EDGE Enablement

Helping you accelerate growth
at the Revenue EDGE

EDGE Enablement

Helping you accelerate growth
at the Revenue EDGE

EDGE Enablement

Programs designed to help service providers get positioned for future growth.

Calix is dedicated to the success of our customers. EDGE Enablement is just one example of that commitment, with marketing, education, success and professional services that can be used to evaluate, educate, launch, promote and WIN with new services.


What is EDGE Enablement?

There are times when internal resources may be stretched thin. EDGE Enablement was designed to help you delight your subscribers while accelerating growth and success. We're with you every step of the way. 

Market Activation

Education Services

Customer Success Services

Professional Services


Exclusive for CommandIQ® Personalization customers

The all new Market Activation Video Editor (MAVE)

Video customized with your branding is an invaluable asset to engage, inform and educate subscribers. MAVE allows you to easily personalize Calix-provided educational and promotional subscriber-facing videos. By branding these videos with your own logos, contact information, and images, you can ensure your own brand remains front and center with your subscribers.  

  • Single portal easy access to all videos
  • Personalized pre-built promotional themed video templates 
  • Customizable go-to-market videos
  • Free subscription to new, monthly content
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Calix Marketing awarded third consecutive "Best in Class" marketing award from BMMA

Calix campaign receives recognition as the best Vendor Marketing Award for 2020.

“We received a number of exceptional submissions for this year’s marketing award. The Board was impressed by both the breadth and depth of the Revenue EDGE marketing campaign and are pleased to announce Calix as the winner of this year’s vendor marketing award.”

--Roger Lewis, Co-Chair of the BMMA Board of Directors and

Product Manager, Internet and Security at GVTC


Education Services

Calling all marketers, field techs and customer service reps!

Accelerate your team’s knowledge with essential role-based Learning Paths for the Revenue EDGE.  

Enterprise Subscription for Revenue EDGE

A Revenue EDGE enterprise eLearning subscription gives all your team members in your entire company access to critical courses to ramp your Revenue EDGE initiatives at one low annual price. Below you will find a link to our course catalog with a list of all eligible subscription courses. 


Customer Success Services

Faster time-to-market and improved adoption
of EDGE Suites and Services

Accelerate your Go-to-Market with Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services.

Calix Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services provide you faster time-to-market and improved adoption and help you better address competition, generate revenue, and increase subscriber lifetime value.

Expanding and evolving existing premier level Marketing Cloud and Support Cloud Customer Success Services, Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services delivers your Marketing, Customer Support and Services, and Field Installation teams with exceptional market insights, data driven go-to-market guidance, cross functional playbooks for better launch execution, and training to accelerate team readiness


Professional Services

If time-to-market is important to you, then these
Professional Services are vital to your success

Operationalize fast

EDGE Enablement

Customer Support and Field Technician readiness, Wi-Fi testing and certification, Calix Cloud workflow setup and optimization, and onsite assistance in actual subscriber installations helps you operationalize fast and improve the end-to-end delivery and installation of EDGE Suites, Services and Systems.

Extend your brand

CommandIQ® Personalization Service

Do you want to reinforce the value of your service and stay top-of-mind in the subscriber experience? Branded mobile apps have a positive impact on consumer attitudes and CommandIQ Personalization provides you a modified app and ongoing updates featuring your logo and colors to keep your brand front and center with your subscribers.

Accelerate your premises installs

Deployment Enablement Services

Easy-to-order fast-start bundle lets you start enjoying the benefits at a fraction of the price

Arm your field installers and contractors with automation tools and best practices to improve quality and reduce repeat truck rolls on GigaSpire Systems premises installations. New easy-to-order bundle lets you start enjoying the benefits at a fraction of the price. 

Assure ongoing broadband QoS

Broadband Performance Testing

Are you prepared to meet the CAF-funding related testing, analysis, and compliance requirements? Calix Professional Services will help you accelerate the deployment of your testing framework and provide you regular reporting and analysis of broadband Quality of Service performance analysis of your test results along with helping you on the required filings.