The role of a mobile app for a BSP

Unlock the value of your brand
with a mobile app

The role of a mobile app for a BSP

Unlock the value of your brand
with a mobile app

What impact can a mobile app have on your business?

Consumers worldwide are downloading over 200 billion mobile apps each year and spending more than four hours within them each day. Entrenched in our everyday lives, mobile apps play a pivotal role in how consumers interact with companies, products and services.

For broadband service providers (BSPs), mobile apps represent a tremendous opportunity to enhance your brand, improve subscriber engagement and grow business revenue.


Simplify subscriber self-service and reduce operating costs

"The Revenue EDGE helps us deliver a world-class, premium managed Wi-Fi experience to rural and previously underserved Tennesseans that rivals that of their urban counterparts, exciting our subscribers. Our branded mobile app not only helps them control their in-home experience, but also simplifies and lowers the cost of our operations by giving us added visibility into subscriber behavior through Support Cloud."

—Josh Lynch, CCO, United Communications


“Fast, reliable connectivity into and throughout the home was just the start, but to grow our business, we need to continue to differentiate our offering by making the in-home broadband experience unbeatable. With the simplicity of the mobile app and value-adds of full network security and management offerings, Calix delivers everything we need to continue to excite our members and grow our business.”

—Bruce Todd, CEO for STRATA Networks


Excite subscribers and put your brand—and only your brand—first


Grow your value and deliver managed services

“We’re able to give our members a rich experience that they simply cannot get anywhere else—managed Wi-Fi service at gigabit speeds, with an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app that provide the management, security, and parental controls to keep their networks running smoothly.”

—Nate Brickner, CEO, Bascom Communications


Maximize subscriber engagement with mobile notifications

Push notifications offer a superior method for engaging subscribers. Ten times more likely to be read over email, mobile notifications offer message opt-in rates that far exceed that of other communication platforms. When used effectively, mobile notifications can help BSPs inform subscribers of service-related issues and increase campaign take rates.


Mobile apps open the door to so much more

By offering subscribers a mobile app, you not only extend your brand but also expand your potential for revenue growth. A mobile app gives BSPs a delivery platform to offer in-app added value services, promote new solutions, enable new experiences, and so much more.     

Advanced Parental Controls

62 percent of teens report that their parents have no idea of what they do online. Parents want to better control their child’s online use. What if you could offer them an app to help?

Network Security

Malware threats and cyberattacks are continuously on the rise. What if you could deliver home network protection via a mobile app that provides your subscribers with peace of mind?

Multi-App Integration

The average household now has more than 10 connected smart-home devices. What value could you offer subscribers with an app that integrates with other smart solutions in their home?



Ready to see the mobile app solution set to transform your business?

CommandIQ, is a stunning mobile app that offers a unique combination of consumer design and carrier-class capabilities to elevate your brand while enabling flawless delivery of managed services to help you simplify subscriber engagement, excite subscribers with your brand and grow your value. For subscribers, it delivers everything they need to control every aspect of the connected home experience.