Analytics and insights from
the cloud to power your business ​

Analytics and insights from
the cloud to power your business ​

What is Cloud Analytics?

The science and art of finding and ​applying meaningful insights​

Data is everywhere, but without a solution to help make it actionable—it's basically useless. With cloud analytics you can do just that by storing, aggregating, and processing raw data in the cloud and then delivering insights to power your business across all your departments.

As you unlock data trapped in disparate systems and siloes, you will be able to strategically address your subscribers needs whether it's troubleshooting a technical issue like a Wi-Fi outage or upgrading them to a higher service tier with increased bandwidth. With more insights you'll be able to craft a true 360 degree experience that excites. ​

Unlock​ data currently trapped in your access network ​

Democratize data for fast and easy access to business insights​

Empower ​line-of-business professionals with purpose-built tools​


What to expect from a carrier-class cloud platform?

A platform purpose-built for Broadband Service Providers allows providers of all sizes to easily access real-time data, analytics, and automation for running an efficient and subscriber-centric business.


Performance at scale

Optimized to handle large-scale network, subscriber and third-party system data, ​provide real-time insights, and ​easily grow as your business grows.

Easy integrations

Built to work easily with OSS, ​BSS, and other key business systems and workflow partners that simplify collaboration and create new business opportunities. 

Security and data privacy​

Designed with strong safeguards and best practices in place to ensure security and compliance are built into the infrastructure, data handling and communications.

Mission-critical availability

Architected to minimize service disruptions ​and unplanned downtime whether the ​data is being used for customer support, marketing, or network operations.​


Own your data. Own your brand.
Own the experience.

Subscribers want experiences that are seamless, easy-to-use, reliable, and most importantly relevant. This takes powerful behavioral data to uncover meaningful insights that help deliver both proactive support solutions and differentiated experiences throughout the subscriber journey. From support, to marketing, to network operations, your business needs to be completely aligned. It takes a holistic, coordinated approach. Don't settle for being just another service provider—be an experience provider.​


Discover how your peers are becoming experience providers
with powerful cloud analytics


Improving customer satisfaction through analytics

Discover how tapping into precious data distributed across multiple systems in the service provider world can result in amazing business results. Hear from SCTelecom, a Kansas-based telecommunications provider, on:

  • How data analytics and machine learning are changing the service provider landscape.
  • Why leveraging analytics intelligently across all business functions is becoming essential for growth.
  • What new approach SCTelecom is taking to drive revenue and subscriber satisfaction.

Norvado achieves 99 percent uptake of premium Wi-Fi service with new subscribers

Wisconsin service provider exemplifies marketing best practices by deploying EDGE Suites within its premium Apex Managed WIFI service; branding the experience to build subscriber loyalty and enable upsell opportunities—all based on data-driven subscriber insights.


Pioneer amplifies the power of insights with its Experience Management Team

Kim Grellner, Vice President of Marketing, Sales & Service at Pioneer, and her team, underscore the endless benefits of exploring innovative ways to apply insights across the business.


ALLO Communications shares its secret to growing rapidly in a competitive market

Brad Moline, President at ALLO, and his team share how they are keeping their brand promise of being exceptional and hassle-free by investing in proactive customer care.

How to get started?​

Calix Cloud, purpose-built for broadband service providers, takes the complexity out of cloud analytics, and delivers meaningful insights to each business function within your organization.​

Built for marketers:

  • Audience-based Segmentation
  • Built-in Intelligence
  • Automated Actions
  • Integrations with Key Systems

Built for customer care:

  • An Intuitive Cockpit
  • Automated Diagnostics
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Foundation for Carrier Class Services

Built for network operators:

  • Complete E2E visibility 
  • Precise identification of issues 
  • Optimized and automated workflows 
  • Alarm prioritization 
  • Proactive and Predictive Maintenance