Eliminate your FCC performance testing compliance risk​

FCC Performance Testing Solution

Experience the most scalable integrated FCC Broadband
Performance Testing Solution in the industry​

Eliminate your FCC performance testing compliance risk​

FCC Performance Testing Solution

Experience the most scalable integrated FCC Broadband
Performance Testing Solution in the industry​

Get your playbook for success​

FCC Performance testing is here, and with the stakes so high it’s essential to get it right the first time. This eBook shares key steps to better navigate your Broadband Performance Testing journey.​


FCC Performance Testing

Ensure that your network is operating at the performance levels your subscribers expect. With Calix GigaSpire BLAST systems and GigaCenters, together with Calix Support Cloud and Calix Professional Services, broadband service providers can not only ensure compliance with the FCC required testing, but also utilize built- in intelligence to continuously improve the subscriber experience.

For service providers seeking additional expertise and guidance with the compliance process, Calix offers Professional Services for Broadband Performance Testing and educational training for Calix Support Cloud to help implement the testing framework.


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FCC Performance Testing is around the corner. Make sure you're ready.

The start of FCC performance testing is just around the corner and over 500 A-CAM I, Rural Experiment and Alaska Fund recipients need to start testing on January 1, 2021. Crunch time is fast approaching for service providers to validate FCC performance testing architectures.  

Make sure you are ready.


Customer Success

Pioneer deploys GigaSpires to blaze new trails and meet performance testing requirements

Hear why Pioneer, after evaluating other options, decided to use GigaSpire BLAST systems and Calix Support Cloud to meet the FCC’s performance testing requirements for their Connect America Funds.

Broadband Performance Testing made easy​

Comprehensive bundle includes all the components to start FCC Performance Testing fast​

The Broadband Performance Testing Bundle is well suited to help you now and into the future to address the concerns you have with staying compliant with broadband testing requirements. ​

The Broadband Performance Testing Bundle includes:

  • Cloud-based test controller - Calix Support Cloud Experience Management Edition (EME) eliminates the complexities of setting up tests and collecting and providing the results per FCC requirements. ​
  • Integrated test clients - Calix GigaSpire BLAST U4 systems provide unobtrusively provides broadband test client features along with Wi-Fi 6 and support for multi-gigabit throughput for IPTV video and data services. ​
  • Onboarding, training, test framework setup and ongoing analysis and guidance – The Broadband Performance Testing Service is committed to helping your team establish and maintain a workable testing framework. In addition to test setup, reporting, ongoing analysis, and guidance on resolving endpoint performance issues, we also provide exclusive quarterly webinars covering the latest industry news on broadband testing requirements.​
  • Support and software maintenance - Calix Standard Support helps you keep your Calix Cloud and premises solutions operating at peak efficiency. You have access to the latest software releases for your Calix solutions as well as access to Calix Technical Assistance Center (TAC) resources.​

GigaSpire BLAST Systems

FCC Performance Testing Client

Choose GigaSpire BLAST systems or GigaCenters to execute speed and latency tests.

Calix Support Cloud

FCC Performance Testing Controller

Eliminate the complexities of setting up the tests, collecting and reporting the results according to FCC requirements with Calix Support Cloud.

Calix Professional Services

Broadband Performance Testing Service

Guidance on CAF deployments

Calix Professional Services can help with updated training courses and assistance throughout the compliance process. 


Start testing now!

The earlier you start, the better. Several carriers have already initiated extensive pre-testing partnering with Calix. The head start is helping ensure compliance to avoid the harsh financial penalties.

Calix has experts available to assist you. 

Not sure where to start? Watch our TAC TV video on how to create and download FCC performance test reports in Calix Support Cloud.


Are you looking for more information?

Calix is a trusted partner for service providers who are leveraging various CAF programs to deliver great subscriber experiences. The resources below contain links to previous FCC Performance Testing Webinars and Press Releases.

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FCC Performance Testing is around the corner. Make sure you're ready.

On October 25th, The FCC adopted the order under consideration modifying the original performance testing requirements. With these new changes, most carriers will benefit from a delay in the program for one or more years.  However, the changes will also impact how carriers route test traffic to server cities and how subscribers are recruited for testing.

ConneXions Presentation

Are you ready for the FCC Speed and Latency Test Requirement?

In July 2018, the FCC released DA18-710 describing its new rules for CAF testing.  For those who are recipients of Connect America Fund (CAF) high-cost universal service support, let's discuss more about these changes. With continued lobbying in DC, the opportunity is now for affected service providers to plan how they're going to meet these new obligations by January 1, 2020.