear set of priorities and a roadmap for our network planning and engineering activity over the next several months. We're confident that if we execute to this plan, we'll finally start to get ahead of our customer demands and be able to provide a more competitive set of services."

Network Transformation Made Simple

Network migration made simple for a small rural telco: From ATM to all-IP over Ethernet and fiber with minimal downtime and maximum customer satisfaction


A small, rural, century-old telephone company with a loyal base of 3000 customers saw the need to make a major network upgrade to stay ahead of customer demands and provide new service offerings. With only 25 employees, however, the service provider was concerned about its ability to assure a seamless transition with the least impact on its customers.


Calix Professional Services helped to engineer, install, configure, test, and activate a new all-IP over Ethernet network over fiber. The Calix team also assisted with integrating the network equipment into backoffice systems.

Calix provided:

  • Project management
  • Network engineering and planning for the new six-node 10GE network
  • Network installation, configuration, and testing
  • Network integration into the Customer OSS/BSS systems
  • Customer migration for all business and residential customers from the old ATM ring to the new network
  • Detailed, customized documentation to ensure self-sufficiency for the service provider's own technicians in handling future provisioning and network upgrades


From Calix Engineer Manager David LaMarche: "We know how to do this, we've done it before, and we can do it quickly. We had a great history with the client's management team, and they were very comfortable with us. We knew the pitfalls and how to avoid them, and we thought of everything so they didn't have to. They've spent 100 years building a good reputation. The last thing they wanted to do was lose it."

From the client's Central Office Special Services Supervisor: "The migration of customers was a well thought-out process with Calix engineers and Professional Services helping us…. Speed was not the issue – the work was done correctly, on schedule, and with the least amount of service interruption to our customers."

More details

Working with their own network architecture and design plans, Calix engineers:

  • Developed a network design that would meet the anticipated growth need in the service provider network
  • Configured all network elements based on detailed engineering plans
  • Coordinated the project kick-off
  • Enabled all physical and logical connections
  • Ensured that all spares were in place
  • Activated and tested the new network
  • Provisioned each device for connectivity and circuits to ensure that the new design worked as expected
  • Mapped out a network migration plan for all business and residential customers
  • Turned on several customers to further validate the new system
  • Migrated all customers
  • Provided comprehensive documentation that included all network and configuration details for the service provider's technicians