SmartHome Managed Services

Deliver the ultimate subscriber
experience with SmartHome
managed services​

SmartHome Managed Services

Deliver the ultimate subscriber
experience with SmartHome
managed services​


SmartHome Residential Managed Services

Differentiate in crowded markets with valuable product offerings for your subscribers

Give your subscribers the tools to enhance, operate and secure their connected lifestyle through a growing SmartHome portfolio of managed services, part of the innovative SmartLife portfolio​. Streamline subscriber controls and management of their Wi-Fi  services with the CommandIQ® mobile app. ​​


Ultimate subscriber experience starts with the mobile app

Put convenience and control at their fingertips

CommandIQ® is your branded mobile app that offers a unique combination of consumer design and carrier-class capabilities. Centralize delivery and accessibility of your SmartHome managed services and elevate how your subscribers experience your brand with everything they need to control every aspect of their connected home experience.  


An ever-growing family of managed services—all managed by you​

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BSPs can now protect children from online dangers as Calix launches new managed service with online safety leader, Bark


Calix launches Servify Care, a comprehensive connected-device protection program your subscribers will love


​Home network protection to prevent malicious activity



Deliver home network protection that provides peace of mind​

Home networks can be the target of cyberattacks, probing for vulnerabilities and unprotected devices. 

ProtectIQ™ provides subscribers:

  • Malicious website protection, anti-virus and anti-ransomware packet inspection, and intrusion detection.
  • Traffic monitoring that automatically blocks suspicious activity.
  • A dashboard showing how you are actively protecting their home network.

Enhanced parental controls take your service to the next level​



Give subscribers control of their Wi-Fi experience​

Subscribers want the tools to manage the content accessible by devices connected to their home network. ​

ExperienceIQ™ provides subscribers:

  • Enhanced parental controls to enforce the rules they’ve established for their home.
  • My Priorities helps manage which devices receive bandwidth prioritization in the home.
  • Family profile tools to manage type of content and hours of use for each person or device in the home.

Connected camera solution brings peace of mind

Arlo Secure

Offer a market-leading connected camera solution​

Arlo Secure provides subscribers:​

  • The ability to self-monitor their perimeter and be aware of who is at their front door, even when they’re away​.
  • Advanced smart home support, compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home Kit, and more.
  • A tool to watch out for their second home or aging parents when they can’t be there in person.

Coming soon



Help ensure work-from-home subscribers stay connected when the unexpected happens

  • Enable subscribers to stay connected even when fiber is interrupted
  • Improve resilience for specific networks, keeping important devices online
  • Retain work-from-home subscribers with a new solution that responds to evolving consumer needs

SCTelcom sees 95 percent uptake of ProtectIQ, driving 200 percent spike in premium Wi-Fi service tier

“By leveraging the full power of the Revenue EDGE, we have seen a tremendous take rate of this value-added service in just one year, contributing to our overall 20 percent increase in managed Wi-Fi services adoption among our members.”


—Carla Shearer, CEO and general manager for SCTelcom

Bascom achieves 95 percent EDGE Suites adoption, reduces support call duration by 80 percent

“We had a strategic imperative to move away from selling routers on a one-off basis to offering our members a high-quality, subscription-based home network experience that delivers everything in one package, at one price.”


—Nate Brickner, CEO and general manager of Bascom Communications

99 percent uptake of premium Wi-Fi service among new subscribers

“Our subscribers have enthusiastically embraced our first managed service offering, Apex Managed WIFI, and we’re excited to be extending this to include new services, such as managed smart home solutions from Arlo, available within Calix EDGE Suites."


—Chad Mix, marketing director for Norvado