EDGE Services

Leverage Revenue EDGE capabilities
to elevate your service and
the subscriber experience

EDGE Services

Leverage Revenue EDGE capabilities
to elevate your service and
the subscriber experience

The one-two punch of EDGE Services

Elevate your service and the subscriber experience by sharing the power of EDGE Services

Why stop at the edge of the home? Owning the subscriber experience inside the subscriber's home provides the opportunity to gain insights to better serve subscribers, get them up and running faster, and keep competitors far away.


Elevate the Subscriber Experience

Ultimate Managed Wi-Fi


Subscribers do not believe that the service you provide ends at the side of the home. Many homes no longer have any wired devices connected to their router or residential gateway, the primary source of connectivity is now Wi-Fi. So how can you ensure you aren’t turning this experience over to your competitors and losing the ability to support your subscribers? ​



Once you take ownership of the subscriber experience, it's critical to provide subscribers with visibility and control of their home network. CommandIQ enables easy onboarding for BLAST systems, provides self service, one touch speed tests, parental controls and more. 


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Presentation de CommandIQ™ en français!

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Introducing CommandIQ™ in French

Alexa Voice Services​

Interact with ease. With BLAST Ultimate Wi-Fi Systems, powered by EXOS, you can harness the power of Amazon’s Alexa. Use CommandIQ to control the home network and activate Alexa skills to have her answer simple questions about your home network.


Elevate Your Service

Broadband Performance Testing​

Elevate your service by implementing broadband performance testing as a standard practice or to ensure that you fully comply with regulations.

Mobile Notifications

EDGE Services demonstrate the power of the Revenue EDGE end-to-end solution by providing a cost-effective channel to communicate relevant, targeted messages directly to the  palm of your subscriber's hand.


Turn the subscriber edge into a competitive edge for your business and for your subscribers

Delivering ultimate experiences for your subscribers and revenue for your organization.