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Simplify your network and operations

The right solution for your network, at the right time

Calix extends its market leadership by expanding the only portfolio of solutions built on software platforms designed to deliver the bandwidth-intensive services of tomorrow - today

Simplify your network and operations

The right solution for your network, at the right time

Calix extends its market leadership by expanding the only portfolio of solutions built on software platforms designed to deliver the bandwidth-intensive services of tomorrow - today

everyPON goes on

Which PON is right for you?


Learn about everyPON: Calix 10G PON Solutions​

5G, AR/VR, over the top video, and Cloud gaming are examples of what will continue to challenge your network. Calix 10G PON Solutions make it possible for you to meet your subscribers demands, whatever they may be. The Calix AXOS and EXOS software platforms support everyPON from EPON to GPON, XGS-PON, 10G EPON and NG-PON2 on the same network, with the same systems and software platform, to deliver flexible, and differentiated services to your subscribers.


CityFibre and Calix disrupt UK broadband market by becoming first in Europe to announce NG-PON2 plans

Innovative full fiber wholesaler CityFibre turbo-charges the UK’s most advanced broadband network with AXOS, races past competition, and reinforces the Calix everyPON strategy.

BrightRidge is driving success in a greenfield deployment with simplified network from Calix

Johnson City, Tennessee-based customer is deploying a next-generation network and providing an additional proof point for the everyPON strategy and the flexibility of AXOS®. 


Do you need to make the shift to 10G PON?

You might.

Bandwidth usage is growing exponentially, so as capacity on your PON becomes a more precious resource you can utilize 10G solutions to protect the subscriber experience. How do you know where to deploy? Fortunately, you have all the information you need in your network to make these decisions. Calix Marketing Cloud can help you identify who and where your heaviest users are, determine what they are using bandwidth for, and see how this usage is changing over time. It's a clear lens into where and when you should introduce 10G PON solutions into your network.


Is your GPON running out of steam?

The continued growth of applications has everyone wondering when GPON will run out of steam and when will 10G PON (XGS-PON / NG-PON2 / 10G EPON) take over? In this webinar, we explore these questions as well as what’s next for PON beyond 10G. We also dig deeper into the capabilities and deployment architectures of the various 10G PON technologies and how you can ensure your network is ready for them.


How do I deliver 10G PON and beyond on my network?

AXOS / EXOS everyPON solutions allow you to deploy 10G PON where and when you need it​

Whether you are evolving your current network or building a new one Calix everyPON solutions provide the flexibility you need to build a network today that meets demand into the future.


AXOS / EXOS hardware independence means you can deploy everyPON rapidly using the same operational procedures​.


Symmetric PON that is like GPON yet provides 10G downstream and 10G upstream bandwidth​.


Symmetric PON that is like EPON yet provides 10G downstream and 10G upstream bandwidth​.


Multi-wavelength TWDM PON that supports up to 8 wavelengths that each run 10G symmetric bandwidth.  ​

NG-PON2 supports:​

  • Wavelength Mobility for high resiliency​

  • Channel Bonding for greater than 10G bandwidth​

Download our technial brief: "Next-Generation PON: Eliminating physical constraints from the access network​"


Calix 10G PON and beyond solutions


Calix EXOS 10G Family

Elevate your services to meet new subscriber demand​

Calix 10G Solutions don't just stop at the PON, you can deliver services up to 10G directly to your subscribers. Use Calix Marketing and Support Cloud to determine subscribers that need more, use our flexible PON environment to deliver the right services to the right customers, and use EXOS platforms to bring multi-gigabit services to your subscribers with those higher bandwidth needs.​

Calix AXOS Systems

Simplify your operations and network with the AXOS software platform​

Your network, along with the platforms and systems that run it, determine your ability to be successful. Transform your business with an architecture that simplifies your network and operations so you can focus on your business and beat your competition.​


How do I streamline my operations and improve the subscriber experience?

Calix Services accelerate your deployment, upskill your teams and empower your operations

Our mission is to help you succeed by enabling you with the expertise and tools to streamline your processes and help your team excel. We’re the extension of your operations team you always wanted so that you can scale your operations and keep service availability and customer satisfaction high.

AXOS Deployment Services

AXOS Deployment service offerings help you with design, turn up and integration on your 10G enabled network. Find out more about the complete portfolio.

Education Services

Calix Education Services provide a comprehensive, flexible learning path curriculum for various roles throughout your organization.​

Remote Monitoring Service

Radically change your operational approach to be more proactive with Calix Remote Monitoring Service. Find out more and get a demo now. 


Get industry updates on 10G PON as well as Calix 10G PON solutions​

December 4, 2019 by Alan DiCicco

The Future of 10G PON is a Numbers Game

Alan DiCicco makes the case that the real driver for 10G PON is not the individual services, but the aggregate PON capacity. ... READ MORE 

October 8, 2019 by Alan DiCicco

10G PON Deployment Strategy Survey: What’s your Perspective?

Alan DiCicco invites service providers to participate in a new survey from analyst firm Broadbandtrends, as they report on the state of 10G PON technologies.... READ MORE 

August 21, 2019 by Bridget Watkins

Do You Need 10G?

As a follow-up to our announcement on new 10G pon Solutions, Bridget Watkins shares a new 10G PON video to help service providers understand the potential of everyPON. ... READ MORE 

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