One plan
protects the devices
your subscribers love!

One plan
protects the devices
your subscribers love!


Servify Care

Calix introduces Servify Care™, a single, comprehensive device protection program that your customers are sure to love

Go to market quickly with brand-differentiating, managed services on top of your managed Wi-Fi offerings to create tailored experiences

to meet unique subscriber needs.


What would it cost to replace your devices and device warranties?


Servify Care is an exclusive, completely integrated managed service offering from Calix that enables BSPs like you to simplify and improve your subscriber’s home technology experience. 

  • With Servify Care, you can help your subscribers save hundreds of dollars each year by protecting their eligible devices under a single plan - with one price on one bill. 
  • Servify Care is a great way to increase customer loyalty to your brand by increasing the value of your offerings. It’s another way that Calix enables BSPs like you to offer unique subscriber benefits and continually introduce new services that address their evolving needs, resulting in increased customer loyalty and ARPU growth while becoming more recession-proof. 

Home devices have more than doubled since 2019.
How are your subscribers protecting these investments?

Servify Care is a multi-device protection program that simplifies your subscribers’ technology-driven lives.

The average value of household consumer electronics has surged to well over $7,500 with an average of 16 devices in each home. The cost of individual warranties for those TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartwatches and game consoles (to name a few) can really add up. With Servify Care your customers can enjoy the convenience and cost savings associated with a single protection plan that protects the devices your subscribers depend upon for working, playing, and enjoying their lives to the fullest. And if any of those devices break or malfunction, it’s one simple and streamlined claims process for repairs or replacements.  And all those benefits can be associated with your brand and the relationship you have with your customers.  

Servify Care provides: 

  • Guaranteed Service: If a device breaks or malfunctions, Servify Care will either repair, replace, or reimburse your customer. 
  • Affordable Price Options: Extended warranty and accidental damage plans are available at price points your customers will appreciate. 
  • No Additional Protection Needed: Your customers can protect their current and future devices without worrying about receipts. 
  • Hassle-free Claims Experience: Servify Care provides a fast, frictionless, and 100% online claims process. 

Servify Care makes home tech device care simple, effortless,
and affordable!

Your customers can cover an unlimited number of eligible devices that they currently own – as well as any future devices that they purchase.

No matter what their budget is, your subscribers can protect their devices against a variety of issues including mechanical breakdowns, power surges, and accidental damage. 

Eligible devices include all types of: 

  • Computers & Accessories: PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, monitors, printers 
  • Home Entertainment: Smart TVs, streaming Blu-ray players, receivers, speakers 
  • Personal Devices: Digital cameras, eReaders, tablets, wireless headphones, watches, and fitness trackers  
  • Smart Home Devices: Smart hub solutions, thermostats, video surveillance cameras, water meter readers, and vacuums 

Servify Care is completely integrated with Calix Cloud

Servify Care is fully integrated with Revenue EDGE, enabling Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) to roll out this premium service quickly. BSPs need new ways to differentiate and grow their brands in increasingly competitive markets and Calix is answering the call with our growing portfolio of turnkey offerings like Servify Care.


Load subscribers interested in Servify Care directly into Calix Deployment Cloud


Subscribers can enter their devices into the Servify website and see Servify Care in CommandIQ


BSPs can see all claim statuses from subscribers on Support Cloud

Calix knows that BSPs like you seek new ways to differentiate and grow your brand in increasingly competitive markets. That’s why Servify Care is fully integrated with Revenue EDGE, enabling you to easily and quickly roll out this new managed service and give your customers another reason to appreciate your brand and their relationship with it.  

You can: 

  • Load your subscribers interested in Servify Care directly into Calix Deployment Cloud 
  • See all claim statuses from subscribers on Calix Support Cloud 

After being entered into Calix Cloud, your subscribers can: 

  • Enter their devices into the Servify website or app 
  • View Servify Care in CommandIQ and track any claims 

With new, valuable offerings like Servify Care, Calix enables BSPs like you to delight your subscribers and create a completely differentiated portfolio from your competitors. Help keep your subscribers’ tech investments protected, address their “peace of mind” challenges, build trust, and deepen your engagement, resulting in ARPU growth, and the ability to become a more recession-proof company.