From coax to Calix

Learn why cable operators are leveraging the power of Calix's
software platform to make the move from DOCSIS to 10G XGS-PON

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The Independent Show July 30-August 2
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From coax to Calix

Learn why cable operators are leveraging the power of Calix's
software platform to make the move from DOCSIS to 10G XGS-PON

Join Calix at these upcoming events:
The Independent Show July 30-August 2
SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 23 October 16-19

Cable Operators

Transform your customers’ broadband experience

As cable operators increasingly pursue a strategy  to evolve from a video-first to a broadband-first business, they rely on Calix to help transform their network and go-to-market model


Provision services with zero disruption

With DPx, the industry's first virtualized DOCSIS connector, you can integrate everyPON services into your existing DOCSIS provisioning & customer support environment, eliminating the costs and operational impacts traditionally required to deploy GPON/10G PON.


Deliver a superior customer experience through a comprehensive solution

Why stop at the cable modem? Leverage Calix Revenue Edge solutions to increase subscriber ARPU, accelerate new service velocity, improve subscriber experience and reduce churn.


Cable Operators trust Calix as their innovation arm

Increase your residential ARPU, grow your business services share of market and position your network to capitalize on 5G via FTTH & 10G PON. Drive revenue and margin growth by leveraging one fiber-based network to serve residential, SMB, enterprise, education, healthcare and wholesale customer segments.

FTTP vs. DOCSIS insights

What are the key factors driving cable operators to shift their investment to software-driven FTTP vs continuing down the DOCSIS 4.0 path?  


Broadband Trends & The Customer Experience

ACA Connects Summit 2023

Calix President & CEO Michael Weening shares his perspectives on broadband trends and the importance of optimizing the subscriber experience to differentiate and thrive in increasingly competitive markets.


10G Deployment Strategies

BTR Summit 2022

For a growing number of cable MSOs, the right strategy to support 10G capabilities involves an all-fiber approach.

Blue Ridge to Rebuild Entire DOCSIS Plant

Rural Pennsylvania operator with 250K homes​ passed will overbuild DOCSIS 3.1 with Calix FTTH​


Living in a Multi Gig World

BTR Summit 2022

Learn why cable operators are leveraging the power of a software platform built on XGS-PON to deliver high speed symmetrical broadband to their customers and position their companies for long-term success.


Why FTTP Delivers OPEX Cost Savings

At ConneXions 2022, cable industry expert Jack Burton from Broadband Success Partners discusses why FTTP solutions deliver significant operating cost savings versus DOCSIS networks, and why an upgrade to DOCSIS 4.0 is complicated.


FTTP vs. DOCSIS Trends

At ConneXions 2022, industry analyst Jeff Heynen from the Dell’Oro Group discusses trends in cable operators deploying FTTP vs. continuing with DOCSIS upgrades.

Powering the plant

As subscribers continue to demand more and more network bandwidth, operators of hybrid-fiber-coax (HFC) networks have some big decisions to make. Should they upgrade their plant to a next-generation HFC architecture, or deploy a fiber to the home (FTTH) architecture leveraging passive optical networks (PONs)?

Learn why cable operators choose Calix


From coax to Calix FTTH

Learn how Conxxus is using Calix end-to-end solutions to deliver optimal customer experiences as they transform their business and network from coax to fiber.


Benefits of Calix 10G Solutions

Learn why Breezeline chose to deploy Calix 10G XGS PON and DPx solutions.


The Differentiation of Managed Services

Hear how Schurz Communications is succeeding by embracing managed services in this Michael Weening interview with Fierce Telecom.


Supporting Schurz’s Transformation to Fiber Provider

From XGS-PON to Managed Wi-Fi to additional Managed Services to the operational benefits of doing all this on one standards-based platform, learn how Schurz Communications is using Calix end-to-end solutions to enable their transformation.  


Ready to get started?

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A better way forward

Evolving the cable network with PON

Fiber Deep, Remote PHY, and Full Duplex can get operators to near “fiber like” speeds. But at what cost? Cable operators believe incremental network upgrades are better than writing one big check for a complete FTTH overhaul. 

Surprisingly these technologies are often more costly than FTTH in low and medium density serving areas.  There is a better way forward.


Are you on the right evolutionary path?

Calix platforms and systems enable cable operators to pivot to PON

In the DataCenter The AXOS enable E9-2 Intelligent Edge System is the CCAP of PON networks. Capable of managing aggregating 100’s of subtended OLTs in just a 2 RU package, the E9-2 has the horsepower to handle the routing, security, and subscriber management functions, simply and cost effectively.
Node based OLT’s that are designed for cable Built from the ground up for Cable, the E3-2 is ideally suited for Distributed Access Architectures
In the Premise Forget RDK-B. Calix premise solutions are designed for a sensational subscriber experience that allows you to define your solution, not a select few.
In your business operations Use the power of analytics to make everyone in your organization a superstar. Seize control of your future.