Why One of America’s Leading WISP’s Chose Calix

Nathan Stooke, CEO of WISPER Internet, discusses how Calix solutions
help grow their business and excite their subscribers.​

Why One of America’s Leading WISP’s Chose Calix

Nathan Stooke, CEO of WISPER Internet, discusses how Calix solutions
help grow their business and excite their subscribers.​


WISPs see opportunity from rooftops to mountain tops

Nothing stands in the way of determined, progressive WISPs that strive to deliver broadband to stranded subscribers. Not even stubborn geography. When no one else can, WISPs step up to deliver for their communities, their neighbors. Whether you're building a fiber network or enhancing your existing fixed wireless subscribers' experience, your subscribers trust you. Calix helps you keep your subscribers and their devices connected. You can trust us. 

Building the ultimate rural broadband business​

Serving multiple regions, TransWorld Network, Corp. selects the Calix Intelligent Access EDGE, Revenue EDGE, and Calix Services to rapidly and cost-effectively grow a business that excites subscribers​.

One day integration transforms subscriber go to market speed and strategy​

Rural Colorado service provider expands rapidly with the GigaSpire BLAST u6 and Calix Service Cloud, enabling go-to-market speed not even possible from consumer Wi-Fi providers.​

Over 400 percent subscriber growth over five years​

Leading regional WISP and new fiber-to-the-home entrant selects Calix Revenue EDGE to deliver the ultimate subscriber experience and fuel massive growth opportunity.​

Subscriber insights powered by a fiber network

Visionary WISP Royell Communications future-proofs their network, leveraging EDGE Insights to redefine the subscriber experience.​

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Expanding Wi-Fi into the 6 GHz Spectrum​

The Wi-Fi spectrum continues to expand rapidly to meet demand with support for new features and capabilities designed to improve speed, capacity, performance, and reliability…

Creating marketing magic: Jade reveals six tips for crafting amazing launches​

After three decades as a family-owned telecommunications provider, we faced a dual threat in our southern Colorado market: the commoditization of broadband and a flood of new competitors...


Become a digital leader for your community

Learn the fundamentals of funding, designing, building, operating, and marketing a broadband business.


Discover how to:

  • Identify and secure funding to connect your community
  • Design a scalable, future-proof network
  • Plan for a smooth broadband build-out
  • Ensure sustainable broadband operations
  • Develop critical marketing skills to excite subscribers

Fixed wireless access or fiber access?
Calix delivers the same in-home subscriber experience.


Fixed Wireless Access

Fiber Access

Whether you're planning to build a fiber network or want to provide complete Wi-Fi coverage for fixed wireless subscribers, Calix Support Cloud and Mesh Enhanced Carrier-Class Wi-Fi delights subscribers no matter where they live.


Managed Wi-Fi

Why it's never been more important

Managed Wi-Fi lets you provide subscribers with everything they need to enjoy the best possible experience. And it reduces support costs for service providers, while generating additional revenue. ​​It’s a win-win.​


What is Managed Wi-Fi?​

Managed Wi-Fi is a premium service offered by a growing number of leading WISPs.​

While every WISP offers basic internet connectivity, managed Wi-Fi takes things to the next level. As its name suggests, managed Wi-Fi means that you actively manage all aspects of your subscriber’s Wi-Fi experience, ensuring they enjoy the fastest speeds, the best performance, and Wi-Fi coverage that extends throughout their homes. While most WISPs are charging a monthly fee for their managed Wi-Fi, others are offering it for free and yet still getting a financial benefit by reducing support costs.


What are the benefits for WISPs?

  • Go beyond being a connectivity provider and offer your subscribers real value in the form of a better online experience.
  • As the smart home continues to evolve, position yourself at the center of it.
  • Be instrumental in providing users with an outstanding online experience.
  • Address your subscribers’ technical challenges as the smart home becomes more complex.
  • Generate new revenue streams with monthly managed Wi-Fi packages.
  • Rein in support costs, which are being driven higher by subscriber Wi-Fi issues.
  • Reduce subscriber churn.



Progressive WISPs choose Calix Managed Wi-Fi solutions


WISPER Internet

WISPER is focused on delivering the ultimate Wi-Fi experience with GigaSpire BLAST Wi-Fi systems, supported by CommandIQ® and augmented by the EDGE Suites.​


ZIRKEL Wireless

Learn how subscribers in and around Steamboat Springs, Colorado receive a Calix GigaCenter for their high-speed Internet connection, then ZIRKEL Wireless “never hears from them again."


SandyNet transforms from WISP to fiber based Service Provider

To deliver the ultimate in subscriber experience, SandyNet embraces Calix GigaCenters to complete their transformation.


The Revenue EDGE

Who really owns your subscriber experience?​


Why do you need the Revenue EDGE? It’s an end-to-end solution, designed specifically for service providers, to ensure you continue to delight your subscribers and own their experience with your services.​


Built to impress. Fast. Easy.

With an entire portfolio of branded assets and marketing campaigns supporting the BLAST ultimate Wi-Fi Experience, Revenue EDGE Enablement empowers you to reach your subscribers through a digital storefront to offer Revenue EDGE services that will enhance their online experience and create loyalty to your brand.

The Electronic Content Builder (ECB) and Market Activation Video Editor (MAVE) allow you to brand print, digital and even videos with your logos, contact information, and images. With this level of personalization, you will ensure your brand remains front and center in your subscriber’s experience. Combine this with marketing consults and playbooks—Calix is there every step of the way.

Be your community’s broadband hero and offer a superior subscriber experience from someone they will trust—even without a big budget.


Exploring a transformation from WISP to fiber based service provider? Developing a Managed Wi-Fi service?

Accelerate delivery and management of new and innovative services to your community

Calix and our partners offer a portfolio of services that will help speed your time to market and return on investment as you plan and deploy new services for your community.